The 8 Best Ugly Cries You'll Have With Your Friends, So Break Out The Waterproof Mascara

Think about the last time you had a group effort ugly cry. It was that moment when you thought you were quietly whimpering, but then your face decided to completely bawl and crease up in order to complement your already runny nose and smeared mascara. When you looked around, everyone else's face was doing the same. Those ugly cries you have with your friends make your relationship so much stronger, because if anyone would willingly hug you ever-so-tightly while getting eyeliner on their brand new shirt, they're keepers.

Ugly cries are usually sparked from an emotional AF situation that causes a chain reaction. First, your eyes squint tightly, then boom, Niagara Falls is running down your cheeks. This amplifies when it's you, your friends, and all of those emotions going around in the same room. Of course, Drake couldn't make it to the ugly cry party, but you and your girls are fully submerged in your feelings.

Sure, there are instant things that trigger an ugly cry, but it's the silent things that just sneak up on you that you have to worry about. One second, you're hugging your friend and the next, you're scouring the room for your another box of tissues. I can't give you a play-by-play of when these ugly cries will take over your friend group, but these eight instances are seriously the best ones that could ever happen.

Every Time You Watch 'The Notebook'

I don't care how attractive Ryan Gosling is in this movie, the storyline will undoubtedly make anyone cry. You think because you've seen it so many times that the emotions will fade, but they never do. If you've ever wanted to see synchronized crying, this movie is a surefire way to make it happen.

When Anyone Gives A Heartfelt Apology After A Petty Fight

In any group of friends, petty fights happen. That moment you realize that this person is your ride or die, and any time spent not speaking to each other was so stupid, is going to bring on the ugly cry. Don't be surprised if you're hugging and wiping each other's cheeks. Making up is always the best part.

When You Welcome Back A Friend You Haven't Seen In A While

The last thing you want to do is clip the wings of any of your friends. So, when someone in your friend group moves away for a while, you ugly cry when they leave, and have an even bigger ugly cry when they return. You missed them, and somehow crying as you grab their luggage is the only way to express that at the time.

When Any Of You Ties The Knot

As much as weddings warrant tears from anyone, you and your friends are pros at crying when any of you gets married. Your girl is becoming a wifey, and you've honestly been crying since she announced her engagement. Luckily, she's the only one wearing white, because there's no way your makeup is staying on your face as she walks down that aisle.

When You Have Those Late Night Heart-To-Heart Convos About Life

Your friend group is a safe space where you don't have to plaster on a fake smile if you're really stressing about a relationship, or worrying about your job. It's so refreshing to be open and real with them. By the time all of you are through talking about the deep stuff you don't have the opportunity to discuss on the regular, there's a moat of tears around your castle of unbreakable friendship.

When Any Of You Adopt Your First Fur Baby

Puppies already make us cue our best baby talk. When your bestie welcomes a new pup into your circle, crying and holding this adorable little furry friend is basically instantaneous. Anything this pup does, skyrockets off the cuteness chart.

When Someone Gets Into Their Dream College

Your girl has been putting in the hard work so that she can get into the college of her dreams. You guys helped her study and prep for all of the tests, so when she gets that acceptance letter, crying and screaming is an understatement. (Don't even get me started on seeing her off to this dream school.)

When You Have To Part Ways At The End Of Summer

Those first few summers as adults can be tough. It's not like high school when you expected to see each other at school the following year. The end of summer means you guys have to part ways and go back to adulting down your own paths. Crying and hugging each other for dear life is like clockwork.

As inconvenient as an ugly cry can be at times, you feel so much better afterwards. You and your friends are closer than ever because of them.