Franchelli Rodriguez shows off her holiday hairdo in a YouTube tutorial video.

8 Easy Holiday Hairstyles For A Merry & Bright 'Do

Courtesy of Franchelli Rodriguez on YouTube

You may not have any in-person holiday events planned, but that doesn't mean your calendar will sit empty all season long. Whether you're planning a fun and festive "party" with the people in your household or planning to shower everyone you know with some virtual holiday cheer, you're probably in the market for a holiday 2020 hairstyle. Rather than your usual style, doing something a little extra is just what you need to make the most wonderful time of the year just a smidgen more special.

In full disclosure, I don't know how to braid my hair at all. It doesn't matter if you're talking about crown braids, french, or a simple three-strand braid, I can't do it. So when it comes to doing something nice and different with my hair, I'm like a fish out of water no matter how "easy" the directions may be. But even with my lacking talents, I've still found some amazing, salon-quality, holiday hairdos even I can pull off. Armed with these, there's no need to wear my hair down like I usually do year after year.

No matter what your look is, there's a holiday hairdo for you. You can go big and curly, sleek and pulled back, or find something more inspired, depending on your vibe. Below are some super-cute tutorials that will have you curling, twisting, and hairspraying with the best of them.

Ashley Bloomfield

While Bloomfield does add extensions to her hair, her holiday hair tutorial is great for those with mid-length hair. She shows off three different looks, each with accessories and for different hair textures, that are easy to follow and will add some sparkle to your outfit.

Alex Gaboury

Gaboury has a few hairstyles that work great for long, sleek hair. They don't require too much work, but if you follow Gaboury's steps, you're sure to "show up" to the party looking elegant and glossy.

Franchelli Rodriguez

From shower to finished look, Rodriguez details every step of her holiday hairstyle. This 'do is a little more involved and includes a few extra steps, so it's worth saving for an event you really want to make an (virtual) entrance at.

Olivia Culpo

A lot of hair tutorials are for people with longer hair, and as I like to keep my hair shorter than shoulder length, I usually don't find many hair tutorials that work for me. Luckily, Culpo went to celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan for some tips. This video is especially helpful because Marjan explains in detail how to use every tool and product to best achieve the effect you want.

Kaylee Melissa

If you like a simple accessory, Kaylee Melissa shared four last-minute hairdos that'll work for you, but there's one in particular I'm totally in love with. It looks complicated, but her weaved-in-ribbon braid isn't nearly as difficult as it looks.

Curly Intervention

On the more opulent side of things, Curly Intervention brings the sparkle with her accessories. And you may even already have some of them on hand. She also gives options, so her tutorials are more like "build your own adventures" than step-by-step procedures.

Alex Michael May

You don't have to spend half an hour or longer on your hair to look phenomenal. For her tutorial, May shows off four hairdos you can complete in five minutes for a stylish holiday look. I guess you'll have to find another reason to be fashionably late.

Mohna Sharma

Another way to simplify your hairstyle while still appearing like you put in maximal effort? Easy, just try out one of Sharma's hairdos. The Beautuber's looks require only hair ties and bobby pins, so you don't have to worry about heat damage or learning how to use a new tool.