85 Sick Things Under $35 On Amazon

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Seems like your gift list just gets longer and longer every year, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the list gets longer and the budget doesn't change — but fear not, because just when you think you're going to have to take up yet another side hustle to finance the next big occasion, along comes Amazon with this collection of sick gifts under $35.

How many times can you tell someone you're giving them the gift of time? Well, with this gadget that attaches to any standard sink sprayer or garden hose, they'll cut their cleaning time in half, whether they're doing dishes inside the house or washing their car or windows outside. This gift is perfect for any adult, is good for just about any occasion, and comes in at just $15. Thanks, Amazon.

Speaking of time, this list is also ideal for giving people the gift of a good time — there are several games on this list perfect for injecting fun into the next get-together, and if that's not your bag, then choose from among the myriad self-care items on this list and grant the receiver of your gift some "me time" instead. Pro tip: You'll want to pick up one of these microneedling derma rollers for yourself, too after you read the way the reviewers rave about it.

You'll also find some limited-time holiday deals at the top. A couple are a little more than $35, but with savings like 50% off the cult-favorite Instant Pot, they're just too good to pass up.

Not that your complexion will be stressed out, though — oh no, you're not going to be stressed out at all, thanks to these sick gift-giving buys.

Lifestyle — 85 Sick Things Under $35 On Amazon
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1. This Bed Wedge Can Dramatically Improve Your Sleep And So Much More

If you suffer from allergies or reflux or just prefer an elevated sleep experience, give this wedge a try. Crafted from high-density memory foam, it's incredibly versatile, ideal for watching TV or working in bed or on the sofa — or elevating your feet or ankles when they need a lift. This pillow also provides much-needed support for expectant moms who can't catch a breath during the latter months of pregnancy.

2. A Portable Blender That Can Be Charged By USB

Sip on-the-go smoothies with this portable blender. The BPA-free container uses stainless steel blades to create beverages in less than one minute. All you have to do is add your ingredients, tightly close the lid, press the button on top, and then shake the cup as it blends — it's that simple. Believe it or not, you don't even need cords to make it work; it's totally USB-chargeable. Choose from pink or blue.

3. The Silicone Lids That Mean No More Spills, No Matter What Size Cup You Have

Enjoy your beverage of choice without worrying you'll spill when you top your cup with these silicone lids. Plus, these lids keep your beverage safe from infiltration from bugs and other nasty invaders, too. These insulating lids are particularly great for mugs or drinks you might need to stir since the lid is designed to hold a spoon. Plus, this food-grade silicone is BPA free and FDA approved.

4. A Hanger With Room For All Your Scarves

Made from metal with an attractive matte black finish, this hanger features eight hooks of the same size to hold all your scarves so they're ready to wear and displayed appealingly until you need them. The hanger is fitted for any standard closet rail and completely corrosion-resistant. The snag-free loops will keep your scarves up and off your closet floor, and you're sure to wear them more often than if they were bunched up in a drawer, too.

5. These Organic Bath Bombs Are The Perfect Addition To Me Time

Crafted with all-natural and organic ingredients, these bath bombs are the perfect addition to "me time." Perfect for gifting, this set contains four smaller boxes that each contain six bath bombs in a variety of colors and scents. Enjoy them all or share the wealth with friends and neighbors — this is a great set for gifting.

6. This Essential Oil Diffuser That's Also A Humidifier

This essential oil diffuser is different from the others, because it's also a humidifier. On top of that, the diffuser acts as an LED bulb that lights up in seven different colors. There's even an automatic shut-off feature to help you relax when it's on.

7. These Touchscreen-Compatible Gloves Are Available In 6 Colors And 2 Thicknesses

What a hassle it is to strip off those gloves or mittens every time you need to send a quick text or dash off an email when the weather is cold. With these gloves, you can avoid that headache, thanks to their built-in touchscreen pads on the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger — yep, you'll even be able to scroll through your favorite website with ease. The range of colors allow choices for all, and a choice of thicknesses means you can choose a heavier glove and still text with ease.

8. The 2-In-1 Hair Dryer That Detangles While Adding Shine

Instead of using two separate tools to detangle and blow-dry your hair, reach for this one-step hair dryer by Revlon. The popular device — which boasts over 2,000 positive Amazon reviews — is made to brush your hair while simultaneously drying it. The large, ventilated platform that's attached is lined with detangling bristles to soften your strands, and the tool uses ionic technology to add shine while it works. And thanks to its ergonomic handle, it's simple to carry.

