A Heated Brush For A Damn Good Blow Out & 40 Other Highly Rated Products On Amazon

I've been spending a lot of time looking at Pantrygram recently. That's the part of Instagram where people leave you drooling over how organized their pantries are...and I'm bound and determined to get mine organized. Thankfully, reviewers have my back when it comes to the best highly-rated products on Amazon — because they have all the recommendations for your pantry, your next hike, and even your hair.

These over-the-door hanging organizers are what I'm talking about when it comes to hooking up a dope pantry, and more than 1,500 of my reviewer friends give this two-pack 4.8-stars, so you know they've gotta be good. Oh, and I can totally see using these clear containers from Rubbermaid in my dream organization system, too — thanks, reviewers, for the heads-up on those.

Don't you worry, though — if you're not having a Martha S. moment like me, it's not all Pantrygram here. Let your Amazon besties dial in your next girls' night in spa routine with some highly-recommended beauty buys like a Dead Sea mud mask, a combo foot scrub/pumice, and an essential oil diffuser to set the mood. There's also a bevy of stuff for everything from your next trip to the gym to your next trip around the world.

Who says it doesn't pay to have friends? Now get shopping!

Lifestyle — A Heated Brush For A Damn Good Blow Out & 40 Other Highly Rated Products On Amazon

1. The Compression Bags That Help You Pack And Store So Much Stuff In So Much Less Space

Designed to work without a vacuum, these travel bags keep your clothes and other musts for the journey organized while dramatically saving space in your luggage. The set includes six large and six medium bags, and they're easy to use, too: Simply insert your garments inside, then just roll from end to end to remove the air and compress down. Great for home storage, too, they're made from thick material that holds even thick blankets or coats.

2. These Chopping, Slicing Scissor Tongs Make Salad Fast And Easy

Salads are delicious, but sometimes they really do seem like a lot of work. Not anymore with these chopping tongs that literally cut right through your vegetables to make food prep quick and easy. Featuring soft-grip handles and a scoop-shaped "backboard" that the blades chop against, this tool also enables you to toss your veggies as and after you chop them. Great for everyone, it's especially well-suited for anyone who suffers from hand strength deficits.

3. This 2-In-1 Hairstyling Tool Dries And Styles Your Hair At The Same Time

The perfect tool for styling while you dry, this heated brush leaves your hair smooth and volumized and either straight as a pin, wavy, or curly — however you've decided to wear it — the moment you're done drying, saving loads of time getting ready for the day. With ceramic coating and ionic technology, this tool helps leave hair frizz- and static-free, too — so your hair is smooth and expertly-styled, just like it would be if you'd paid for that expensive salon blowout.

4. The Bags That Keep Your Groceries Organized While You're Still In The Store

Make grocery shopping — as well as putting away the groceries — a far more organized affair with these bags that enable you to sort your sundries right as you're going along in the store. Crafted from heavy-duty fabric, this 4-pack includes one insulated bag for frozen and refrigerated items and one bag that has inserts for eggs and wine. All four bags have rods that stretch across the sides of a standard grocery cart as well as handles for easy carrying by hand or over the shoulder.

5. The Waist Belt That's As Great For Use While Traveling As It Is For Workouts

Whether you're on the move or getting in a run or a workout at the gym, this belt with its security pockets is designed to accommodate not only your smartphone, but your passport, credit cards, cash, and keys — and just about anything else you need to stash while you're out and about. Available in 11 colors, it's undetectable under clothing and is crafted from breathable spandex that stretches to accommodate almost every waist size.

6. A Device That Keeps Your Bags In Order As You're Rushing Through The Airport

There's no more worrying about losing that top bag that's stacked on top of your wheeled luggage as you sprint for the gate when you have this innovative device strapping your carry-on in. Ideal for attaching your briefcase, backpack, tote, or coat to your larger bag, this bungee cord works on either a single- or double-pole telescoping system and helps you easily carry more stuff with less effort.

7. A Moisturizing Cream That Is The Real Deal

First Aid Beauty crams all the good things into their formulations while ensuring that they're free from the suspect ingredients we dislike in our facial preparations — like parabens, phthalate, alcohol, and artificial colorants and fragrances — and this intensive moisturizer is no exception. Ideal for all skin types, this hypoallergenic formulation hydrates and deeply refreshes, leaving behind a soothed, conditioned complexion.

8. A Towel That Dries Your Hair And Prevents Frizz, Too

Whether you prefer air-drying your hair or just like to dry it a bit when you emerge from the shower prior to finishing it off with the blowdryer, this hair towel is a must for sleek, shiny locks and quick-drying time. Crafted from highly absorbent microfiber, it absorbs water from your hair without the harmful effects of heat drying — and cuts your overall drying time in half. The towel is sized to contain even the fullest heads of hair and is shaped with a seam to easily keep it around your head.

