84 Sick Finds On Amazon For People Who Are A Pain To Shop For


No matter what the occasion, buying gifts for family and friends can be difficult, but it can be even harder when the person you're shopping for is super picky. Luckily, we are living in the golden age of Amazon and the e-tailer is a treasure trove of weird (but genius) gifts that are perfect for those people who are hard to please.

From a non-stick frying pan that has built-in molds for eggs, sliders, silver dollar pancakes, and more, to a stainless steel knife set that comes with six knives as well as a chic acrylic holding block, Amazon's got brilliant gift solutions for everyone on your list. And, as long as you are a Prime member, you're pretty much guaranteed to find a present that will arrive in just two days.

With Amazon taking the stress out of finding the perfect gifts, you'll have plenty of time to do a little shopping for yourself, too.

A Touch-Control Light That's Also Dimmable

Not only is the beautiful moon design great for people of all ages, but the Mydethun moon lamp is also touch-controlled with a built-in dimmer. This lamp can be switched between both white and yellow light, and the battery recharges within three hours but can run for up to 10 — each order also includes a ceramic hand base so this light can stand on its own!

A Lighted Makeup Mirror That Can Tilt Up To 180 Degrees

Dark or incandescent lighting can make it hard to choose the right shades when putting on makeup, which is why this lighted makeup mirror has 21 built-in LED lights that simulate natural daylight. Able to run via USB or four AAA batteries, this makeup mirror can also tilt up to 180 degrees for a more personalized viewing angle, and the trifold design also has magnification mirrors so you can more accurately apply your liners and more.

The Set Of Stainless Steel Knives With A Chic Holding Block

Each knife is made from a solid piece of stainless steel, which means that you won't have to worry about any handles falling off blades with the Deik 14-piece knife set. This set comes with its own acrylic holding block that's a chic addition to any kitchen, and the 14 different knives make it great for professionals and novices alike: one chef's knife, one carving knife, one bread knife, one piece of stainless sharpening steel, one pair of shears, one small utility knife, one small paring knife, and six steak knives.

A Jewelry Chest That Has Drawers Lined With Non-Slip Padding

At less than 10 inches high and 7 inches wide, the Beautify jewelry organizer chest is compact enough to fit on most dressing tables, yet still boasts six drawers lined with non-slip, as well as two slide closet compartments and nine hanging hooks. The acrylic design is super-durable as well as very in-style, and since it's completely clear you can easily spot the item you want without having to open every drawer.

The Memory Foam Pillow That Lets You Adjust Its Height

Unlike other memory foam pillows, the UTTU sandwich pillow has removable layers of memory foam that allow you to adjust how tall this pillow is (taking out the middle layer brings the height from 4.7 inches to 3.5 inches). This style of memory foam is also designed to not become hard in cold weather, and the bamboo cover is resistant to dust mites as well as hypoallergenic and super-breathable.

A Makeup Brush Set That Has Its Own Standing Easel

Rather than letting your brushes kick around loose in a drawer, the SHANY Cosmetics 18-piece brush collection comes with its own water-resistant transport pouch that doubles as an upright standing easel, allowing you to easily and safely store your brushes. The bristles are made from a blend of professional synthetic as well as natural hairs, and the brushes range from face brushes, Kabuki styles, foundation, eyes, and more.

The Gadget That Lets You Create Fresh, Homemade Yogurt

Whether you enjoy tzatziki or a cup of Greek yogurt to go with breakfast, the MV Power digital yogurt maker is right up your alley. This handy gadget lets you make up to eight different flavors of yogurt at once. Its timer and LED display allow for precise temperature control.

A Gym Bag That's Tear And Water-Resistant

Made from durable high-quality nylon that's both tear and water-resistant, the Venture unisex gym bag sets itself apart from other bags by having an extra-strength double-layer bottom layer that reinforces its design so that you can carry even more items. This bag has one large main compartment as well as eight separate pockets, and there's even an inner wet compartment for wet clothes and shoes.

