9 Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts That People Would Actually Be Excited To Get

by Julia Guerra

There’s something about the holidays that makes giving presents so much more exciting than receiving them. I save up all year so I have money to blow on Christmas gifting because, in my opinion, there’s nothing better than the animated look on someone’s face when they’re unwrapping. Anonymous gifting, however, can be a little more challenging. Coming up with creative Secret Santa gifts everyone wants can be tricky, especially if, for instance, you’re buying for a co-worker you don’t know much about, or a friend of a friend who got tossed into the pool at the last minute. Just remember, you don’t have to splurge to score brownie points with the receiver; there are a ton of goodies out there to gift.

Plus, Secret Santa swaps aren’t meant to be competitive anyway. Office settings in particular tend to organize them for the sake of bonding with one another, so you’ll buy a gift, get a gift, and maybe even form a new friendship to kick off the new year. If your squad opted to gift Secret Santa-style this year, odds are you have a pretty good idea of what to scope out.

But if you’re honestly at a loss and have no idea what to buy your pick of the draw, no worries! Here are a few ideas to spark inspiration, or snag for your receiver.

A Collection Of Mud Masks
Yes To

Yes To Mad For Masks Kit, $10, Target

The act of self-care should always feel luxurious, and with this collection of Yes To masks, a lucky someone's next few pamper sessions will feel almost spa-like.

What's lovely about this DIY spa treatment kit is that it comes stocked with a variety of mud masks like primrose oil, coconut, and charcoal to use in tandem with any skincare routine.

A Winter Mug

ALittleTinsel Sweater Weather Mug, $20, Etsy

I recently came across ALittleTinsel's Instagram account, and this line of mugs is everything Pinterest boards are made of.

ALittleTinsel founder Amanda has launched a few different collections with mugs dedicated to adorable and quirky sayings, some in honor of Harry Potter fans, nods to pop culture, and just straight-up pretty designs. This "sweater weather" mug has to be my favorite though, and it's a solid choice for someone you may not know too much about, other than the fact that she drinks a lot of coffee at her work station.

A Familiar Scent
Homesick Candles

Books Candle, $30, Homesick Candles

This could very well be the literature nerd in me shining through, but I personally love the smell of books. New books, old books, library books — they all have a distinguished scent that traces back to a warm memory, and trust me, any fellow book-lover would adore this candle.

This lovely item from Homesick Candles blends notes of balsamic and vanilla in combination with earthy cedar and sandalwood to hone in on that older, leather-bound book smell you'd find hidden in a pile at a garage sale, or nestled in between volumes on your grandfather's shelf.

A Seasonal Delicacy
Eating Evolved

Pumpkin Spice Coconut Butter Cups, $10, EatingEvolved

Pumpkin spice season is in full swing, and dark chocolate is always a crowd-pleaser. Combine the two, and you've got yourself the ultimate Secret Santa gift that's sure to please anyone's taste buds.

This delectable pairing of flavors from EatingEvolved are both paleo- and vegan-friendly, which is definitely helpful in case you know your Secret Santa recipient has any special dietary restrictions themselves. Each cup is comprised of organic cacao, coconut butter, pumpkin spice, and Himalayan sea salt for a warm, chocolatey treat that's even more enjoyable when paired with a steaming mug of tea.

A Shiny Body Scrub
Frank Body

Shimmer Scrub, $20, Frank Body

After selling out in a matter of three weeks last time this baby hit the market, Frank Body's shiny body scrub is back and packing three times the shimmer than the brand's original formula.

There's not a doubt in my mind that your Secret Santa pick will be thrilled to receive this psychedelic, vegan sugar scrub that actually leaves a lingering glow on skin.

The Gift Of Zen

Mindful Moments Meditation Kit, $28, LATHER

Considering the toll 2017 took on all of us, I think it's safe to say we could all use a little more mindfulness in our lives.

Guided meditation app Stop, Breathe, & Think has partnered up with wellness brand LATHER to launch this special-edition kit that aims to "promote balance, peace of mind, and a radiant life."

The gift contains an inner peace meditation balm, a frankincense and sandalwood candle, a three-month premium membership to the Stop, Breathe, & Think app, and a beaded wrap bracelet that has the mantra "be radiant" emblazoned in morse code.

A Tin Of Tea
Kusmi Tea

Wellness Sampler Pack, $29, Kusmi Tea

Sampler packs are a steal around the holidays because if you don't know much about your Secret Santa recipient's signature flavor, you have a few chances to get it right and an opportunity to introduce them to a potential new favorite.

Kusmi Tea's wellness variety pack comes packaged in these adorable mini tins to stow away at a desk for a personal stash, and includes the brand's best-sellers detox, sweet love, boost, be cool, and bb detox.

A Snack Or Six

Just A Taste, 6 Snack Box, $23, NatureBox

Everyone loves food, and everyone appreciates snacks to have on-hand when that 4 p.m. craving sets in. Give the gift of grazing with this NatureBox sampler that's so good, they'll want to sign up for their own subscription.

What's different about NatureBox is that it offers a variety of healthy snacks that are super indulgent and unique. This starter box features dried pineapple, Sriracha roasted cashews, jalapeño white cheddar popcorn, and more delectable treats that are easy to grab on the go.

A Positive Planner

2018 12-Month Compact View Planner - No Bad Days, $20,

The phrase "no bad days" needs to not only be a mantra, but a mindset going into 2018, and this 12-month planner from can keep us all in check.

Granted, I completely understand that planners can be a super personal purchase, but this is one compact notebook that I think just about anyone would love. Packed with a ton of positive, motivational artwork and stickers, the book is broken down into monthly calendars with a ton of room for notes if your planner is your lifeline and you need all the room for jotting down schedules or random thoughts.