9. Get The Most Out Of Those Unused Outlets With This Power Shelf

Simply plug this innovative gadget into any standard outlet and you get a three-in-one bonus: It gives you three times as many places to plug in your appliances or electronics, two USB ports, and a handy shelf where you can leave your smartphone or tablet to charge — or use for any number of other things, for that matter. It's equipped with a surge protector, too, to protect your expensive electronics.

10. A Heater To Take The Edge Off When It's Cold Out

Fast-heating and quiet, this heater is the ideal companion when temperatures outside plunge and inside it's a little nippy in those odd corners where the HVAC just doesn't seem to do the trick. Perfect for the office as well as around the house, it features a ceramic heating element and an adjustable thermostat.

11. Manage Neck And Shoulder Health And Relieve Pain With This Pillow

This neck pillow helps cradle the head and neck in supportive comfort. Lightweight and durable, this memory foam pillow can also be used in the back or lumbar. With a removable cover made out of ultra-breathable bamboo, it's also easy to clean.

12. A Cozy, Luxe Sweater For Less

Good-looking and cozy with just the right weight to last all season long, this sweater is purely the definition of luxe for less. Available in 17 styles, the oversized design and roll-top turtleneck make it especially comfortable for casual everyday wear, and it's machine washable for easy cleaning, too. With its chunky knit and durable weft, it's sure it get worn for many years to come. Available sizes: S-XL

13. Optimize That Office Chair With These Armrest Pads

Crafted from ultra-soft memory foam, these armrest pads are a great way to make that long day at the office just a little more bearable. With a velvety soft finish, they slip right on to the arms of most standard office chairs and provide a comfortable cushion for the forearms that relieve pressure and ease that hard feeling. With a hidden zipper, the cover on these pads is machine washable, so you can ensure they stay looking new at all times.

14. Scrub And Detox All At Once With These Loofahs

Try a new twist on the bath scrubbie with these loofahs that are infused with activated bamboo charcoal for a gentle detox along with the invigorating cleanse traditionally provided by these scrubbers. Crafted from soft, fluffy mesh that's appropriate even for sensitive skin, these accessories deliver mild exfoliation while deeply cleansing the skin and drawing out impurities.

15. The Organizer That Wrangles 10 Handbags Into Line

Crafted from a durable non-woven material, this organizer is purpose-made for storing handbags, and can bank up to 10 of them in its capacious pockets. A sturdy bracket at the top keeps it attached to the stainless steel hangers that are suited to hang on any standard closet rail. Perfect for anyone who loves to collect purses, it's also ideal for any small space situation, including dorm rooms and RVs.

16. Give The Gift Of Flavor With These Spices

Useful for steaks, chicken, seafood, pasta, veggies, and just about any dish you're preparing, the blends in this spice set provide an easy shortcut to delicious meals. Certified Organic and gluten-free, they're just as ideal for the grill master in your crowd or the campfire chef as they are for the chef wannabe who loves to try new flavors.

17. The Serum 2-Pack That Hydrates And Revitalizes

With an arsenal of ingredients to revitalize the skin gathered into one comprehensive set, these serums represent a complete solution that will brighten, hydrate, and refresh any complexion. With Vitamin C serum to support radiance and hyaluronic acid serum to deeply moisturize, it's everything you need for glowing, healthy skin that's plumped and rejuvenated.

18. An Ingenious Electrolyte Powder For Better Hydration

Get the most out of every sip of water with this powder that features three times the electrolytes of common sports drinks to get your body the hydration it needs. This powder packs a punch without adding anything your body doesn't need: Just one pack turns a bottle of water into the equivalent of drinking two to three bottles of the competitor product, replenishing your body and staving off the dangers of dehydration. Ask your doctor before adding any supplements to your routine.

19. This Phone Mount That's Made For Your Bike

Compatible with any smartphone, this mount is designed to provide cyclists with an easy way to stay on top of their GPS and their playlist by attaching snugly to the handlebars and keeping those expensive electronics safe and sound. Also appropriate for use on motorcycle handlebars, the mount is engineered from a combination of metal and plastic and comes with a set of three silicone grippers to protect the delicate glass screen of the device.

