74 Surprisingly Nice Things On Amazon With 2-day Shipping That Cost Less Than $15

Did you put off shopping until the last minute? No worries — whether you need an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or housewarming gift, these 74 surprisingly nice things on Amazon cost less than $15 and can be on your doorstep in just two days.

Plus, the shockingly low prices on these items mean you might be able to spoil someone with more than one gift. Pro tip: if your budget allows it, you could create a luxurious Hard-Day Destress Kit with a soothing essential oils set, a mood-setting Himalayan sea salt lamp, and deep-kneading body massager for less than $50. Mixing and matching a few fun, but cheap AF, gifts won't just make you look rich, but no one will ever guess you waited till the last minute to grab their gift.

So, to all of my fellow procrastinators and budget-conscious shoppers, get ready to tick off every person on your gift list with these wallet-friendly and time-sensitive gift ideas on Amazon. Happy shopping!

Lifestyle — 74 Surprisingly Nice Things On Amazon With 2-day Shipping That Cost Less Than $15

1. The Aromatherapy Oil Set With So Many Uses

Pursonic Therapeutic Aromatherapy Oils Gift Set, $11 (6 Pack), Amazon

With fragrances including herbal, calming lavender and the pure energizing citrus of orange, this aromatherapy set has a scent for every application and every hour of the day. These 100 percent pure therapeutic grade essential oils are also useful for so many things, from custom massage and body oils and bath products to crafting natural laundry soaps and scrubs — not to mention adding a few drops to a diffuser for a clean, naturally-scented home or office.


2. This Body Brush Set Is Great For The Complexion And Overall Health

Touch Me Brush Set, $15 (3 Pieces), Amazon

Dry brushing is great for lymphatic drainage, while facial brushing provides wonderful exfoliation and stimulates the circulation for a glowing complexion. Give the best of both worlds with this set, or separate the three brushes into individual gifts — all three feature 100 percent natural boar bristles for both wet and dry use and the most effective treatment possible.


3. A Colander That Straddles The Sink Then Folds Down To Nearly Nothing

Qimh Collapsible Colander, $12, Amazon

With a collapsible, telescoping silicone colander bottom, this kitchen device features arms that stretch over the sink to save space and work efficiently, making it a hit with avid cooks. FDA-approved and BPA-free, it's heat-resistant to more than 300 degrees, making it as great at draining hot water off of pasta and fat off of sautéed meats as it is at helping clean fruits and veggies prior to serving. With a 6-quart capacity, it can also be used freestanding on a countertop or table.


4. This Glass Tumbler Has An Attractive Silicone Sleeve For Protection And Easy Grip

Ello Devon Glass Tumbler With Straw, $13, Amazon

The attractive silicone shield on this tumbler both protects it from breakage should it fall and gives users something to hold on to as they sip beverages from its generous 20-ounce capacity. It's equipped with a silicone straw that's dishwasher safe, and a splash-resistant, leak-resistant lid with an attractive real wood accent. Don't beverages just seem more delicious in glass? Give the gift of great taste!


5. A Real Prize For Avocado Lovers

OXO Good Grips Avocado Tool, $10, Amazon

Making smooth and creamy avocado part of every dish on the menu has never been easier when you gift them this tool. On one end, it features a plastic blade that's sharp enough to slice through the skin of the fruit with ease; the handle is rubberized and designed in the easy-to-handle manner that's OXO's trademark, while encapsulating a stainless steel pitter that lifts out the seed with one quick twist. The opposite end features a unique paddle design that enables the user to scoop out neat, even slices in one movement.


6. The Facial Massager That Uses Electricity To Rejuvenate The Complexion

Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Facial Massager, $12, Amazon

Wonderful for improving circulation, relaxing muscles, and toning the skin, this facial massager has a little secret: The therapeutic surface uses 24-karat gold to deliver its rejuvenating current. This treatment is not only the incredibly effective modality favored by top estheticians, it's also safe and efficient for home use thanks to this handheld, cordless device. Completely waterproof, it also helps serums penetrate more effectively.


7. This Makeup Brush Set Is A Terrific Value And Incredibly Full-Featured

BS-MALL Makeup Brush Set, $11 (14 Pieces), Amazon

With premium synthetic bristles and attractive rose gold accents, this makeup brush set makes an impressive gift for the beauty enthusiast on your list. The set includes five oversized kabuki-style brushes as well as nine precise brushes for everything from concealer and eye makeup application to lipstick and lip liner, with high-density, cruelty-free bristles ranging from soft to firm. The brushes include both angled and soft brushes for a wide range of application techniques.