The Adjustable Laptop Desk Made From Sturdy Bamboo

Great as a laptop desk as well as TV dinner tray, this bedside desk is made from 100% natural bamboo that's both smooth and sturdy. There are five different height slots to choose from so you can adjust this desk for the optimal viewing angle, and there's even a small drawer where you can store pens, flash drives, notepads, paper clips, and more.

An Adult Version Of The Party Game 'Would You Rather?'

Get conversations going at your next get together; you only need three or more people to play the Pick Your Poison adult card game, which makes it great for parties and small gatherings alike. Each player tries to make the hardest scenario possible by combining two "poison" cards from their hand, and then you have to guess which players would choose which options. The deck also comes with 300 cards to start with, which means you're not at risk for repeating the same hands during multiple games.

The Wine Glasses That Help Keep Your Beverages Cool

Whereas regular glass allows heat to transfer from your hands into your drink, the FINEDINE wine glasses' stainless steel design helps insulate your beverages to keep them chilled. Not only is stainless steel rust-resistant as well as BPA and lead-free, but it's also shatter-proof which makes these glasses super-durable. One Amazon reviewer even noted that you could put them in the freezer so they're "chilled for white wine or cocktails."

A Handheld Vacuum That's Easy To Empty

Whereas other handheld vacuums can have complicated bags to deal with, the Black and Decker hand vacuum has a bagless dirt bowl design that makes it not only easy to see how much dirt is in your vacuum, but dumping it all out is a breeze too. Each order comes with detail brushes so you can get tight corners as well as upholstery, and since it's cordless you can easily use it anywhere in your home.

The Travel Cosmetics Bag With A Handy Drawstring Design

Not only is it cute enough that you could keep it out on your vanity, the Casper and Coal travel cosmetics bag also has a drawstring design that allows you to simply pick it up, pulls the string, and go . The high-quality canvas nylon is soft to touch yet durable, and there are also three mesh pockets as well as three elastic bands that help keep your cosmetics secure.

A Pan That Helps You Get A Crispy Pizza Crust

Made from non-stick stainless steel that's completely BPA-free, the CHEF G pizza crisper set is great for getting a thorough, crispy cook on both store-bought and homemade pizzas alike. The silicone handles make it easy to pull these pans out of the oven even while wearing mitts, and each set comes with two 12-inch pizza crisper pans as well as one pizza cutter.

The Tea That Won't Diffuse Leaves Into Your Drink

Instead of relying on loose leaves to diffuse flavor, the Tea Drops instant pressed teas are small, pressed teas made with USDA organic tea, spices, and raw sugar that dissolve in your hot water, eliminating the chance of loose leaves trickling into your drink. Each order comes with two matcha green tea, rose earl grey, citrus ginger, and sweet peppermint flavors, and one Amazon reviewer noted that "they are perfectly sweetened, [and] not too sweet."

A Beauty Oil That Makes Your Foundation Glow

All you have to do is mix up to three drops of the Woya rose gold beauty oil in with your favorite foundation, and this 24K-infused oil will help keep your skin hydrated while shrinking pores and helping to control excess oil production. You can also use this oil on your lips to give them a boost of moisture, and it's even great for brightening your complexion.

The Massager That Delivers Serious Relief To Your Shoulders, Neck, & Back

Able to simulate a Shiatsu massage, this neck massager has eight nodes that work into the tense parts of your neck and upper back to deliver targeted relief. It also heats up to offer additional relaxation. And, because this massager is built with two loops on either side, you can easily weave your hands through and go about your normal activities while you use it.

An Aromatherapy Diffuser That Can Help You Really Relax

This aromatherapy diffuser can be the essential way to relax. There are also several LED color lights to choose from when setting the mood (or a carousel mode that cycles through all of them), and since it operates at a whisper-quiet level you can also use this diffuser while sleeping without being disturbed.

The Light Therapy Lamp That Fights The Winter Blues

Rather than letting the bad weather on your vacation get you down, use this portable light therapy lamp to simulate the mood-boosting effects of natural sunlight. Great for winter blues, jet lag, shift work, and disruptive seasonal time changes, it has a wide surface area, and it's bright enough that you can even use it for reading, writing, and other everyday tasks.