20. The Headphones That Deliver High-Fidelity Sound With An Extended Frequency Range

Featuring impressive listening clarity that's equaled only by their extended battery life, these Bluetooth headphones combine all the best aspects of performance and fidelity in one sleek package. Five-button controls allow for complete command of audio playback and even call operation directly on the headphones. They conveniently fold up for easy storage while traveling.

21. A Fan-Favorite Detangling Brush In Pretty Color Options

Equipped with 323 flexible bristles in two separate tiers, this detangling hair brush leaves hair knot-free — even when it’s wet. Boasting a 4.7-star overall rating after 10,000 reviews, it comes in fun colors like apricot, mint green, and lilac. Use it in the shower to comb your conditioner through your strands, or use it before styling for a sleek, tangle-free look.

22. This Steamer Is Ideal For Spa-Quality Facial Treatments At Home

Enjoy all the benefits of spa-quality facial treatments at home with this steamer that's designed to train its relaxing, pore-opening steam directly on your face. It also emits nano-steam particles that are uniquely engineered to penetrate your pores for cleansing and to assist in the penetration of your favorite products. As a bonus, this unit can also be used as a humidifier, and it comes with a set of stainless steel tools for at-home extractions.

23. Strengthen Your Core And Keep Your Tush Engaged With This Balance Disc

Simply place this balance disk on top of any firm chair to turn sitting into a core-strengthening workout that engages your abdominal muscles and the glutes in the background of every task. Use it every day while you're working, or use it specifically for workouts for core-specific exercises — or to increase your burn while targeting other areas.

24. The Wands That Whisk Away Wine's Headache-Inducing Ingredients

Sulfites and histamines are the pesky ingredients in wine that lead it to cause headaches and other unwanted reactions, but it's good to note that these wands can whisk these elements away with just a few swishes. They filter out the troublesome particles that trigger the most common sensitivities, and one wand both purifies and aerates a glass of wine in just three minutes.

25. The Odd-But-Genius Sandals That Will Relax Your Whole Body

If medieval torture dungeons handed out sandals, you'd think that this pair would be it, but these sandals are quite the opposite: They actually deliver relaxing acupressure therapy for your whole body. Designed to promote better blood flow for optimal overall health, they're great for relief of foot and heel pain as well as neuropathy, arthritis, and other painful conditions. Begin wearing for just a few minutes per day and work up to a maximum of 15 minutes for optimal relief.

26. A Mini Humidifier That Looks Like A Cactus

To keep any small space from feeling dry as the desert, plug in this USB-powered mini humidifier with a cute cactus on top. The cool mist humidifier is sized perfectly for desks and nightstands, and the optional night light adds a warm, moody glow.

27. The Sleeves That Deliver Compression To Your Arches For Pain Relief

Performance athletes or anyone on their feet all day will welcome the addition of these arch compression sleeves to their everyday wardrobe. Ideal for maintaining blood flow and forestalling the swelling that can accompany hard workouts and long shifts on the floor, they're crafted from lightweight, breathable fabric and feature targeted ribbing. Available in eight colors, they can coordinate with your socks or contrast to make a statement. Available sizes: S-XL

28. This Massager Mat Gives Your Feet A Treat In The Shower

With hundreds of massaging bristles, this mat not only scrubs your feet to clean them thoroughly while you're in the shower, but it gives them a totally relaxing rubdown as you get clean, too. Equipped with suction cups on the reverse that hold it steady as you give your feet a delightful foot spa experience, this mat is a durable and effective way to give your feet a treat every day.

29. A Kit That Helps You Grow An Avocado Tree

Here's a fun and easy project that anyone in the family can enjoy, that comes from everyone's favorite fruit: The avocado. This planter shaped like half an avocado is designed to help you redeem the pit from inside the avo you use on your toast in the morning and grow it into a seedling by floating it on water. The pit takes root and will grow into a full-size seedling, ready for planting, in this boat.

30. These Containers Store Inside Each Other And Have Locking Lids

Does your food storage drawer look like a jumbled sea of mismatched takeout remnants, none of which fit together? Mine, too. Solve that in one fell swoop with this eight-piece food storage set, which nests together and includes lids that lock to ensure the freshness of the food inside. Made from BPA-free plastic, they're microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

31. This Microneedling Roller That Rejuvenates Skin

A microneedling treatment at a salon or spa might cost a pretty penny, but the same quality treatment can be self-administered at home with this device that reviewers absolutely rave about. Microneedling rejuvenates the skin by speeding the production of collagen, and this tool is equipped with hundreds of tiny needles at an esthetician-recommended length to administer just the right treatment to refresh and renew the complexion.

