A Gel Cushion For Your Butt & 39 Other Comfortable AF Best-Sellers On Amazon

Let's face it: There are a lot straight-up uncomfortable situations and places you can't avoid. There's sitting at a desk all day, for one — and don't forget long flights or sleeping on a super-stiff bed. If that sounds like you, then you need some truly comfortable best-sellers on Amazon — because adulting is hard.

I think the real question is: Who wouldn't want to travel with a buttery soft pillow or a silk sleep mask? And if traveling in comfort isn't your thing, there are also plenty of genius products to keep you comfy at your desk, too. There's a USB fan that sits right beside your computer (yes please), a gel wrist rest, and even a foot rest to keep you productive all day. Literally every part of you can rest when you aren't grinding away at your computer.

There are even some products I didn't even realize I ever wanted. A tool that gently removes tangles without pulling at your hair? Yep. An acupressure mat that relieves pain? For sure. A hat that doubles as an icepack to stave off an incoming migraine? Take my money.

Check out the rest of these comfy Amazon best-sellers and revel in luxury whether you're at a desk, on a plane, or trying to catch a nap in your own bed.

Lifestyle — A Gel Cushion For Your Butt & 39 Other Comfortable AF Best-Sellers On Amazon

1. A Gel Seat Cushion That Relieves Lower Back Pain

This gel memory foam cushion is pretty much a dream for anyone stuck at a desk all day. On top of the memory foam, there's also a layer of gel on the top to keep you cool. The whole cushion conforms to your body as you sit, which relieves pressure on your tailbone and lower back. Plus, the zippered, velour cover is machine-washable and can stand up to everyday wear-and-tear.

2. A Sherpa Blanket That Feels Like A Cloud

This micro-fleece sherpa blanket is just as soft as it looks. That's because both sides of this blanket are layered with fleece — one side smooth and the other fluffy — depending on which kind of snuggling you prefer that day. Plus, it measures 60 by 80 inches, which is fairly sizable. Without question, this blanket is big enough to cover up two people and a couple of pets while you chill on the couch,

3. A USB Fan That Keeps You Cool All Day

This little USB desk fan is a life-saver when you're trying to cool off at work. For one, it's super quiet, so you don't have to worry about being "that person" in the office making a ton of noise. It's also adjustable, and features two speed modes. Plus, you can plug it right into your computer, or you can use an adapter to plug it into a wall. It's so compact and lightweight, you can even travel with it.

4. The Discreet Foot Pads That Immediately Relieve Pain

You don't have to give up your favorite heels with these super-soft foot pads. They're made of gel, so they conform to your feet and cradles them as you walk. They even feature a lightly adhesive backing to keep them in place all day. When you're ready to ditch the pair you're using them with, just gently remove the pads and save them again for another day.

5. A Ridiculously Soft Pillow Stand For Your Devices

This soft reading stand works perfectly to prop up your tablet, phone, or book while you relax in bed. You can use it whether you're lying down, reclining, or sitting upright, and it only weighs a few ounces. Plus, the entire stand is made of foam and features a suede cover that's super easy to clean if you spill anything. Bonus: It comes in a bunch of fun, eye-popping colors.

6. A Huge Heating Pad That Eases Cramps

Forget those micro-heating pads that barely warm up — this giant electric heating pad has literally got you covered. At 12 inches by 24 inches, you can lay on top of this pad or use it as a blanket to help relieve everything from back pain to major cramps. The cover is made with super soft micro-plush fibers, and the multiple heat settings allow you to customize the warmth. According to reviewers, this pad can get pretty hot, but it feels great with the soft cover intact, so go ahead and crank up the heat.

7. The Compression Socks That Boost Your Circulation

These knee-high compression socks are perfect for running, cycling, or even long walks. They feature gradient compression starting at the toes and moving up the heel and calves to cradle your muscles as you move. The gentle compression also prevent blood clots, relieves swelling, and can reduce muscle soreness. Plus, with flat-line stitching, they won't bunch up at the toes, making these socks extremely comfortable all day long.