A Mask That Uses Charcoal To Cleanse Your Hair

Made with a blend of green tea, vitamin B3, and activated charcoal, this detoxifying hair mask is made without any sulfates, and it's also soft for color- and keratin-treated hair. It's a great way to leave your hair extra- silky and touchable without any chemicals.

The Heat-Resistant Gloves Made From Durable Silicone

Made from durable silicone that's heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the individual fingers of these barbecue gloves allow you to easily grip and handle hot meats on the grill as well as heated pans in the oven. They also come with a set of meat shredders that work great on chicken, pork, and beef, and the nonslip textured dots that covers the gloves help ensure you have a secure grip on whatever you're handling.

An Air Fryer That Reduces The Amount Of Fat In Your Meals

Instead of frying your food in oil, use the Gourmia air fryer and get the same crispy texture with a fraction of the fat and oil. Able to heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this air fryer uses a "Radivection" fan system to circulate heated air 360 degrees throughout the frying tray to get you crispy, almost-fried food — and the frying tray is also non-stick for easy cleaning!

The Rolling Massager That Offers Deep Tissue Muscle Relief

Whether the muscles in your back, thighs, neck, shoulders, or arms are sore, the Juvale roller massage tool has wooden rollers that contour offer soothing relief. Since you're the one who determines the pressure each massage is super-customizable, and the handle is designed to fit very comfortably in your hand.

A Beauty Toner That Helps Hydrate Your Skin

Use the Mario Badescu Witch Hazel Toner before you apply makeup or as a way to give your skin a quick boost of moisture and hydration. This toner is a great astringent that restores your complexion with Witch Hazel and rose extract.

The Extra-Large Seat Cushion With A Non-Skid Bottom

Poor posture can ruin your spine's alignment, so try using the Xtreme Comforts large seat cushion. This cushion is great for promoting a proper weight distribution between the pressure points in your back, and the non-skid bottom ensures it stays secure whether you're using it outside or in the office. The black mesh cover is machine-washable for easy cleaning, and the large size means it provides plenty of seating room no matter where you place it.

A Set Of Measuring Spoons And Cups That Are Collapsible

Bulky measuring cups can take up a lot of kitchen space, which is why the cups in the Leepiya measuring cups and spoons set are collapsible for convenient storage. The entire set is made with BPA-free materials, and the long handles on the measuring spoons make it easy to reach into deep containers. And to help keep you organized, both the spoons and cups are connected via an included key ring.

The Pack Of Racerback Sports Bras Made With Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Made with moisture-wicking fabric to help you stay cool while exercising, the MIRITY racerback sports bras also have removable padding which allows you to choose how much support they have. These bras are soft and stretchy which also make them great as loungewear as well as activewear, and many Amazon reviewers noted how they fit true-to-size and "are supportive for cardio, weight training, yoga, pilates — everything!"

A Bluetooth Speaker That's 100 Percent Waterproof

Not only is it 100 percent waterproof, but the Bluetooth shower speaker has a long range that allows you to use it in the shower, car, beach, or even at the pool. The battery is long-lasting and fully recharge quickly while the built-in suction cup helps prevent it from falling over.

The Hot Sauce Variety Pack That Offers Flavors With A Kick

Great as a gift or as casual kitchen decor, this hot sauce variety pack comes with four different flavors with a kick: Zombie Cajun, Lagniappe, The Antidote, and Garlic — put them on tacos, pizza, wings, or even on eggs for an added boost of flavor!

A Citrus Zester That's Ergonomically Designed To Fit In Your Palm

Great for lemons, limes, oranges, and other citruses, the Chef'n palm zester is designed to ergonomically fit into the palm of your hand for easy and convenient use. The soft rubber grip helps you grip the zester as you rub it against fruits, and the stainless steel blades won't rust or dull over time. Unlike other zesters, this one also helps contain mess since the shreds are collected into the built-in storage pocket located behind the blade.