32. This S-Shaped Massager Delivers Trigger Point Therapy

Shaped a bit like a seahorse, this massage tool is constructed to allow its user to self-administer trigger-point treatment with complete control over the desired amount of pressure. With 11 precisely-placed knobs, this tool can deal out relief all over the body, and comes with a spiked ball to help with finer massage needs.

33. The Mouse That Prevents — And Relieves — Repetitive Stress Injuries

With its stately shark's fin appearance, this mouse cuts quite the profile on your desktop, but its design is about way more than just aesthetics: The vertical arrangement of its buttons and the way its curvature leads the user's hand to fall is ergonomically purpose-made to prevent repetitive stress injuries, and relieve them once they've been incurred. With wireless battery-powered operation, it's just as at home in a gaming setup as it is at the office churning out those top-level memos.

34. An Attractive Cheese Board That's Earth-Friendly, Too

Crafted from renewable, sustainably-harvested bamboo, this cheese board has more going for it than just its good looks: It's Earth-friendly, too. As a bonus, a removable slotted drawer secretes four cheese-serving utensils with stainless steel blades that will make any presentation complete. This BPA-free board hand washes easily and also has ridged edges that are perfect for displaying crackers or breads.

35. Enjoy Fresh Air Even Inside Your Car With This Air Purifier

You're going to be using your car's lighter plug for a USB charger anyway — so why not get some added benefit from it with this unique device that also freshens up your vehicle's air at the same time? Designed to release negative millions of negative ions that neutralize bad odors, this portable device keeps allergy and asthma sufferers comfortable while also charging devices quickly and conveniently.

36. The Mini 2-Cup Rice Cooker That Comes In Fun Colors

I don't often think of appliances as "cute," but Dash makes the most adorable gadgets for the kitchen, and this rice cooker is no exception. At a size that makes it just right for two people (2 cups) and with a choice of seven colors, it's perfect for small kitchens and dorm rooms. Not only does it make light fluffy rice without having to keep an eye on it, but it also cooks up pasta and veggies.

37. These Magnetic Eyelashes That Don’t Require Glue

Red carpet-ready eyes take no time at all with these lashes that are magnetic so they snap right on to the lash line. Made from synthetic fibers, they're a great way to minimize irritation, since they don't require glue or other adhesives. At the end of the night, they can be removed and stored for reuse — just clean with a makeup wipe before putting them away. Each set comes with five pairs ranging from subtle to va-va-voom.

38. The Reusable Makeup Pads That Replace Those Cotton Ones

Made from durable microfiber that thoroughly cleanses without smearing, these makeup remover pads are reusable, so they're kinder to the environment than the cotton alternative. Double-sided, they're absorbent enough to cover your whole face, and come with their own mesh storage bag that doubles as a laundry bag when it's time to throw them in the wash.

39. Keep Food Fresher For Longer With This Heat Sealer

Save money, cut down on food waste, and keep foods fresher longer with this heat sealer that makes any plastic or coated aluminum foil bag airtight again after opening. Available in four fun colors, it's small enough for use in even the tightest city kitchens or while traveling in the RV. Great for families, too, it easily keeps snacks in large-size bags fresh for days on end without waste.

40. Half Sweatshirt, Half Blanket And 100% Cozy

Available in 16 fashion styles, this sweatshirt is just the ticket for that person on your list who's perpetually cold — it's made from plush microfiber with a sherpa lining to keep the wearer ultra-toasty. It features a convenient hood to keep heat from escaping through your head, as well as a front pouch pocket to keep your hands warm. Plus, there's no guesswork about sizing: This "hybrid blanket/sweatshirt" is made in an oversized cut means, so one size fits most.

41. A 2-Pack Of Dish Brushes With Ergonomic Grips For Leverage

Rather than long handles, these highly rated dish brushes feature ergonomically shaped grips that fit neatly in your hand, giving you lots of leverage for tough messes. The set comes with two, and each one has a scraping edge that’s perfect for removing stuck-on food.

42. A Bluetooth Smart Water Bottle That Glows To Remind You To Hydrate

With a function that glows every hour to remind you to drink, this water bottle is the ideal tool to assist you in upping your water intake. That's not all, though — it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to a playlist while you hydrate. The 18-ounce bottle is made from vacuum-insulated stainless steel to keep drinks cold for hours.