9. A Massage Tool That's Easy To Take With You For All Those Aches And Pains You Can't Leave Behind

Much more compact to travel with than a standard foam roller, this massage stick is an excellent choice for working out all the aches and pains you have from your exercise routine, that recent injury you sustained, or, you know, just existing on this planet for so long. Crafted from industrial-strength materials that ensure both its strength and its durability, it's size means this tool is compact enough to travel with for relief on-the-go.

10. An Affordable Hand Mixer With Six Speeds — So You Can Skip The Stand

I see you out there using your mama's hand mixer — that thing is as old as you are and you know it deserves a rest. Put it out to pasture and pick up this shiny new model that has six speeds and comes with the traditional beaters you're used to, plus dough hooks and a whisk. Plus, these fancy accoutrements store in a handy snap-on case, so when you're ready to make mashed potatoes, you won't be digging around in your kitchen drawers trying to find the beaters from the last time you used them.

11. This 2-In-1 Foot Scrubber Leaves Your Toes Clean And In Salon Shape

A must-have for your next at-home pedicure, this foot finisher is beloved by so many Amazon reviewers for its efficacy in both cleansing your feet and giving them a smoothing treatment on the daily. Composed of a nourishing, emollient soap bar that's formulated with shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E, and an exfoliating pumice that delivers a gentle exfoliating treatment for your daily foot rejuvenation and the ideal compliment to the perfect at-home pedicure.

12. The Collapsible Pet Bowls You Can Take Everywhere

Constructed from 100 percent food-grade, premium silicone, these bowls telescope down until they're almost flat and come with matching carabiners so they can be easily attached to your backpack or your luggage, making it easy for you to care for your pet's needs anywhere. Whether you're hiking or taking the train to some exotic locale, simply pop the bowl out and it's ready to dispense food or water to Fido (or Fluffy, for that matter).

13. This Toilet Brush And Its Caddy Are Almost Sculptural In Their Design

With a D-shaped head that's flexible and designed to conform to the contours of your toilet to clean it better than traditionally-shaped toilet brushes — not only is this toilet brush more effective than those you're used to, but it's also so interesting-looking you'd almost call it sculptural. It comes paired with a slimline caddy that's sleek and finished in stainless steel.

14. This Callus Remover Gel For Smooth, Pampered Feet

Get back the feet you had when you were a baby — only, okay, larger — with this callus remover gel that will enable you to remove that hard, dead, always annoying and sometimes painful skin on your feet. You won't have to fight those cracked heels nor will you have to deal with those thick spots on the balls of your feet that can become painful over time.

15. The Containers That Will Instantly Organize Your Pantry Or Your Fridge

Crafted from BPA-free materials, these storage containers are equally as useful wrangling small items like tea bags and spices in your pantry as they are bringing leftovers to work for your lunch. They're also designed to stack with each other and feature latch-lock lids for the ultimate in air-tight storage. These containers are nothing if not versatile, too, as they go from freezer to microwave to dishwasher and right back without flinching.

16. A Genius Brush That Dispenses Soap

Combine your two main dishwashing functions of soaping and scrubbing with one fell swoop using this brush that stores soap in the handle and dispenses it as you wash. From noted kitchenware brand KitchenAid, this brush features BPA-free construction inclusive of strong nylon bristles, an ergonomic, non-slip handle, and a push button that dispenses the soap as you need it while you work.

17. These Over-The-Door Organizers For Extra Pantry Storage

With their clear pouches, these over-the-door organizers are the ideal accessories to whip your pantry right into shape. You can store spices in them, use them to arrange snacks for your little ones, sort linens, and any number of other things. Each organizer has 15 large, sturdy pockets and they're topped with three sturdy metal hooks that will hang off of any standard door without the need for tools.

18. The Complexion-Refining Mask That's Jam-Packed With Minerals

Formulated with a combination of Dead Sea mud and a blend of aloe vera, chamomile extract, vitamin A, and sunflower seed and jojoba oils, this mask is a nourishing love bomb for your skin whether used on your face or all over your body. It's excellent for detoxifying, absorbing excess oils, exfoliating, and restoring brightness to the skin — while also re-texturizing and softening to leave you with a healthy glow.

19. A Diffuser That's As Stylish As It Is Effective In Dispersing Relaxing Aromatherapy

Even with its small size, this miniature oil diffuser produces a powerful trail of aromatherapy mist that will relax or invigorate you, depending on the oils you add. With an attractive wood-look finish, BPA-free construction, and quiet operation, it's appropriate for use in any room — and offers two to four hours of running time with an automatic shut-off feature for safety. This unit also features an embedded LED light with eight colors that you can select from or cycle through should you choose.