The Smartphone Tripod That Can Attach Almost Anywhere

Designed with three flexible legs that you can wrap and bend around objects, or even just let standalone, the Bontend flexible smartphone tripod isn't limited to just smartphones, as it can also hold your DSLR camera or GoPro. It's durable so that you won't have to worry about breaking it while using it outside, and many Amazon reviewers noted how it also works great as a selfie stick.

A Sleeping Mask That's Made To Fit Everybody

Because the black-out material wraps all the way around, the Sleep Whale sleep mask fits all head sizes without letting any light poke through. The luxury material is super-breathable as well as extremely breathable so you're not left feeling smothered, and the velcro head strap is completely adjustable for a secure fit. Unlike other sleep masks, each order comes with a pair of earplugs and a cooling gel pack that you can use to relieve eye fatigue.

This Food Chopper With A Built-In Cutting Board

Not only is it made from food-grade stainless steel, but the Kools food chopper set also combines eight tools into one handy device: scissors, a knife, peeler, fish scaler, bone cutter, bottle opener, knife sharpener, and finger guard. The built-in cutting board allows you to chop ingredients right over the stove, and the handle is ergonomically designed to be comfortable in your hand as you work.

A Pack Of Lip Balms Made With 100 Percent Certified Beeswax

Made without any petroleum, gluten, parabens, or GMOs, the Naturistick beeswax lip balm set comes with four different flavors: peppermint, pomegranate, vanilla, and green tea (two each). The color is neutral which makes these balms unisex as well as great for people of all ages, and the added aloe vera, coconut oil, lanolin, and shea butter help moisturize your lips to keep them from becoming chapped.

A Jade Roller That's Great For Fighting Puffy Eyes

Keep it in the fridge as a way to cool down after a long day, or simply roll the Akarell jade roller and Gua Sha set underneath your eyes to help reduce any puffiness or inflammation. Each order comes with a manual that teaches you Gua Sha massage techniques that help stimulate blood flow into your face, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "I have noticed better tone in my skin after using for just six days!"

A Snack Dish That Takes The Mess Out Of Pistachios And More

Whereas you'd normally need to sit near a trash can, this double serving bowl has a built-in storage tray located underneath the bowl where you can discard your shells, sunflower seeds, cherry pits, shrimp tails, and more. This bowl is great for use at parties as well as for single servings, and the melamine construction is durable yet lightweight.

This Plush Bathrobe Made From Premium Fleece

Made from 100 percent premium polyester fleece fabric, the Richie House women's fleece bathrobe is incredibly soft to the touch and has two large front pockets for added convenience. Unlike other bathrobes, the hood on this one keeps you cozy and prevents any drafts from running across your neck while you're still damp. Amazon reviewers loved how "The plush velvety fleece isn't too thick or too thin."

An Adjustable Phone Holder That Sits Around Your Neck

Whether you're taking a selfie, exercising at the gym, or watching a movie during a long flight, the phone neck holder is a great way to use your phone hands-free practically anywhere. Compatible with any smartphone up to 3.34 inches in width (up to an iPhone 8 plus), this phone holder can rotate 360 degrees to get the best viewing angle, and the neck strap is coated in breathable foam to keep you comfortable.

This Double-Sided Throw Blanket Made From Plush Microfiber Fleece

One side is covered in plush microfiber fleece, whereas the other side of the PAVILIA sherpa throw blanket is lined with soft sherpa. This comfortable anti-pilling throw blanket is great for both indoor and outdoor use since the material is resistant to fading, and since it's also incredibly breathable it won't get you overheated at night.

An Eyeshadow Palette With Almost Every Color Imaginable

Not only are there 120 different colors to choose from with the SHANY Cosmetics eyeshadow palette, but each color is made with mineral oil so that they're super-pigmented and vibrant, yet still wash off easily with makeup remover. Unlike other makeup palettes, his palette has a combination of both matte and shimmer eyeshadows, and they're all smudge-resistant as well!

The Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles As A Night Light

Unlike other diffusers, the ASAKUKI essential oil diffuser can change to one of seven LED colors, and the large 500-milliliter water tank means it can even run for up to 10 to 16 continuous hours. This diffuser also works great as a night light since you can use it without the mist, and the built-in timer has four different settings to choose from: 60, 120, 180, and the continuous flow.

An Assortment Of Moisturizing Facial Masks Made With Pomegranate, Avocado, And More

From refreshing peppermint to brightening lemon, the Glam Up facial sheet mask collection comes with 12 assorted masks that help moisturize your skin. Ingredients like shea butter, avocado, oatmeal, aloe, and pomegranate are infused onto a triple-layered deep-moisture hypoallergenic facial sheet that helps them absorb quickly into your skin, and unlike other face masks these ones are made without any synthetic colors or alcohols.

A Brush That Straightens And Smooths Hair

Not only does it help tame flyaways as well as add shine, but the GLAMFIELDS hair straightening brush also has four different temperature settings to choose from (ranging from 330 up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit) when styling your locks. The handle can also rotate 360 degrees for added wrist comfort, and while it's designed with international dual voltage it even comes with an extra travel adapter.

A Planner That Helps You Set And Achieve Your Goals

Unlike traditional planners, this InnerGuide goal planner has bucket lists to keep you motivated, as well as a goal-setting guide and weekly review sections. It's completely undated so that you can use it for any year or month. "This book has literally changed my life," wrote one Amazon reviewer.

The Humidifier That's Specially Made For Your Car

Simply plug it into any DC jack in your car, and the EconoLED car humidifier will begin moisturizing the air around you. Great for dry skin, lips, or irritated sinuses, this humidifier has a two-hour automatic shut-off that prevents any damage that could happen from it running without water in its 50-milliliter tank, and it can also rotate 180 degrees so it can more easily fit into awkward spaces.

A Bathroom Towel Set Made With Mildew-Resistant Bamboo

Made from a blend of cotton and rayon that's been derived from naturally mildew-resistant bamboo, the Superior bathroom towel set comes with six towels to fully stock your bathroom: two hand towels, two washcloths, and two bath towels. These towels are also resistant to fading as well as super absorbent, and many Amazon reviewers noted how soft they felt after each wash.

The Set Of Packing Cubes That Organize Your Luggage

You can use them in your luggage to help organize your clothes, or you can even use the luggage packing organizers around the house to straighten out your closets. Each bag has a built-in interior buckle to help secure your clothes down, and when they're not in use they can fold down for compact storage. Each order comes with seven pieces: one small, medium, and large clothing cube, as well as one underwear, shoe, two flat bags, and a toiletry bag.

An Assortment Of Stress Balls For Kids And Adults Alike

Great for mindless fidgeting and relieving stress, the stress ball assortment comes with 40 adorable stress toys of varying shapes and styles; you'll find everything from a duck to a star to a paw print. Each ball varies in size, and they also make awesome party favors or goodie bag prizes at any kid's birthday.

The Facial Mister That Helps Soothe Dry Skin

Whereas spraying yourself in the face with water is generally counterproductive, the CooSkin facial mister turns water into a mist of nano-scale particles that leave you feeling refreshed rather than drenched. You can use lemon and rosewater in this mister for the added moisturizing benefits, or simply use distilled water for a quick cooling effect on dry, irritated skin.

A Set Of Cutting Boards That Fold So It's Easy To Slide Ingredients Off

This set comes with four different cutting boards that are color-coded to prevent cross-contamination, and each board in the cutting board set has a non-slip base to keep it secure while you prepare meals. Unlike traditional cutting boards, these ones have a folding design so that you can easily slide your prepared ingredients into any pot or pan (which helps prevent messes).

The Kit That Gets You Started Growing Your Own Indoor Herbs

Great for veteran gardeners and novices alike, this indoor herb garden kit lets you grow cilantro, sage, thyme, parsley, and basil right in the comfort of your own home. The seeds are non-GMO as well as organic, and each kit comes in 10 dirt pods so you can maximize growing.