43. Enjoy Fresh-Cooked Bacon From Your Microwave With This Tray

Capable of accommodating up to 18 bacon strips and cooking them up in fewer than 20 minutes, this tray also makes everyone's favorite food just a little more healthy by keeping it up and out of the fat as it renders out. Fat is reduced by 35 percent, and the convenient tray catches it for emptying once it has cooled.

44. These Socks Keep Feet Cozy During The Coldest Months Of The Year

Available in 15 style combinations, these socks are woven from heavy thermal pile that's warming and also brushed on the inside to be super-soft while they're keeping your feet toasty. Not only will your feet be warm all day long in even the coldest temperatures, they'll also be dry in rough weather thanks to the stout makeup of these socks. A hint of spandex makes them ultra-wearable, too.

45. A Flash Drive For The iPhone And iPad

Get an extra 32 gigabytes of storage with this flash drive designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad. Engineered to deliver quick and easy data backups, it features a flexible connector that's engineered to fit through most iPhone cases. It's compatible with most versions of the iPhone and iPad and supports most file types, too.

46. For The Yoga Lover, Toeless Socks With Grips Enhance Practice

Yoga practice goes just that much deeper with these socks that are toeless to promote enhanced contact with the floor or ground, plus grips on the sole that further augment a strong base. Crafted from soft, breathable fabric for enhanced comfort during wear, the separated-toe design also promotes toe health and reduces unwanted odor by increasing air circulation. Assorted colors in the pack make mixing it up fun.

47. This NSFW Drawing Game Will Be The Hit Of Your Next Get-Together

Make a splash on your next friends' night in with this game that encourages you and your friends to sketch out and guess unconventional NSFW clues. Imagine if Pictionary and your middle school sense of humor had a baby: You'd get this game, and many raucous nights of fun for you and your pals. The set includes all the clues, timer, die, rules, drawing pads, and golf pencils.

48. The Hair Tool That Delivers Those Beachy Waves

Get those oh-so-desirable beachy waves with this hair tool from a trusted name. It features a deeply curved barrel to add deep waves to the hair, and with tourmaline ceramic technology, it seals the hair cuticle as it styles to eliminate frizz and add shine. It's equipped with a high heat setting, an automatic shut-off function, and even dual voltage for use while traveling overseas.

49. A Hat That Packs Relief For Migraine And Other Headache Sufferers

Designed to contour comfortably to your head, this hat is a must-have weapon in the arsenal of any migraine sufferer or anyone who's troubled by frequent severe headaches. Its sides include ice packs that can be kept in the refrigerator when not in use so they're ready to provide instant relief in the event of an attack. The hat itself has an adjustable closure to fit most head sizes, and it's machine-washable for repeated use.

50. This Appliance Whips Up Delicious Omelets Easily And Without The Mess

Skip all the mess of making eggs in favor of this device that makes delicious omelets without any muss or fuss in just minutes. No flipping is necessary, and with its nonstick coating, the pan discharges its two omelets without hesitation. The sides are completely separated to allow for two different creations to cook at the same time.

51. Twist And Turn Your Smartphone Any Way You Need It To With This Holder

Suitable to hold most smartphones on the market, this holder has an extra-long and ultra-flexible gooseneck to twist and turn and angle your device any way you need it for optimum viewing and use. The gooseneck has a core of aluminum alloy so it's durable for extended use. This mount attaches to any firm surface with a clamp that's augmented with silicone pads so it won't slip or scratch any furniture to which it's attached.

52. The Gadget That Cooks Ramen In The Microwave Without The Mess

If you're a college student, my mother, or any other aficionado of the delicious noodly broth that is ramen, this gadget provides a delicious and mess-free way to whip it up quickly in your microwave. There's no need to boil water with messy pouring and dirtying a pan, and just say "no thanks" to those non-recyclable one-use cups: Drop the ramen in this BPA-free dish, add water to the fill line and microwave for 3 minutes. It's not too hot to handle when it comes out — just mix in the spice packet and enjoy.

53. Improve Grip Strength And Get An Overall Stretch With This Hand Exerciser

Made from 100 percent silica gel that's BPA-free, these exercisers are designed to provide a thorough stretch for the hand and fingers to aid in developing grip strength. Ideal for athletes and anyone with hand dexterity deficits — like arthritis sufferers — these devices are increase in the strength of their resistance to offer a progressive challenge. They're also great for musicians, and can serve as a fidget tool with a purpose.

