8 Unexpected Things You Should Definitely Pack When You’re Traveling The World

When it comes to packing for big trips, we all have our own unique approach. Whether you subscribe to the "last minute flurry" style of throwing things in a suitcase the morning of your flight, or the meticulous ritual of checking items off your packing list weeks in advance, you can't really go wrong doing what works for you.

But no matter what your preferred method of packing, we've learned over the years that it's what you pack that really matters. Who hasn't been in a travel situation where a few items (or lack thereof...) literally make or break your whole trip? After many experiences finding ourselves in a quandary because we forgot to pack *that* crucial thing, we decided to cut our losses, do our research, and create a new kind of packing list.

So we teamed up with the makers of 5-hour™ TEA shots to ask our friends, reflect on past trips, and ultimately round up a list of the most unexpected (and sometimes just plain weird) things that we swear we'll never travel without again.

Here are 8 things that you should seriously considering packing for your next trip.

1. Plastic bags

These household staples are lifesavers when you find yourself with dirty clothes threatening to contaminate your clean stash. Use them to separate your used clothes from the rest of your suitcase and ensure that your clean clothes actually stay clean.

2. Perfume samples

You know all those little vials of fragrance kicking around at the bottom of your purse? Put them to good use by packing a couple for your trip — you won't risk shattering a pricey perfume bottle and you'll smell amazing while traveling the world. Done and done!

3. Disinfecting wipes

Between airplanes, trains, and taxis, traveling guarantees that you'll be touching lots of unfamiliar (and potentially germ-filled) surfaces. To keep yourself feeling fresh and clean, throw some wipes into your bag so you can disinfect at a moment's notice.

4. An energy boost

No question about it — being a world traveler is exhausting. Whether you're waking up early for a 5 a.m. train or combating jet lag while exploring a new city, you're definitely going to need a little energizing boost now and then. Pack some 5-hour™ TEA shots to feel alert without having to rely on stopping at coffee shops.

5. Sleeping mask

Wherever you plan on staying during your travels, good sleep is an absolute must when you're on the go. A sleeping mask will provide an extra layer of serenity whether you're combating against busy hostels or hotel rooms with sheer curtains.

6. Small candles

No matter how fancy a hotel room is, it never really feels like home. Pack some mini candles (flameless if you're feeling extra safe) to add a little much-needed ambiance to your temporary home away from home.

7. Dryer sheets

Make some room in your bag for a couple dryer sheets — they'll save your life when it comes to freshening up shoes AND combating static cling.

8. Disposable camera

Exploring a new place means you'll be out and about for hours on end. You never know if (read: when) your phone is going to unexpectedly run out of battery power. Keep a disposable camera on hand so you don't miss out on any epically photographable moments, even in the face of a dead battery.

This post is sponsored by the makers of 5-hour™ TEA.