8. The Microfiber Sheets That Are Cool To The Touch

These super-soft sheets are so comfortable you won't ever want to get out of bed. Not only does the high-quality, double-brushed microfiber feel like a cloud, but it's also cool to the touch so you stay comfortable and sweat-free all night. The sheets also offer some stretch so it can fit a deep-pocketed mattress. This four-piece set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

9. The Comfortable Yoga Socks That Won't Slip

No more slipping on that mat with these toeless yoga socks. Made from a cotton-polyester blend, they're both extremely soft and stretchy so they stay put on any foot. They also feature toe separators to stave off sweat and odor, and the silicone dot grips on the bottom keep your feet firmly in place. On top of that, they come in a four-pack so you can rotate them out without having to wash them everyday.

10. A Memory Foam Pillow That's Perfect For Stomach Sleepers

Finally: A memory foam pillow that's ultra-comfortable for stomach sleepers. For one, it's a flat, thin pillow with curved edges that keeps your head in place without rotating your neck. It's also designed to relieve spine pressure and improve breathing while you sleep. Even the pillowcase this comes with is comfortable — it's made from a bamboo-polyester cover that's moisture-wicking and resistance to odor. When you lie down on this pillow, your head and neck are perfectly supported so you can snooze on your stomach all night.

11. A Gel Wrist Pad That Prevents Typing Fatigue

This heart-shaped pad gives your wrists a place to hang out while you're typing or using a mouse —and the inside is made from silicone gel that conforms to your wrist as it rests. It's also just heavy enough that it won't slip as you work, but it's still easily portable. Reviewers love this ingenious little device so much they insist it's alleviated soreness and nerve pain.

12. A Silky Sleep Mask That Helps You Shut Out The World

This lightweight eye mask is made from high-quality silk that's soft and soothing. It won't irritate your eyes, and the breathable material and minimal compression helps to keep you from overheating. The strap is also completely adjustable. Reviewer love this mask for traveling, but many reviewers also use it for everything from meditation to keeping headaches at bay. Some have even popped it in the freezer for a few minutes and then worn it to relieve sinus pressure.

13. A Plush Robe That's Extremely Affordable

Not only is this plush robe comfy, it's also a total steal. It's 41 inches long so it reaches to most people's knees or lower, and it has a huge front pocket: You can put anything from your headphones to a remote to a small tablet inside it. It also featured a soft, herringbone-textured pattern and comes in a ton of colors. Reviewers absolutely rave about how awesome this robe is for wearing around on a relaxing day at home. It's one size fits most.

14. A Knee Pillow That's Great For Side Sleepers

This unique knee pillow is the solution for hip pain that tends to crop up when you sleep on your side. It's made from high-quality memory foam and is contoured so you can easily fit it between your knees. The little dip in the center even gives you room to adjust while you sleep while still allowing for a little space between your knees for better circulation. This pillow also comes with a cover that's machine-washable for easy up-keep.

15. A Gel Face Mask That Can Be Used Hot Or Cold

Reviewers insist this beaded gel mask is a life-saver when it comes to headache relief, and with good reason. It's made from soft cloth on one side and vinyl on the other, and the inside is filled with tiny gel beads that add just enough weight to compress sinus and pressure points and relieve pain. If you want to use this mask cold, just pop it in the freezer for a few minutes. Ready for some warmth? Microwave it for a few seconds and you're good to go.

16. A Wearable Ice Pack That Puts A Stop To Headaches

This innovative headache hat doubles as both a light-blocker and ice pack to relieve tension and pain. The hat itself is made from super soft micro-fleece and spandex so it stretches for the perfect fit. The part that sits over your eyes is slightly heavier for a compression sensation, and you can insert ice cubes inside it for an instant ice pack. Or if you want to skip the ice, you can ditch it completely and just wear this as a sleep mask to block out light.

17. A Kitchen Mat That Almost Makes Washing Dishes Fun

Ditch every other mat you've had up until this point and get this extremely comfortable kitchen mat immediately. At first glance, it looks like any other mat — but it's made from high-quality foam that literally relieves pain while you're standing at the sink. Here's how it works: The longer you stand, the deeper you sink into the foam to relieve back pain and muscle fatigue. Plus, it's water-resistant and super easy to clean. Just wipe off any spill with a wet cloth and you're done.

18. An Ergonomic Foot Rest That's Totally Adjustable

If you spend long hours at a desk, you absolutely need this adjustable foot rest. It features an ergonomic design that can be adjusted to three different height positions and gives your feet a natural slop to rest on. It can even prevent that uncomfortable pins and needles feeling by improving blood circulation and reducing leg swelling. Plus, the top is covered with non-slip grippers so you can totally relax while you're working.