54. A Mouthwash That Eases Sensitive Teeth And Gums

Sensitive teeth and gums can really put a damper on enjoying delicious, sugary special-occasion foods, but this mouthwash can help. It's pH-balanced to reduce acid levels in the mouth that can cause irritation, and naturally activated by saliva to produce an anti-microbial that powerfully eliminates bacteria but is gentle enough not to cause sensitivity. Alcohol-free, it has a pleasant, gentle mint taste that doesn't burn.

55. Have Lush, Red-Carpet Lashes In A Flash With These Magnetic Wonders

Red carpet-ready eyes take no time at all with these lashes that are magnetic so they snap right on to the lash line. Made from synthetic fibers, they're a great way to minimize irritation, since they don't require glue or other adhesives. At the end of the night, they can be removed and stored for reuse — just clean with a makeup wipe before putting them away.

56. This Wooden Foot Massager Is Perfect For Treatments Anytime

What could be more soothing than a foot rub, especially when it comes from this wooden foot massager? Designed with rollers that work independently from each other and are carved with reflexology nubs to hit all the feet's trigger points, it allows both feet to be stimulated at once for relaxation and relief. Perfect for overall release as well as for sufferers of conditions like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and neuropathy.

57. No Campfire's Needed To Enjoy S'Mores With This Machine

Enjoy s'mores anytime without a campfire with this roaster on hand — it has a spot for a sterno, replete with a protective screen on top, so you can toast marshmallows to your heart’s content. The set includes two roasting forks, so no stick harvesting is required, plus built-in trays to hold chocolate bars and graham crackers at the ready.

58. Get Much-Needed Relief From This Roll-On Migraine Treatment

Blended from a mix of therapeutic-grade peppermint, spearmint and lavender oils, this migraine roll-on delivers convenient relief right where and when it's needed for sufferers of these devastating headaches. It's designed to be applied to the temple, forehead, and the base of the neck at the first sign of symptoms, and its packaging means it's suitable for carrying at all times in a handbag, backpack, or briefcase.

59. The Miniature Rice Cooker That's Just Right For Two — And So Adorable

I don't often think of appliances as "cute," but Dash makes the most adorable gadgets for the kitchen, and this rice cooker is no exception. At a size that makes it just right for two people (2 cups) and with a choice of five colors, it's perfect for small kitchens and dorm rooms. Not only does it make light fluffy rice without having to keep an eye on it, it cooks up pasta and veggies.

60. This Set Gets Windshields Squeaky Clean

The car buff or clean freak in your group will love this kit that comes in handy to get that car windshield extra-clean. The long ergonomic handle is accompanied by two removable microfiber pads that attract lint and dust when dry and are extra-absorbent and washable after use. Not only does it help with the outside of the windshield, but it's great to have on hand when the inside of the windshield gets fogged up, and it also works on delicate electronics that are hard to reach.

61. A Useful DIY Mask Kit

You know that old saying, "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; Teach a man to fish, he stinks up the break room with fish forever?" Yeah, okay, that's not how it goes, but you know the one I'm talking about. With this mask kit, the recipient can cook up their own at-home masks from ingredients they choose and control...for a lifetime. It has all the accessories needed for mask-making, and is inexpensive enough that it could easily be bundled together with some essential oils or other ingredients for a spectacular gift basket.

62. The Conversation-Starters That Are Great For Breaking The Ice

Whether they get broken out at game night, a cocktail party, or just a simple family dinner, this box of questions turns any get-together into a special occasion. Not exactly a game, they're a box of thought-starters like "What's do you love about your hometown" that promote interchange between participants and make a great gift for just about everyone. Turn neighbors into friends and bring families closer with these insightful conversation starters.

63. The Reusable Straws With Colorful Silicone Tips

Switch up your sipping game with these reusable straws that are much more eco-friendly than plastic. Made from durable stainless steel, each one has a brightly colored silicone tip, so your lips won’t freeze when you’re drinking an ice-cold beverage. The set comes with 20 straws, four scrubbing brushes, and a convenient storage pouch.