An Exfoliating Scrub Made With Himalayan Crystal Salt

Made with real Himalayan crystal salt, the M3 Naturals Himalayan scrub gives your skin a deep clean while simultaneously exfoliating away any dead skin cells, leaving you feeling and looking refreshed. This scrub is also great for increasing the blood circulation in your skin which in turn helps brighten its appearance, and the added lychee oil is rich in nourishing antioxidants.

The Acupressure Mat That Helps Soothe Aching Feet

All you have to do is lie down or set your feet on the Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat or Pillow for 10-30 minutes and the raised acupressure points quickly soothe you back, neck, and feet tired, aching feet. The mat has over 6,000 accupressure points and the pillow has nearly 2,000. This set is made of cotton and plant-based foam.

This Non-Stick Frying Pan With Built-In Molds For Eggs, Sliders, And More

Not only is it coated in non-stick teflon with a thick- aluminum base that's safe in the oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but the TECHEF Eggcelente frying pan also has four built-in molds for sliders, blinis, blintzes, silver dollar pancakes, eggs, and more. You can also remove the mold and use it as a regular frying pan, and the stainless steel handles stay cool to keep your hands safe.

The Cup Holder Made For Your Bathtub And Shower

Able to hold wine glasses, solo cups, beer cans, and more, the SipCaddy bath and shower cupholder can hold up to 7 pounds, making it super secure. This cup holder uses a strong suction cup to attach to non-porous surfaces like glass or glazed tile, and one Amazon reviewer even noted how she uses this holder "to hold soap and shampoo bottles upside down when I'm trying to get the last of it out of the bottle."

A Compact Blender With A Blending Jar That Doubles As A To-Go Cup

With four sharp stainless steel blades that make quick work of blending fruit, vegetables, ice, and more, the Vremi personal blender sets itself apart from other personal blenders since the blending jar doubles as a to-go cup, helping you reduce mess. The leak-proof lid helps ensure that the contents won't spill while in transit, and the to-go cup is completely BPA-free.

The Stainless Steel Drinking Straws With Insulated Silicone Tips

The insulated silicone tips on the Wantell stainless steel straws help prevent them from becoming too hot or cold while sitting in your beverage, and each order comes with eight straws: four that are 8.5 inches, and four that are an extra-long 10.5 inches that even fit Yetis. Unlike other silicone straws, these ones also come with a carrying pouch so you can easily (and sanitarily) take them with you to use anywhere.

A Body Massager With 360-Degree Rollers That Work All Over

Because the nine metal rollers can rotate a full 360 degrees, this handheld body massager can be used all over your body in any direction you choose. This massager is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and one Amazon reviewer noted that "it's very easy to manipulate — even with arthritic hands!"

The Adult Game With 80 Percent Positive Four- And Five-Star Reviews

Made for between four and six players, the All Things Equal Inc. Adult Loaded Questions party game has you and your friends take turns trying to guess who wrote what answer to which question, making every play-through of this game unique. The answers can get raunchy depending on who you're playing with, and many Amazon reviewers raved how it's great for anyone with a dirty sense of humor.

An Adjustable Squatting Toilet Stool Made From Classic Bamboo

If you're looking for a squatting stool that adds to your bathroom decor, the MallBoo bamboo squatting toilet stool is right up your alley. This stool is made from classic bamboo instead of gaudy white plastic, and unlike competing stools this one can be adjusted in height from 7 to 9 inches. Great for people of all ages, it's also super easy to clean since bamboo is a naturally anti-microbial material.

The Batter Container That Lets You Draw Fun Designs On The Griddle

Made with a mess-free valve that ensures the nozzle delivers a perfect pour sans any drips, the Tovolo pancake pen lets you draw fun pancake shapes right on the griddle. The bottle itself is contoured so that it's easy and comfortable to grip with your hands, and the wide opening at the bottom helps reduce any mess from filling it with your favorite batters and sauces.