20. The Over-The-Sink Rack For Drying That Rolls Up For Easy Storage

Crafted from food grade stainless steel that's completely corrosion-resistant and tipped with slip- and heat-resistant ends and feet, this rollable mat is designed to stretch across your kitchen sink to serve as a draining or drying mat for fruits and vegetables, dishes, or anything else you please. It's great for adding an extra level of storage in tight spaces, or for holding a hot pan for a quick second while you're working on something else — and it rolls up compactly for quick and easy storage.

21. These Cups For Perfectly Poached Eggs Without The Mess And Without The Stress

Poached eggs are delicious but they can be messy AF to cook — hard to break into the water, stringy and difficult to contain once they get there, and difficult to retrieve once they're done. These silicone egg poaching cups make all that so much more easy by holding the eggs inside while they're simmering in the water, meaning you end up with neat and contained poached eggs that you can easily get out of the water and which release easily from these BPA-free, FDA-approved containers.

22. This Cooling Pack To Keep You Hydrated While Hiking

We all know the importance of drinking enough water, but sometimes it's hard to get that done when you're out on the trail on a long, hard hike — and that's when it's the most critical. This hydration backpack is a good choice to overcome obstacles to getting enough fluid in: Available in eight colors, its BPA-free, FDA-approved bladder contains a full 2 liters of water that you can sip at your own pace through its flexible, valve-controlled straw. The pack is equipped with thermal insulation to keep your drink cool for up to four hours and accessorized with extra pockets for your smartphone and keys.

23. A Portable Blender For On-The-Go Smoothies

I love this personal blender to whip up my protein drink in the morning because it's so easy and convenient, and because its capabilities far outpace its small size: It crunches through the ice I add to my chocolate mocha-almond butter shake in the blink of an eye without flinching. Meanwhile, the mixing carafe is a travel cup, so it's easy to grab and go as soon as you're done with the whole blending process.

24. These Food Wraps Are An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Plastic Wrap

Crafted from a blend of all organic and sustainable materials, these wraps are an eco-friendly alternative to using plastic wrap to protect your food and your leftovers after a meal. Organic cotton is coated with a mixture of sustainable beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin — combined to create a wrap that adheres to any hard surface and to itself to create an airtight seal that keeps foods fresh. This set includes a few different sizes to fit all the odds and ends in your fridge.

25. These Measuring Cups Collapse Down Flat For Convenient Storage

Made from BPA-free silicone, these measuring cups collapse, telescoping down to the point where they're nearly flat for convenient storage. Ideal for small kitchens or use on the road in your RV or while camping, this set is equally at home in your palatial chef's kitchen because it's so darn useful — and comes with a bonus set of measuring spoons that incidentally feature long handles for retrieving ingredients from deep containers.

26. These Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Wipes To Refresh When You Can't Hit The Shower

Made from 100 percent biodegradable fibers, these wipes are oversized to facilitate full-body cleansing when you're away from the shower and begin to decompose after just 28 days instead of whiling away an eternity in the landfill. Crafted with aloe vera and vitamin E, they were formulated by backpackers to be gentle enough for those with sensitive skin, yet they also provide strong cleaning power for when you're at your grittiest and stickiest.

27. This Deodorant Made Without Aluminum And Scented With Coconut

Available in three scents (like this coconut and vanilla variety) as well as an unscented version, this deodorant is an all-natural alternative to traditional drugstore deodorants that use as their active ingredients chemicals and elements that are potentially harmful or irritating — including aluminum and talc. Instead, this version is an innocuous concoction that relies on elements like baking soda and tapioca starch to keep you dry and odor-free.

28. A Dishwasher-Safe Pan That Makes Perfect Omelets In The Microwave In Minutes

Take all the time and fuss out of making eggs for breakfast (or lunch or dinner for that matter) with this omelet pan that cooks up a perfect protein-packed dish in just minutes. Simply scramble two to four eggs — your choice depending on how hungry you are — then pour your eggs into the pan and add fillings. The pan is dishwasher-safe for easy clean up once you're done.

29. These Little Disposable Toothbrushes Are Just What You Need For A Quick Touch-Up

These disposable toothbrushes come in handy whenever you're out and about and need a refresh: They're preloaded with peppermint toothpaste and designed to provide you with just enough oomph to give you a quick cleanse (without water). Great for traveling as well, the reverse end from the head features a soft pick so you can get that meddlesome piece of spinach out from between your teeth.

30. The Little Shields That Keep Your Under-Eye Area Free Of Powder Fall Out

When you're applying that perfect smoky eye, these shields can be a real time-saver to get you out the door and out on the town faster — they save your look and ensure that your eye makeup doesn't end up in your under eye area where it doesn't belong. They adhere beneath your eyes and can also be used for lash tinting and as a guide for fail-proof mascara or eyeliner application.