64. This Gadget That Cleans Your Keyboard & Laptop Screen

Many of us spend hours on our laptops, and let’s be real — dust, dirt, crumbs, and grime can start to build up. This ingenious little cleaning gadget from OXO has a mini broom on one end to sweep your laptop clean, and a microfiber pad on the other to remove fingerprints and smudges from your computer screen.

65. A Set Of Measuring Cups That Are Cute And Functional

How adorable are these measuring cups that are not only cute, but super functional? They're shaped like Russian matryoshka dolls, and each half of the three dolls is a measuring cup, with the set including sizes ranging from 1/4- cup all the way up to 1-cup with all the increments in between. Each cup has a flat bottom for ease of use, and the cups are BPA-free and stack inside of one another just like their namesake dolls for easy storage.

66. Make Allergy And Sinus Season Easier With This Neti Pot

Allergy sufferers and those with chronic sinus issues and colds will find welcome relief from this neti pot that's specially engineered for easier use than the traditional design. Made from ceramic, it's engineered to provide a steady, even flow and prevent spillage for a more pleasant experience. The spout is topped with a silicone nozzle to create a comfortable seal without leakage.

67. This Fabric Protector Is A Great Gift For Parents Of Kids And Pets Alike

Whether you're treating for a holiday or on a myriad of other occasions, this fabric protector belongs in your gift-giving repertoire. The easy-to-use spray is the perfect addition to a gift basket on the occasion of a housewarming or a new baby or a pet, and it's odorless and dries clear so it applies seamlessly. It's even useful for clothes, too.

68. These Massaging Insoles Have Magnetic Nodes

Tall boots have a way of flopping over and losing their shape over time, but these boot inserts keep them going strong for years to come. The inserts are stiff enough to keep your boots standing upright, but flexible enough to fit inside a wide range of boot sizes. Each set comes with two pairs.

69. The Undereye Masks Are Permeated With Real Gold

Giving the gift of gold is always in style, and these eye masks use the precious metal in a unique way — to rehydrate and recondition delicate under eye skin and give it a brighter and more vital appearance. The tiny gold particles are blended with hyaluronic acid, multi-vitamins, botanicals, and plant-based collagen to restore and nourish skin under the eyes. Pro tip: These masks are even more delightful and soothing when kept in the fridge.

70. The Headphones That Allow Music To Be Enjoyed Comfortably While Sleeping

Combining a sound delivery system with the comfort of a headband, these sleep headphones are ideal for anyone who enjoys listening to music, meditations, or podcasts while going to sleep. The Bluetooth sports headphones are embedded inside a soft, stretchable microfiber headband that can also be used for sports or even as an eye mask. The band can be washed with the headphones removed, and includes buttons for volume and call controls.

71. This Cooker Makes Fresh-Baked Foods Without Turning On The Oven

Homemade pizza with crisp, chewy crust and delicious melted cheese used to be possible only with a blasting hot oven, but now this countertop cooker can whip one up without having to heat up the whole kitchen! A great solution for small kitchens and dorm rooms, it's also capable of baking any number of other foods without an oven, like nachos, quesadillas, and even sweets like delicious giant cookies, this 12-inch circular appliance has non-stick surfaces for easy clean-up and stores away compactly.

72. These Cookers Make Perfect Eggs In Just A Minute

Breakfast doesn't have to be complicated when you give these containers that cook up perfect English muffin-sized egg patties in the microwave in just 60 seconds. Made from non-stick material that's BPA-free, they're designed to cook the eggs without any added oil or butter if you so choose. These little wonders are dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up, too.

73. The Unique Hair Tool That Brushes And Styles

With a ceramic barrel and long, heat-stable bristles, this tool performs two functions at once when it comes to hair styling: It brushes through while also adding curl and style. The ionic technology seals the cuticle to leave hair smooth and add shine, and three heat settings allow for styling on any type of hair. The 360-degree rotating cord makes it easy to use, and it's even dual voltage for use overseas.

74. These Silicone Inserts Stop The Snoring

For anyone who snores or who's troubled by snoring, these nasal vents can be lifesavers: Made from medical-grade silicone, they're engineered to be inserted into the nostrils to ensure a stable passage for the free flow of air, thus eliminating mouth breathing and the snoring that accompanies it. The four pairs included in this kit span a range of sizes to ensure a close fit to maximize clear breathing, and come in a handy travel/storage case.