A Programmable Pot That Doubles As A Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker, And More

Able to function as a pressure cooker, steamer, warmer, slow cooker, yogurt and rice maker, the Instant Pot programmable multi-use pot can hold up to 3 quarts of food, and the stainless steel inner pot is incredibly durable as well as resistant to corrosion. Unlike other programmable pots, this one also has a sauté function with three different temperatures for searing, simmering, or thickening.

This Bedside Tray That's Incredibly Simple To Install

Able to fit bedside rails between 4 centimeters and 1.5 inches wide, the Modern Innovations bedside tray requires zero tools to install since all you have to do is hook it onto your bed frame, then twist the screws on the back to tighten it. This shelf can securely hold books, electronics, drinks, or even an alarm clock, and it's also great for kids' bunk beds.

A Cheese Board That Comes With Stainless Steel Serving Knives

Not only does it come with four stainless steel serving knives, but the iBambooMart cheese board and cutlery set also has a slide-out drawer where you can easily store them. This cheese board is made from bamboo that's stain-resistant and won't absorb any unwanted odors, plus it can also double as a serving or dinner tray during the week.

The Foot Rest That Won't Fall Flat After Extended Use

Whereas most footrests will flatten out over time, the Ergonomic Innovations under-desk foot rest is designed to be resilient so that it won't deflate, yet is still soft and comfortable to rest on. The angled design means that you can rest your feet at different levels so that people of all heights can use it without their knees touching the underside of the desk, and the cover is also anti-microbial as well as machine washable.

An Insulated Tumbler That Keeps Your Beverages At The Perfect Temperature

Whether you've got hot coffee or a cold mug of water, the double-wall vacuum insulation in the YETI tumbler will keep your hot beverages hot and your cold beverages cold for hours. The exterior is designed to be rust, peel, and fade-resistant, so this one purchase can literally last you decades.

The Overnight Face Mask That Penetrates Up To 10 Layers Of Skin

Packed with pentapeptides that help release collagen in your skin, the Olay magnemasks infusion can reach up to 10 layers deep into your skin, working to hydrate your complexion overnight so you wake up looking refreshed and bright. Unlike other moisturizing masks, this one comes with an infuser tool that helps you massage the cream into your skin for a more intense result.

These Containers That Keep Your Food Fresher For Longer

Whether you're storing leftovers, vegetables, fruits, or more, the Rubbermaid produce saver container set will help keep your ingredients fresh by wicking away moisture and regulating the flow of oxygen inside. The filters in the vents never need to be replaced, and the container holds just over 11 cups.

The Reading Pillow That Helps Relieve Neck Pain

The thick, long arms on the MittaGonG reading pillow help support your neck and back while you read, and the shredded foam padding interior contours to your body to keep you comfortable. Unlike other reading pillows, this one has a zipper on the bottom so removing the cover to wash is simple, and there's also a handle at the top so that it's easy to transport.

A Set Of Hand Creams Made With Nourishing Shea Butter

Not only is each cream packed with hydrating shea butter that's rich in nourishing vitamins, but each tube in the ENZIO hand cream set comes with 21 different scents. The creams all come in their own separate boxes which make them great stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts.

The Towel That Keeps You Cool In The Heat

Made with a breathable, sweat-absorbent, anti-bacterial, anti-mite, static-free, chemical-free fabric. All you have to do is soak the ZOUYUE Cooling Towel in water, wring out the excess, then wear as a bandana, neck wrap, headscarf, or more to keep you cool. This towel even has 50+ UV protection and can keep cool for three hours while you're exercising.

A Dry Body Brush That's 100 Percent Vegan

Unlike most bristles that are made from animal hair, the H&W Care's Vegan Body Brush and Massager is 100 percent vegan, and its bristles are packed tightly so that so that they can effectively exfoliate away dead skin cells. This body brush has an option massager attachment that makes this brush feel great after a long day, and the bristles are also shed-proof.