19. A Foot RestThat Makes Traveling Actually Comfortable

Cramped airplane seats can make traveling a drag, but this inflatable foot rest actually makes it kind of enjoyable. Because it's inflatable, you can pretty much take it anywhere and blow it up on-the-go. It's actually made of two smaller cushions stacked on top of each other, and the entire footrest can be adjusted to make three different heights, so it's extremely versatile for any travel situation. For example, if you're in a super cramped seat, you can always opt for just the smaller cushion that can slip under the seat in front of you. But if you've got the room, stack those cushions up and enjoy.

20. The Orthotic Shoe Inserts That Absorb Shock

These orthotic shoe inserts are an answered prayer for anyone on their feet for long periods. They're designed to support your arches while also cradling the insole of your foot. They work especially well to support flat feet, shin splints, or other foot or muscle injuries. Plus, they're made with dual-layered foam that conforms to your feet so it's basically like walking (or running) on a cloud.

21. A Blanket That Feels Like Being Cuddled All Night

This weighted blanket is so comfortable, you won't budge an inch while you're sleeping under it. At first glance, it looks like any other blanket, but all you have to do is pick it up to recognize this this is heavy. It's constructed with seven layers, and each one filled with tiny glass beads. When you place it on top of you, the beads surround your body so it feels like you're literally being held. Snuggling without having to share the covers? Yes, please.

22. The Cozy Headphones That Look Like A Headband

These ultra-comfortable headphones definitely earn their name. They're made of a stretchy lycra fabric that fits snuggly around your head like a headband. The speakers themselves are slim discs inserted into the fabric — they're so small, in fact, that you can't even feel them at all. They're soft, lightweight, portable, and you can even use these headband headphones as a sleep mask if you're in a pinch.

23. The Gel-Filled Gems That Stretch Out Your Toes

Reviewers swear these little gel toe separators have alleviated all kinds of foot pain just by wearing them for fifteen minutes per day. All you need to do is moisten them slightly and slip them right between your toes. Your toes will widen to conform to the size and shape of the gel-filled separator, and eventually, your foot will start to realign until you're pain-free. One reviewer even swears these gems helped to get rid of her bunions permanently!

24. A Blanket You Can Wear As a Sweatshirt

A huge sweatshirt blanket you can actually wear? Um, yes please. It's basically the incredible softness of a fleece blanket with the wearability of your comfiest sweatshirt. Just slip this genius thing on and you can wear your blanket anywhere — on an airplane, to a football game, or while you're combing through your cupboards for a snack. There's even a giant pocket in the front to store your essentials while you're getting cozy.

25. An Acupressure Mat That Relieves Stress

This innovative acupressure mat looks a little intimidating at first, but it's actually an amazing stress reliever. When you lie on it, the spiky rubber discs press into various places on your back and neck, helping your muscles to release any pain or tension. You can lie on it for as long as you need until you feel your body start to relax. Some reviewers have even said they sleep better after resting on this mat for a few minutes everyday.

26. A Deep-Kneading Foot Massager That's Basically Bliss

You never have to ask for a foot rub again with this deep-kneading massager. Just set your feet on it, flick it on, and let it go to work. The rotating massagers knead the bottom of your feet in three separate places (ball, mid-sole, and heel). There's also a heat setting you can crank up to relieve tense muscles and sore arches. Plus, you can even control the settings with your toes so you don't have to interrupt your massage for even a second.

27. A Travel Pillow That Supports Your Chin

Believe it or not, you can actually travel in comfort with this chin support pillow. It's different from other travel pillows in that the arms overlap at your chin to keep your head from falling forward as you snooze. Plus, you can twist this pillow into various shapes to make it looser or tighter around your neck. And when you're finished, just use the snap strap to attach it to your carry-on and go.

28. A Reversible Pillow That Cools You Off

This reversible pillow is everything you ever wanted in a pillow without even realizing it. On one side, there's a layer of gel that's cool to the touch. On the other, there's luxurious, high-quality memory foam that feels heavenly on your skin. Depending on if you're a warm or cool sleeper, this pillow has something for everyone. It even comes with a mesh knit cover that's 100 percent hypoallergenic.

29. A Satin Scrunchie That Doesn't Pull

Scrunchies are back with a vengeance and this satin version is made for comfort. Just tie it into your ponytail to prevent knots, bumps, breakages, or any hair damage at all. Unlike other hair ties, these scrunchies hold your hair firmly in place without pulling. And since these come in a pack of five, you don't have to worry about losing it since you've got some back-ups.