8. A Sandwich Press That Also Works As A Grill

George Foreman Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press, $15, Amazon

Versatile and small enough for even the tiniest galley-style kitchens or even a dorm room, this sandwich press is also equipped for use as a grill and heats up fast for super-quick meal prep. It's equipped with non-stick plates and cool-touch handles for ease of use, and the sloped grilling surface reduces the amount of grease and oil on your food.

9. The Perfect Host Or Hostess Gift: Tea Lights With A Twist

eLander LED Tea Lights (12 Pack), $12 , Amazon

A fun and thoughtful gift, these LED tealights are the safe way to enjoy candlelight without a flame. Their warm white lighting provides six continuous hours of illumination, complete with an actual flickering effect. They'll then shut off for 18 hours before beginning again, so you don't even have to remember to turn them on or off.


10. A Car Charger That Protects Against Surges While Charging Quickly And Efficiently

Maxboost Car Charger, $13, Amazon

In addition to offering space for two USB cords, this charger goes the extra mile to protect your devices while it's powering them up: It features intelligent circuit design to protect against short circuiting and over-heating and regulate the current, and it stops the flow of power once each device plugged in to the unit has a full battery. It's also capable of identifying each attached device in order to rapidly deliver as efficient a charge as possible.

11. The Barrel Bag That's Like A Clown Car For Toiletries And Cosmetics

HOYOFO Barrel Bag, $9, Amazon

Though it's lightweight and even folds up when not in use, this bucket bag has space for an amazing amount of stuff. It features a waterproof coating on the outside plus mesh pockets and washable construction on the inside, it's both tough and versatile, ideal for standing up to any number of uses at home, for travel, or in the office or classroom. The bag closes with a drawstring and is equipped with a convenient hook to hang from the back of a door or inside of a cabinet and save space.


12. This Flatware Set Is So Much More Eco-Friendly Than Plastic

Pure State Bamboo Utensil Set, $11, Amazon

Our oceans are clogged with over 8 million tons of plastic every year, but this bamboo utensil set is a terrific step in the right direction toward righting that wrong. Not only is this five-piece utensil set 100 percent natural, eco-friendly and BPA-free bamboo is the ultimate renewable resource since it's compostable once it becomes worn down. This seven-piece utensil set comes with its own scrubbing brush and cute pouch for convenient carrying.


13. A Scrub That's Luxurious, Natural And Anti-Fungal

First Botany Cosmeceutecals Tea Tree Oil Body & Foot Scrub, $15, Amazon

Natural and luxurious, this scrub is crafted from a combination of salts from the Dead Sea and Epsom salt, infused with a blend of oils featuring tea tree oil to provide the skin with a glowing and radiant appearance while also delivering anti-fungal and anti-viral benefits along the way. This rich and nourishing scrub also includes jojoba, chamomile rosemary, eucalyptus, spearmint, and peppermint oils, and is great for use all over the face and body.


14. The Satin Pillowcases That Are Great For The Blowout And The Face

Bedsure Satin Pillowcases, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

Since their cool, slippery surface is virtually frictionless, these satin pillowcases are excellent at preserving that expensive blowout or sought-after facial for longer. Plus, they're a great way to give someone a luxury for less that will remind them you're thinking of them over and over again as they drift off to sleep. Available in 12 colors, they're crafted from high-quality polyester satin for easy machine washing.


15. A Blanket That's Generously Sized And Graciously Cozy — For Less

NEWSHONE Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket, $15, Amazon

It's not uncommon for them to run three or four times as much, so at $15, you know this blanket is a steal — especially given its 50-by-60 inch size. The machine-washable microfiber fabric is shrink-resistant, breathable, and durable, and won't pill or shed fuzz balls. It's available in four colors, and with 4.4 stars from nearly 200 reviewers, it's an Amazon fave as well.


16. The Mud Mask Made With Premium Activated Charcoal

FineVine Activated Charcoal Mud Mask, $13, Amazon

Activated charcoal is arguably the hottest ingredient in the health and beauty world today, and this mask features the ingredient in a manner that tones the complexion to leave it radiant and soft. This all-natural mask combines activated charcoal with Dead Sea mud and organic shea butter and aloe vera in a unique cleansing, rejuvenating, and replenishing powerhouse that will improve circulation, exfoliate, and remove toxins.


17. A Unique Knife That Will Be A Welcome Addition To Any Cook's Arsenal

FSDUALWIN Rolling Knife, $9, Amazon

A welcome addition to any cook's toolkit but an especially great device for anyone with hand strength or dexterity deficiencies, this circular knife is a unique and easy-to-use food prep utensil. Its ergonomic, round design makes it easy to slice through foods quickly with a minimal amount of pressure. The knife pairs a stainless steel blade with an ABS handle featuring a non-slip grip that feels good in the hand. The housing opens for easy cleaning, too.


