9 Personalized Christmas Gifts That'll Mean The World To Your Loved One

by Julia Guerra

Seeing as how I’m basically the female version of Buddy the Elf, I will be the first to say the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. But, let’s be real, it’s also the most materialistic. This isn’t me trying to come off as a martyr; as much as I love giving, I also love getting (packages from Lululemon, for example, are a personal favorite). But there really is nothing better than receiving personalized Christmas gifts that you know were genuinely well thought-out and made with love.

No offense to those who love monogramming everything they can get their hands on, because initials are great and all, but there are only so many pens, stickers, and notepads a girl needs with her name on it, you feel me? Personalized Christmas gifts don't necessarily translate to fancy lettering emblazoned on office supplies anymore (thank goodness), so let's move past that cutesy (cheesy?) trend of the early 2000s and embrace the new and improved age of customization. Like I said, monograms are fine, and they can be quite lovely when executed tastefully, but we can do better.

Maybe this is the retail industry's way of responding to its customers (smart), but millennials are picky AF, and we're seeing a lot more brands releasing products that can be tailored to our preference. From standard concepts like charm bracelets to a unique spin on hair care, browse through these personalized Christmas gifts that are sure to wow your giftee (and score you a spot on the nice list).

A Custom-Made Yoga Mat

Custom-Made Yoga Mat, from $55, Pixels

If your giftee is known to stretch it out on the mat at her favorite studio, customizing this yoga essential to match her zen will no doubt amplify her flow.

Pixels just recently added yoga mats to their roster of customizable items, and with meditative exercises becoming more and more popular, this personalized Christmas gift is super on-trend.

The process to customize is super simple, too. Choose an image from your desktop or Instagram account, and upload it directly to the website. From there, you can adjust the size, orientation, and background of the mat. Once you've finalized your purchase you can either have the product shipped to you or straight to your recipient's door!

Fill Out A Journal All About Them
Crown Publishing Group

What I Love About You Journal, $14, Barnes and Noble

This personalized journal by Kate and David Marshall is extremely swoon-worthy, so I'd definitely advise this gift be given to a significant other.

Each page is loaded with fill-in-the-blank exercises, such as lists you can fill in and open-ended answers to detail every little thing you love about that special person. They'll cherish the sentimental value of this present, but just the fact that you would take the time to sit down and reflect on your relationship is enough to make their heart melt.

Personalize Their PopSocket

Design Your Own PopSocket, $15, PopSockets

I first came across PopSockets when a YouTuber I subscribe to included the selfie-enhancer in a "favorites" video earlier this year. Over the last few months, though, I'd say they've become less of a photo-taking tool and more of a quirky accessory for your smartphone. Regardless, PopSockets are undoubtedly going to be a hot stocking stuffer for the holidays, but you can one-up Santa by adding a personal spin to the gadget with the brand's DIY option.

Customizable Hair Care
Function of Beauty

Haircare Personalized Shampoo + Conditioner, $36, Function of Beauty

Is it just me, or do distant relatives always resort to some sort of body care product to dole out around the holidays? It's not that I don't love Bath & Body Works sets, but it can come off as a mindless purchase that doesn't mean anything (except, maybe that you need to shower more?).

Function of Beauty has really stepped up to the plate in terms of giving the gift of shower essentials. Each luxurious set is catered to the customer's specific hair needs, with up to 12 billion different formulations to choose from. Plus, the products are sulfate-, cruelty-, paraben-, and toxin-free, with the added bonus of free shipping. Score.

Monogram Their Footwear

Seashell Foundations Sandals, $50, TKEES

If your loved one loathes wintertime and, instead, would rather be soaking up the sun on a tropical vacation, ease their pain with a pair of TKEES sandals that now come customizable.

Choose from three styles (foundations, liners, and solids), pick out your giftee's favorite shade, and get those soles monogrammed so everyone by the pool or at the beach will know these TKEES are taken.

Make Your Own Makeup Palette
Makeup Geek

Empty 9 Well Palette, $12, Makeup Geek

About 99 percent of the time, when a woman purchases the hottest makeup palette on the market, the set is complete with a few wildcard shades she'll never wear.

This personalized Christmas gift may take some research and skill to perfect, but if you can string together a complete palette with hues she'll actually use, you could come out of the holiday season her hero.

Makeup Geek's shell is a great starting point. This refillable palette is magnetic inside to keep single pans in place. Browse through the brand's eyeshadow pans and select a few to get her started, or fill up the empty space entirely if you know her taste.

Digital Print Photo Albums

Instagram Photo Book Series, $10, Chatbooks

Last year, Chatbooks sent me a three-part series of custom-made photo albums with a collage of prints from my own Instagram account. After I got over the somewhat stalker-ish vibes of the gesture, I realized the concept was actually very sweet.

It's unfortunate that the days of filling photo albums have kind of come and gone, but Chatbooks is a crafty way to sustain our digitized memories via hard copy.

An Initial Bangle
Alex and Ani

Initial Charm Bangle, $28, Alex and Ani

Will Alex and Ani ever not be relevant? The truth is, even though monogramming can be a little meh in terms of style, subtle charms like Alex and Ani's initial bangles are timeless AF.

They're also super addictive, so don't be surprised when your giftee asks for another to add to her collection when her birthday rolls around.

Mark A Throw Blanket
Vera Bradley

Throw Blanket in Snow Lotus, $49, Vera Bradley

When I think of Vera Bradley, the first things that come to mind are their oversized totes, weekenders, and clutches with very loud patterns and large monograms. Browsing the site, I instantly fell in love with the idea of an initial-stitched throw blanket that's sure to keep loved ones cozy all winter long.

Snow Lotus is my personal favorite pattern, but you can choose from an array of colors and designs that fit her (or his!) personality.