75. This Fan-Favorite Travel Tumbler With Auto-Sealing Technology

Drinks simply won't leak or spill in this travel mug from Contigo with its auto-seal technology which makes one-handed drinking on the go a cinch. Made from BPA-free stainless steel, it keeps hot drinks hot for up to seven hours and cold drinks cold for up to 18. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors, like orchid, matte black, and bright pink.

76. Figure Out Who's "Most Likely To..." With This Voting Game

A great way for friends to get to know each other better, this game features a variety of questions to share among a group for answers. These queries range from thought-provoking soul-searchers to the more random ("Who would make the creepiest clown?) — with some NSFW ones thrown in for good measure. A game night icebreaker for five to 10 players, it's fun for adults and can be adapted to suit the audience on the fly simply by editing the questions chosen.

77. The Sturdy Cold Brew Coffee Maker That's Based On A Mason Jar

Built around a Mason jar that's engineered to withstand the vigors of the canning process, this cold brew coffee maker will hold up to everyday use and much, much more. The jar comes with a fine mesh filter that's made from stainless steel to prevent any grounds from entering the coffee and ensure the smooth flavor that blooms over time from cold brew. Plus, it has a flip-top lid that's fitted with a convenient handle for pouring.

78. A Versatile Heating Pad That Envelops The Feet

Constructed like an envelope, this heating pad is designed to allow the user to slip their feet inside to be surrounded by soothing relief from poor circulation or just when it's cold outside. Not only that, but it can be placed anywhere on the body for some toasty relaxation and comfort, and it heats fast for quick warmth. The unit includes three heat settings for adjustable comfort and an automatic shut-off feature after two hours of use for added safety.

79. This Eye Mask Is An Essential For Migraine Sufferers

As a migraine sufferer and an insomniac, I have had so many eye masks over the years, but this weighted eye mask is far and away the best. This mask that provides light pressure that uniquely conforms to the contours of the face to deliver relief and completely — and I do mean completely — block out light. An adjustable closure means it fits almost all head sizes, and it releases quickly so it won't get caught in the hair, either. And you can even chill it in the freezer if that cooling helps with your relaxation. Plus, the cover is machine washable.

80. A Clothes Steamer That Releases Wrinkles Without An Iron

For a fresh-from-the-dry-cleaner feel each day of the week, there's no better gift than this steamer. It's handheld, so it's perfect for use at home and on the road. After heating it up for just 60 seconds, it'll provide 10 minutes of continuous steam, releasing wrinkles from your clothes with just a few passes.

81. The Egg Cooker That's Easy And Safe Enough For Kids To Use

With a timer and a simple one-button operation, this egg cooker can make up to si12boiled eggs in just minutes — all without turning on the stove. It's versatile, too; depending on which attachments you use, it can make soft boiled eggs, hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and even individual omelets (the possibilities are virtually limitless). Its simple electric operation makes this countertop appliance ideal for small kitchens, dorm rooms, and even the RV.

82. An Indoor & Outdoor Security Camera With Free Cloud Storage

Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, this small security camera can keep an eye on things at home. The weather-resistant camera is smart assistant-compatible and has two-way audio, so you can talk to whoever might be on your doorstep (or your dog who hopped up on the couch while you were gone). Plus, it stores video to the cloud for 14 days, and you don’t even have to pay for a subscription.

83. This Device Keeps A Vehicle Neat And Tidy

Designed to be attached around a car's headrest, this device finally makes corralling car trash quick and easy by providing a place to put it. This waterproof, 2-gallon container comes with 20 plastic bin liners designed to be used as garbage bags. This receptacle can also be used in a boat, and it can even hold ice or cold drinks. Plus, extra liners can be kept in the mesh side pocket until it's time to use them.

84. Get Relief From Foot Pain With These Cooling Socks

For those constantly on their feet or suffering from painful foot conditions, these socks spell instant relief. Crafted from a soft blend of nylon and spandex, they're designed with pockets to accommodate the included gel packs. Those packs fit underneath the feet, but there are additional half-size packs for behind the heels or over the toes. Also great for pregnant women, they neutralize stress and pain with the power of cold.

85. The Crackly "Zombie" Face Mask For A Livelier Complexion

This mask creates a crackly-skin appearance while it dries, hence the name "Zombie Pack." Still, it reveals a fresh, renewed complexion once its work is done. Made from albumin, aloe vera extract, and other natural ingredients, it firms and tones as it hydrates, balances the skin's pH level, and gently exfoliates. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.