These Throwback Disney Channel Computer Games Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic

Clara Molden - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Get ready for a fun time packed with games from your childhood. You can find plenty of Disney-themed games online that'll give you a dose of nostalgia. Check out these 8 throwback Disney Channel games for your next game night at home.

The games aren't available on the official Disney website, but you can find them archived on this Disney Games website, which features old games from shows that were on air in the past. There are 509 free games for both kids and adults to play online.

It's a good time to revisit a game from your childhood if you're looking for some adventure without leaving the house. From Design Hannah Montana to Zack and Cody's Tipton Trouble, there are a whole slew of games that feature your favorite television show characters. Here are the top picks for old school Disney games that'll transport you back in time.

1. Zack and Cody's Tipton Trouble

Join the world of Zack and Cody in this Tipton Trouble game. In the game, the two are on a mission that would help their mom become a singer. You'll have to watch out for the twin's enemies, London and Maddie, by hiding between curtains and using elevators and stairs to avoid trouble. There are four levels in total to beat.

2. Design Hannah Montana

If you've got a knack for fashion, you'll want to give Design Hannah Montana. You'll help the famous teenage superstar achieve the perfect look with plenty of fun and glittery clothes. You can also change Hannah's hairstyle by choosing different hair colors and experimenting with them. When you're done with Hannah's final look, you have the option to print out your work and impress your pals with your fashion skills.

3. Minnie's Dinner Party

Help Minnie set up her dinner party for your friends in Minnie's Dinner Party. You'll help Minnie set up some meals using instructions on how to cook. The guests will score you depending on how good your meal is and you'll be given a final score. If you have happy guests, you'll be successful at the end.

4. Pizza Party Pickup

Pizza Party Pickup is a thrilling game that'll keep you on your toes. You'll join Zack and Cody on a quest to throw the best pizza party of the summer at Tipton hotel. Though Zack and Cody have plenty of pals, they also have enemies like Mr. Moseby who will get in the way of their goal. You'll collect as many pizza slices, snacks, and other things needed to throw an incredible party, and every time you collect goods, your party meter will raise.

5. Pillow Fight

In Pillow Fight, you'll join Mickey and his friends, Donald and Goofy, for a night at the Big Stuff Hotel. Naturally, the peaceful night quickly turns into a huge pillow fight, so you'll need to fight your friends until their pillows explode. To succeed at the battle, you can use some tools and trades such as water bombs and water soakers.

6. 625 Sandwich Stacker

Join Stitch in 625 Sandwich Stacker. You'll help Stitch create a great sandwich by moving him from side-to-side to catch as many condiments as needed. You'll need to beware of a toaster that'll throw bread at you, and other falling disgusting pieces. If you catch any of the disgusting pieces, your ick-meter will increase, which could lead to you losing the game.

7. Escape from Mole-Tropolis

Escape from Mole-Tropolis will put you on an adventure to help Phineas and Ferb. The two plan to drill into the earth to reach Earth's core, but trouble occurs. Because the diamond tip of the drill overheats, Phineas and Ferb find themselves trapped in Mole-Tropolis, a big mole city underneath the earth. Their sister, Candace, was also kidnapped by the mole-people, and the boys will have to rescue her.

8. Lightning McQueen's Desert Dash

Lightning McQueen's Desert Dash is a thrilling good time. You'll compete against some of the best cars on McQueen's team as you help him win a race. The roads, however, are not familiar to McQueen, so you'll face many obstacles along the way. To help out McQueen, you'll use your arrow keys to accelerate and steer the car.

To play games featuring recent shows and movies, check out the official Disney website. There are many options you can choose from, including Star Wars and Frozen games.