85 Sick Things Under $35 On Amazon

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Seems like your gift list just gets longer and longer every year, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the list gets longer and the budget doesn't change — but fear not, because just when you think you're going to have to take up yet another side hustle to finance the next big occasion, along comes Amazon with this collection of sick gifts under $35.

How many times can you tell someone you're giving them the gift of time? Well, with this gadget that attaches to any standard sink sprayer or garden hose, they'll cut their cleaning time in half, whether they're doing dishes inside the house or washing their car or windows outside. This gift is perfect for any adult, is good for just about any occasion, and comes in at just $15. Thanks, Amazon.

Speaking of time, this list is also ideal for giving people the gift of a good time — there are several games on this list perfect for injecting fun into the next get-together, and if that's not your bag, then choose from among the myriad self-care items on this list and grant the receiver of your gift some "me time" instead. Pro tip: You'll want to pick up one of these microneedling derma rollers for yourself, too after you read the way the reviewers rave about it.

You'll also find some limited-time holiday deals at the top. A couple are a little more than $35, but with savings like 50% off the cult-favorite Instant Pot, they're just too good to pass up.

Not that your complexion will be stressed out, though — oh no, you're not going to be stressed out at all, thanks to these sick gift-giving buys.

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