8 Christmas Coloring Books That Are Essential For Any Adult Snow Day

If there's one important thing we've learned from Christmas movies like Elf and The Polar Express, it's that you're never too old for Christmas cheer. The holiday is so comforting and cozy, it's impossible not to feel a little childlike excitement when you're decorating the tree, hanging up the garland, and opening up presents from your loved ones. And, TBH, feeling childlike on Christmas is one of the best feelings in the world. You're blessed with a break from your hectic schedule, and sometimes, that's all we can really ask for. To get in touch with your kid side, it's time you break out the Christmas coloring books for adults.

Yes, I'm talking about actual colored pencils and crayons, color-in-the-lines coloring books. If you're like me, you were kind of sad when you grew out of this phase. Lucky for us crafty individuals, coloring books are back and more festive than ever. Forget decking the halls, because this year, it's all about decking out your coloring book in red, green, silver, and gold.

Any of these eight adult Christmas coloring books makes the perfect stocking stuffer, or a unique combo gift with a set of coloring pencils. Your friends probably wouldn't even think of this cool gift idea, and you can bet they'll be using their books later that day.

You'll Never Run Out Of Christmas Magic Within These 100 Pages

100 Christmas Coloring Book (Paperback), $9, Target

This book will last years, just because it has so many pages for you to spend your time on. Curl up by the fireplace with this one, and don't forget to get the hot cocoa going on the stove.

For under $10, it also makes a really great gift when you're not quite sure what to get someone. Secret Santa — we have you covered.

Festive Cards And More
Saks Fifth Avenue

The Coloring Book of Cards and Envelopes: Christmas Coloring Book, $11, Saks Fifth Avenue

Some of us love doodling. Some of us are really damn good at it. And some of us... well, it's not our forte.

Luckily, this festive Christmas coloring book is perfect for just about anyone on your holiday list. And if you're feeling artsy yourself, it's an awesome purchase for all of the holiday cards you want to send out this year.

A Few Cheerful Designs To Lift Your Spirits

Christmas Designs Artist's Adult Coloring Book, $5, Walmart

These ornament and holiday decoration-inspired coloring pages are perfect for a few festive snow days. It's cheap enough to add to your cart while grabbing your groceries, and you certainly won't regret the time you spend relaxing and getting crafty with this gem.

There's Some Winter Magic In The Air

Winter Magic Adult Coloring Book, Beautiful Holiday Patterns To Color By Barron's Educational Series, $13, Target

Snow day, anyone? We can all dream. This coloring book is about as close as we're going to get to our epic snow days back when we were kids, but it's a pretty solid second place. You'll be drawing for days.

It's All In The Details
Barnes & Noble

Christmas Coloring Book: A Holiday Coloring Book for Adults, $5, Barnes & Noble

If coloring books are one of your favorite hobbies, this extremely intricate book is the one for you. These festive designs truly define just how much every detail makes a difference.

The Ultimate De-Stressor
Barnes & Noble

Vive Le Color! Christmas (Adult Coloring Book): Color In; De-stress (72 Tear-out Pages), $9, Barnes & Noble

The ornaments, bells, and snowflakes take over 72 pages of coloring fun in this book. They're even tear-outs, so you can frame them around your apartment once you're finished with your masterpieces.

A Twist On An Beloved Holiday Classic

The Night Before Christmas or, A Visit from St. Nicholas Coloring Book, $9, Walmart

The Night Before Christmas is one of those OG holiday books many of us grew up reading before we put out Santa's cookies. So, whoever decided to make this into an adult coloring book is a total genius. You'll be super nostalgic coloring your way through these pages.

There's Something Beautiful About Being Home Sweet Home

Home for the Holidays Adult Coloring Book, $10, Walmart

Whether you're home for the holidays and have a little time to yourself, or you want something fun to do with the fam, this coloring book provides pages of beautiful scenes and winter spirit. Happy coloring, all!