The Moroccan Argan Oil That Reduces Split Ends

Great for helping mend split ends, the Organix Moroccan argan oil gives your hair an extra boost of shine and protects it from UV and heat styling damage. Many Amazon reviewers noted how the formula is not sticky, and one even raved that "I spray this at the roots of my hair and have noticed that my hair definitely seems stronger."

A Toe Separator That Helps Relieve Pain From Bunions

If pain from bunions, hammertoes, or other foot ailments is slowing you down, try these gel toe separators. These separators are made from a soft gel that evenly spaces your toes out so your feet aren't cramped. Best yet, these come in a set of two pairs, so you can invite a friend over for a pedicure self-care day.

The Blanket That's Weighted To Help Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Great for relieving stress, insomnia, anxiety, and other sleep-destroying conditions, this weighted blanket is made for adults and can help support a better night's sleep. The weighted layer is made from 100 percent breathable cotton so that you don't overheat, and the compartments are filled with glass beads for the evenest weight distribution possible.

A Charging Station That Can Hold Multiple Devices At Once

Able to hold three smartphones at once as well as tablets and laptops, the MobileVision bamboo charging station is made from classy bamboo that'll match any decor. Unlike other charging stations, this one allows you to remove the dividers so you can more easily plug-in your charging cables underneath, and many Amazon reviewers noted how the construction is "built to last."

This Shower Caddy That's Rust-Resistant

Not only is it made from a steel wire that's been coated in a rust-resistant finish, but the mDesign bathroom shower caddy also has four small hooks along the bottom that can hold razors, loofahs, scrubbers, and more. The baskets on this caddy are wide so that shampoo and conditioner bottles of all sizes will fit, and the strong suction cups keep it stable as it hangs off your shower head.

A Clip-On Light That Can Run For Up To 25 Hours

The compact design and collapsible neck mean you can easily store the Energizer clip-on book light when you're not using it, and since it can run for up to 25 hours when fully charged you won't have to worry about it dying in the middle of a good book. You can also clip this light to laptops, music stands, or any other stable surface that's half an inch thick, and the batteries are also included.

The Face Mask Made With Matcha

Made with green tea extract to help remove any toxins or impurities, this matcha mud facial mask will not leave your skin feeling overly dry since it simultaneously moisturizes. This mask also helps prevent acne and other unwanted blemishes.

A Popcorn Popper That's Made For Your Stovetop

Anytime you want freshly popped popcorn, try Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn stovetop popper. This large aluminum kettle pan can hold up to six quarts of popcorn, and each order comes with a kit that includes kernels as well as flavoring. Unlike other stovetop poppers, this one also has a built-in stirring mechanism that prevents your kernels from burning.

The Handheld Back Massager That Pulses Up To 3,350 Times Per Minute

The powerful motor in the VIKTOR JURGEN handheld back massager creates up to 3,350 massaging pulses every minute to help you relieve pain and fatigue in your muscles, and the non-slip rubber grip is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. You can use this handheld massager all over your body including your neck, legs, and feet, plus the intensity and speed are adjustable so you can personalize your massage.

A Ladle That Floats On The Top Of Your Soup

Not only can it float on top of your soup, but the OTOTO floating ladle can also standalone on countertops, making it just as much a statement piece as it is a utensil. Great for pots that are up to 11 inches deep, this ladle is completely BPA-free and even "looks good hanging on the wall" according to one pleased Amazon reviewer.

This Sauce Pan With A Space- Saving Detachable Handle

Because you can remove the handle, the Cleverona saucepan with lid can conveniently be moved straight from your stove into your oven since it's safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. The 4.5 millimeter-thick bottom ensures heat gets evenly distributed throughout this pan for thorough cooking, and unlike other pans this one is also resistant to warping.

A Pillow Spray That Helps You Quickly Fall Asleep

Made with lavender, sage, frankincense, and other relaxing essential oils, the Calm pillow spray helps relax your mind after a long day so you can drift peacefully off to sleep. There are no synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates in this spray, and many Amazon reviewers noted how they found the scent pleasant as well as relaxing.

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