8 Products That'll Totally Transform How You Enjoy Your Mental Health Days

by Julia Guerra

Workaholics (like myself) find it almost impossible to separate work life from personal, and even off the clock, we can have a lot of trouble keeping still. On the one hand, this is an admirable trait, as it proves you're 100 percent reliable and dedicated to your work. On the other, it’s sort of debilitating because rarely, if ever, do you schedule a day off to take a breather, even when you know you need it. The United States Congress declared the first full week of October Mental Illness Awareness Week in 1990 to raise awareness about mental illness and how important it is to take mental health days when necessary. If you’re used to constantly being on the move like I am, it can be challenging to dedicate an entire day to just mellowing out. So if you’re wondering how to enjoy your mental health days without going stir crazy, there are plenty of products for self-care to assure you it's not too big of a challenge.

Statistics show that, on average, employees in the U.S. only take 54 percent of their allotted vacation days. According to a 2013 study released by the U.S. Travel Association’s Project Time Off, a total of 658 million vacation days aren't taken, and that number is increasing by the year. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for putting in the work, but there’s a reason the term “superhuman” is exclusive to comic books. There exists no such creature, and each and every one of us needs at least one day every few months to decompress, don't you think?

Make the most of your next mental health day by incorporating any or all of the following eight essentials that are sure to cater to your optimal well-being in one way or another.

Magic Dust

Moon Juice Brain Dust, $38, Amazon

Mental health days are crucial for recharging, and what better way to feed your brain a much-needed boost than with this adaptogenic dust from Moon Juice?

Sprinkle this herbal supplement into your favorite smoothie, a warm glass of lemon water, or a mug of matcha tea for optimal nourishment throughout the mind and body. The ingredients list is clean and powerful, with dashes of lion's mane mushroom extract, maca, rhodiola, and ashwagandha that work together in order to enhance your mental stamina, promote mental clarity, and boost your overall mood.

A Bath Elixir

Follain x Farmaesthetics Dream Bath Elixir, $45, Follain

Follain's first co-branded capsule collection comes in partnership with Farmaesthetics to bring customers an exclusive line of self-care products to help you muddle through those gruesomely hectic times with grace.

The Dream Bath Elixir is a deliciously sensual soak derived from organic herbs and flower oils to put your overactive mind at ease. Light some candles and finish off your mental health day with a lullaby bath to ensure if nothing else, you'll be well-rested for your first day back at work.

A Cozy Blanket
Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Good Vibes Woven Throw Blanket, $99, Urban Outfitters

You didn't seriously think you'd spend your mental healthy day going out and about, did you?

If you're ideal rest day is to, you know, actually rest, you need a cozy blanket to bundle under while you watch some Netflix and snack on popcorn. This throw accessory from UO should do the trick, while also weaving in a little positive reinforcement throughout your lounging.

A Yoga Mat
Yellow Willow Yoga

Yellow Willow Yoga Mat: Violet, $98, Yellow Willow Yoga

As much as I love yoga, monochromatic mats aren't stimulating. Like any form of exercise, your yoga practice should be enjoyable, not a chore, and if your mat is aesthetically uninspiring, there's a good chance your flow will follow suit.

I personally love this violet yoga mat from Yellow Willow Yoga because the print is gorgeous and, bonus, the brand prides itself on a high-performance, super absorbent micro-suede material that encourages you to find your zen and break a sweat without having to worry about any damp clean-up.

Bubble Bath
Lush USA

LUSH The Comforter Bubble Bar, $12.95, LUSH USA

If you're at a point so low that all you really need is a long, warm hug, Lush has your back (and the rest of your bod).

Described as a "massive slice of vibrant fruitiness," you'll want to snuggle into a full bath overflowing with The Comforter's pink-tinted bubbles made with cream of tartar, bergamot oil, and cassis absolute. It's super pretty and will have you feeling perky and refreshed in no time.

A Journal

Practice You: A Journal by Elena Brower, $11.65, Amazon

Another great way to sort through all of the mental pollution giving you brain fog is to write it all out.

Elena Brower's gorgeously scripted journal is like an adult coloring book, only instead of coloring in the lines, you're essentially filling in your own by following a series of prompts and reading through sound bites of wisdom that focus on self-inquiry and reflection.

An Essential Oil Diffuser

Saje Aromaart Full Bloom Limited Edition Ultrasonic Diffuser, $84.95, Saje

First of all, I think it's extremely important to surround yourself with bright, happy-looking decor, regardless of whether you're feeling down or not. As humans, we really are attracted and influenced by aesthetic, which is why I specifically chose this spring-inspired pattern from Saje.

In addition to Canadian artist Dana Mooney's abstract floral print giving your bedroom or living room positive vibes, Saje's ultrasonic diffuser releases delicious oils into the atmosphere to soothe your senses and clear your mind.

An Honest Mug

Monkey Duo meh Mug, $15.99, Amazon

You've taken a mental health day for a reason — that reason being you're probably feeling, well, meh. And that, my friend, is 100 percent OK.

Embracing the fact that you're feeling below average is the first step of every healing process. Declare this blunt mug yours for the day and if anybody asks, hold it up high, and they'll get the hint.

Some days you just need to wallow. Own it, girl.