31. A Scoop That Warms Your Ice Cream As You Scoop It For Easier Dessert Distribution

Don't you hate it when you have your mouth all fixed up for a delicious bowl of ice cream — and you pull your favorite flavor out of the freezer only to find that cracking into it is going to be like chipping away at a hill of granite? With this scoop, that vexing problem is a thing of the past, since it adds a touch of heat around the edge of the scooping edges to loosen things up fast. It works on the principle of heat transfer, using the heat from your hand to warm a biodegradable liquid inside the handle that move the heats down to the bowl where it can dislodge your dessert.

32. A Pillow With An Adjustable Firmness

Bespoke slumber has arrived thanks to this pillow that's stuffed with a blend of microfiber and memory foam — and comes with an adjustable fill that enables you to get your firmness just right. Add or subtract the blend to get more support or more comfort inside its breathable case that's also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites to fight breathing irritants — and help you on your way to a more restful slumber.

33. The Drawer Organizer That Provides A Different Way To Store Your Silverware

Yes, yes, yes, I hear're used to putting your knives, forks, and spoons into the trays with little rectangular slots. Well, this tray is different and it's much cooler: From the design gurus at Joseph Joseph, it points your cutlery handles up toward you for easy retrieval, layering each type over the other and creating scads more space in your silverware drawer. It's suitable for all standard 3 1/2-inch drawers as even with the extra head space of knife handles, they'll have plenty of clearance to close.

34. A Silicone Food Storage Bag That's So Airtight, You Can Even Use It For Sous Vide

It's my official estimation that this silicone storage bag and others like it have replaced silicone straws as the hottest silicone products on the internet right now, which is really saying something, since silicone — given its near indestructibility, endless usefulness, and germ resistance — composes so many eco-friendly disposable goods replacements. Here's the deal: You use this one instead of the zip-top plastic ones you get at the grocery store, then throw it in the dishwasher, wash and reuse. It's that simple.

35. The One Thermometer You Need For All Your Cooking And Baking Measurements

Every cook needs a thermometer in the kitchen to ensure accurate cooking times — a kitchen thermometer is a much more reliable indicator of doneness than setting your clock. This thermometer is an excellent all-around pick, perfect for measuring the temperature of everything from meats to candies to baked goods and giving you fast, reliable readings with its precision sensor. It measures temperatures from 50 degrees below zero all the way up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit, and can also read temperatures in Celsius.

36. This Coffee Scrub That Helps Increase Blood Circulation

What would we ever do without caffeine? Thank goodness we don't have to find out, because it's the active ingredient in this scrub that combines 100 percent Arabica coffee with Dead Sea salt and moisturizing coconut oil to perk up your skin and get your blood flowing. Refine and exfoliate your skin, increase circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and leave behind a brightened complexion.

37. An Insulated Can Cooler That's So Stylish

Is this can cooler not a thing of beauty? Fact is, it's available in 14 colorways, but I can't drag myself away from this "Glitter Mermaid" version which is definitely going to be my jam for outdoor events from now on. It's beautiful, and it's smart, too: This thing is made from double-walled stainless steel and incorporates an extra copper layer that keeps it a reported 20 times cooler than its competitors.

38. A Home-Brewing Kit For Kombucha

With everything you need to brew your own kombucha at home from the SCOBY to the jar, this kit enables you to take advantages of the health and wellness benefits of kombucha without all the cost of those designer health food store brands. Truly all-inclusive, reviewers — even those who admit to initially being a tad "freaked out" about the living organism that ferments the drink — rave about the clarity of the instructions that lead to success with this set-up.

39. A Shampoo Made With Powerful, Natural Ingredients

Formulated with a blend of botanicals including biotin, nettle extract, and pumpkin seed and black cumin seed oil, this shampoo is a powerful asset in the battle against thinning hair — as it hydrates your scalp, strengthens your strands, prevents breakage, and leaves your locks luscious, shiny and manageable. Hair is nourished from the root to the tip of the cuticle by this vegan, hypoallergenic blend. One reviewer wrote: "My hair loss slowed and then finally became non existent in the first few months to this day. I will never use another hair product."

40. A Travel Pillow Takes A Note From The Turtle To Provide You With Neck And Head Support

Available in six colors, this unique travel pillow is named after the animal whose neck structure it mimics in providing support to your head and neck — its internal support framework is cloaked in super-soft fleece and cradles your head in comfort in whatever position is most relaxing for you as you rest. This lightweight support is ultra-portable and works great around your headphones or earbuds as well as your sleep mask.

41. The Pens That Help Heal And Protect Your Nails From All That Ail Them

If you struggle with nail fungus, brittle nails that break, chip, or peel — or nails that are discolored — these pens provide an easy solution that both treat existing problems and helps to protect nails from ongoing issues at the same time. The paintbrush tip of these pens is designed to dispense their safe, gentle solution directly onto your nails, and it provides painless, mild healing and restoring treatment when used over the course of several days that leaves nails strong and shining. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.