9 People Reveal The Cutest Love Letters Their Partners Have Written Them, & Now I'm Crying

by Candice Jalili

You can tell your significant other you love them a million times, but sometimes, just the words "I love you" can't possibly do justice for how you actually feel about this person. I mean, how could three simple words ever capture the depth of emotion you feel toward the one person you chose over everyone else on the planet? There's just no way. So sometimes, we have to write down how we feel to really accurately depict what's in our hearts. In a recent Reddit AskWomen, ladies shared the cutest love letters they've ever received from their baes, and I'm not crying, you're crying.

Before I let you go forth and read, let me just tell you my favorite thing about these. Every single one of these love letters is totally different. Each one tells its own unique and beautiful story about the unique (and beautiful!) love each couple shares. Read along and prepare your heart to fill with love and joy. You're going to need a several tissues, or rather, several boxes of tissues. Good luck.

She showed up while he was writing the card so he gave it a surprise ending.
Currently single, but an ex of mine was writing me out a little "for no reason" card and he was finishing it as I was pulling up to help him in his garden.
The note inside was like, "I love you so much forever and I'm so excited you're coming here to garden right now YAY YOURE HERE."


He wrote her a letter "from" his dead dog.
He wrote me a letter a day the week before our wedding. The last one (Oh god, 5 years later and I STILL tear up even thinking about it) was written 'from' my dog who had recently passed away, and it was all about how she was ok leaving me because she knew I would be ok because I would be loved always by my SO.
When he asked me to marry him, he said he asked my dog (my best friend of 13 years) for permission, and he even tied the ring to her collar when he proposed. So the final love letter really just meant so much. It was perfect.
(Also, that wasn't the 'last' love letter. We write a 'I love you today because...' note everyday on a special chalkboard in our kitchen).


Being her love made him immensely happy.
“I never thought I’d be so happy to be someone’s love.”
Normally, he and I would both agree that love letters are too aggressively sentimental for either of our comfort zones. But it was my birthday, and he wasn’t going to give me a card without it.


He recounted the moment he first fell in love with her.
Right before we graduated, my SO wrote in my yearbook. I will never forget what he wrote, but there’s always one small line that sticks out to me that I can read over and over again.
“And that’s when I started crushing on you. Hard.”
First time I read it, I could feel myself swallow hard. It’s not something over the top, but it takes me back to the beginning. I had an idea how he felt about me but I didn’t really know. Reading that now, I remember all those feelings at the beginning and I’m reminded that my SO (who I love so incredibly much) felt so strongly for me way back then and still does till this day.


He wrote her some beautiful poetry.
"Two life forms in love cross paths and dance pain, like fireflies in the rain.
Allowing themselves to flirt with hope, flirt with the notion of a lightning elope.
Now we sit here post our dreaming, that love will still be screaming, throughout time and space, and shards and tears, postulating our worst fears. Sever now and fly away; We will leave and the love will stay."
I can't remember what the cutest was. I'd have to sort through hundreds and thousands of emails and messages. This was just the last one he sent after we broke up.


He drew pictures of her favorite things.
He drew pictures of hot dogs and spaghetti and dinosaurs because I love those 3 things. He's definitely no artist but it was cute and sweet of him.


I mean, can you imagine loving ANYTHING more than chicken nuggets?
"I love you more than chicken nuggets"


She completed him.
I found this in my email - he wrote me this for Valentine's Day a couple years ago.
"I’m not sure where I’d be without you. If I had never met you I know it would suck because I’d always have the feeling like something was missing. Even worse than that would be having met you and not being able to call you my future wife. I would spend everyday thinking about you and how I wish I could be beside you, holding you tight with your head on my chest. Trust me I had those thoughts many times when we were just friends. Every relationship I would’ve had would have been a lie and simple way to cope with of her not being you, I guess what I’m trying to say is that my life without you simply wouldn’t be a life that I would want to live. I need you and your cute laugh, with your perfectly timed pterodactyl noises and your singing in my passenger seat."


You don't always need words to convey your message.
We don't write love letters, but he sent me "🍆💦🍑" earlier today. That was nice.


Alright, BRB, going to write my boyfriend a love letter! Or maybe I'll just send him a few loving emojis. We shall see.

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