You Can Now Buy A 'Game Of Thrones' Castle To Live Like Sansa Stark

Minus seemingly-endless winters, the existence of the Lannister family, and, of course, the White Walkers, I would love to live in Game of Thrones' world of Westeros. It's normal to wear incredibly extravagant dresses for almost any occasion, you can own multiple dire wolves as pets, and most importantly, if you hail from a noble family, you get to live in a really, really extra castle. Luckily, a Game Of Thrones castle is for sale in the U.K. right now, and I'm so down to go in on part of it with, like, 50 other people.

There are very few things I aspire to more than becoming the one and only Arya Stark. Aside from being a sick fighter, she's tight with Jon Snow, and, of course, she hails from House Stark, the most noble of them all. If you've always wanted to live in Westeros though, owning a castle there (er, part of it) is now entirely possible. Yes, you heard that correctly — some sections of the GOT castle are on sale in Northern Ireland, according to Travel+Leisure, so pack your bags, and get ready to live a life of luxury.

Many scenes that take place in the House Tully stronghold of Riverrun were shot at Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland, according to Travel + Leisure. Gosford Castle was built in the mid-1800s, and on the show, it was the filming location when Robb Stark executed Rickard Karstark, and for several other important scenes. Now, part of it is on sale for a not-too-shabby $656,147, and IMO, it's totally affordable... that is, if you go in on it with a bunch of other people.

Per Travel+Leisure, the castle was originally built by Archibald Acheson, the second Earl of Gosford, and it's located smack dab in the middle of Gosford Forest Park. You won't get a view of Daenerys' dragons or of Jon Snow's bangin' bod, but you'll probably catch a few glimpses of wild deer, as well as some incredibly scenic trails. The castle has a total of 15 rooms and 10 bathrooms, which was split into several sections, and now, one of these sections is for sale. I don't know about you, but I definitely want in on one. Bid farewell to that savings account of yours, because you're about to rule the North.

If you're actually interested in joining the Stark clan — or fine, Tully, whatever — you'll get a chance to tour six luxury, multi-floor, 3,500 square foot apartments. Each and every one of them have a ton of OG royal features, such as giant 19th century fireplaces, huge entrance halls, and, of course, gorgeous vaulted ceilings. All of them are pretty regal, and in my personal opinion, they're definitely worth looking into, even if you aren't super into GOT.

I can be pretty stingy, in terms of throwing down the big bucks. But when it comes to owning a little piece of Winterfell, I'm seriously down to spend big. Get ready for House Stark to make its comeback, guys, because I'm about to take over Westeros. *Cue GOT theme.*