30. A Bath Pillow That Won't Budge

Not only is this spa-grade bath pillow a must-have, it also won't budge the entire time you're in the bath. it features seven suction cups on the back that act as a powerful adhesive to your tub. The pillow itself is made from several panels of luxe, padded foam that feels like a dream. Even better? It's simple to clean and totally waterproof, so you don't have to deal with spills or mold growth over time.

31. A Microwavable Eye Mask That Reduces Puffiness

If you're dealing with dry or puffy eyes, this microwaveable eye mask promises to finally offer some relief. Here's how it works: When you microwave this mask, it absorbs moisture from the air and traps it inside the mask. Then, apply it to your eyes for gentle compression and added moisture to help relieve dry, itchy eyes. Some reviewers have ever used this ultra-soothing mask to alleviate insomnia and stress.

32. A Down Alternative Comforter You Can Use In Any Season

Over 10,000 reviewers rave about how amazing this all-seasons comforter is. Most can't say enough good things about how soft the microfiber cover is without being too hot or cloying. It's also filled with microfiber so it offers just the right amount of weight without all the pokey feathers from traditional down filling. Plus, at only 30 bucks for a queen-sized comforter, it's a total steal.

33. A Hairbrush That Gently Removes Tangles

This genius hairbrush removes even the gnarliest tangles without any pain. The key is in the bristles — they're made of ultra soft rubber that bends with the brush as you glide it through your hair. You don't even have to use it with heat, and you never have to tug or pull. Long, smooth strides do the trick and it's completely pain-free.

34. A Mattress Topper That's As Luxe As A Hotel Bed

Say goodbye to a sore back and sub-par sleep with this luxe mattress topper. It's made from down alternative, so it's completely hypoallergenic — and almost 2,000 reviewers insist this mattress topper feels exactly the same as down (but without the hefty price tag). Lightweight, breathable, and stuffed with micro-filling, this topper is the solution to a stiff bed.

35. A Neck Massager That Heats Up

This heated electric massager immediately relieves tension from your neck, back, and shoulders. It features eight different "massage nodes" that gently rotate in different directions to work on stiff muscles. You can choose from two different speeds, as well as the option to apply heat. Because this device is so small and portable, some reviewers have also been able to use it on their lower back, calves, and feet as well.

36. The Cozy Gel Mittens That Warm Up Your Hands

These extremely cozy mittens aren't just for winter, especially if you struggle with joint or arthritis pain. They're made of super soft fleece on the outside, and are filled with gel on the inside. To use them, just pop them in the microwave for a few seconds to warm them up and wear them. That's it. The warm gel cups your hands to relieve any pain or stiffness.

37. The Sandals That Massage Your Feet While You Walk

Not only are these comfortable sandals great for the beach, but they also give you a massage while you're wearing them. The bottom sole features extremely subtle bumps that activate certain pressure points in your feet to relieve muscle tension. They're also 100 percent waterproof, so they won't irritate your skin and cause blisters. Just slip them on and enjoy your long walk on the beach.

38. These Compression Gloves That Are Infused With Copper

Stiff joints? These fingerless copper-infused gloves gentle compress your wrists and hands to alleviate pain. The theory is when small amounts of copper rub off from the inside of the gloves onto your skin, your body absorbs it and uses it to rebuild joints and cartilage. Reviewers tend to agree. Most say they noticed almost immediate pain relief, and long-term comfort after wearing these gloves for at least 10 minutes a day over an extended period of time.

39. A Silk Pillowcase That's Buttery Soft

Word is that a good silk pillowcase like this one can reduce acne on your face and frizz in your hair — all on top of feeling like melted butter. But even if it didn't have hair and skin benefits, this pillowcase would be well worth it just for comfort alone. It's made from 600 thread count pure silk. Plus it's cool to the touch and extremely breathable, making it pure pleasure to sleep on.

40. A Hanging Footrest That You Can Take Anywhere

This compact foot hammock provides a completely portable place to rest your feet. It comes in its own carrying bag, and it features adjustable straps you can hook onto pretty much any flat surface, like an airplane tray or desk. Just hook it around the surface, adjust the straps to your desired height, and sit back and relax. It works no matter where you are in the world. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.