18. This Echo Dot Wall Mount Saves Space And Increases Its Efficiency

ETOOZ Echo Dot Wall Mount, $11, Amazon

The gearhead in your life will really appreciate this wall mount that streamlines and increases the efficiency of their Echo Dot by securely mounting it to any outlet in the house. This device is composed of a durable bracket to hold the Dot and the included cord flush to the wall, plus gaskets that hold the unit securely and make sure the cord stays in place. The entire assembly can be used horizontally or vertically and allows you to use the other outlet on the plate while also permitting for great sound from the Echo.


19. A Metal Soap That Scrubs Odors Away — And It's Clever, Too

Kikkerland Fish Magic Soap, $13, Amazon

Cooks know the power of stainless steel soap in removing food odors from hands, but this soap is clever, too: Soap shaped like a fish to remove that fishy smell? You have to admit that's fun. Sulfur molecules in the foods you love like garlic, onions — and yes, fish — are produced by sulfur, and the sulfur molecules bond with the stainless steel after about 30 seconds of scrubbing hands under cold water, leaving the hands completely odor-free.


20. The Eyeshadow Palette That's Perfect For Any Beauty Maven

UCANBE Eyeshadow Palette, $11, Amazon

With both pearl and matte shades, this eyeshadow palette provides a wide range of options in not only shades but also finishes, providing a bevy of choices guaranteed to tickle the fancy of even the most discerning makeup lovers. These shadows feature a smooth texture with high pigmentation that blends easily and sets to last; they're safe for even the most sensitive skin, not tested on animals, and waterproof, too. The 18 shades can be combined to create both daytime and evening looks.


21. This Clear Plastic Organizer Looks Great And Keeps Spaces Straight

STORi Clear Plastic Organizer, $11, Amazon

While this organizer is great at wrangling all the makeup on the bathroom or vanity countertop into order, it's also perfect for office supplies, crafting basics, or to sit on the night table and catch reading glasses, a book, and the TV remote. In's a versatile and customizable gift! It features four compartments with durable plastic walls, and the sides are sloped for easy access. It cleans up easily, too, with mild soap and water.


22. These Slippers Are Comfy, Cozy, And Slip-Resistant

HomeIdeas Plush Slippers, $14, Amazon

The lucky recipients of these slippers will just say "aaaaah" when they sink their feet into the deliciously comfy memory foam insoles and pad around in comfort, topped off with a plush fleece collar. The soft slippers are as sturdy as they are cozy, since the slip-resistant, gripped synthetic sole makes them both durable around the house and appropriate for use outdoors, too.


23. An Ice Roller That's Wonderful For Facial Treatments And Also A Secret Weapon In Soothing Migraines

ESARORA Ice Roller, $12, Amazon

With a head that's meant to be stored in the freezer, this ice roller is a favorite of beauty editors for stimulating circulation, tightening pores, and generally refreshing the complexion — so much so that it has become a cult favorite on Amazon, with more than 1,100 reviews culminating in 4.6 stars! It's also great for taking the sting out of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, and for migraine sufferers, it can be a valuable tool in relieving that sharp pain during an attack, too.


24. These Straws Are Stylish And Help Save Sea Turtles And Other Marine Life

JOYECO Gold Stainless Steel Straws, $10 (Set of 8), Amazon

Sea turtles and other marine life can be irreparably injured by the millions of tons of plastic we humans dump into our oceans each year. Help them out by giving these straws as gifts — they're gorgeous, reusable, and dishwasher safe, too! This set includes four bent straws and four straight, plus two brushes for deep cleaning when necessary (perhaps after a shake or smoothie).


25. A Salt Lamp That Purifies The Air All Night Long With Soothing Light

Syntus Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light, $12, Amazon

You're getting a two-for-one when you gift this night light: When it's not on, it releases negative ions into the air to increase alertness and mental energy...and when it's on, this Himalayan salt lamp purifies the air of not only allergens, bacteria, and odor, but also electromagnetic radiation. Hand-crafted from pure Himalayan salts, it's perfect for the office or the home.


26. This Organic Rosewater Spray Hydrates And Rejuvenates

Teddie Organics Rose Water Spray, $18 (4 oz), Amazon

Rose water has long been a favorite of natural beauty enthusiasts, and this spray is a 100 percent pure, organic distillation of this refreshing, soothing cleanser and toner. Completely alcohol- and paraben-free, this spray possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties that calm unwanted redness as well, while it's also perfect for use in setting makeup post-application. The innate scent of the Rosa Damascena flowers used to make this spray provides a light aromatherapy effect that can even lighten the mood.


27. The Dispenser That Also Provides Sink-Side Soap And Sponge Storage

Casabella Sink Sider, $15, Amazon

Hygienic and featuring clean lines as well, this caddy features a soap dispenser and a space for the accompanying sponge — it's a cleanliness workstation for the kitchen or the garage! The soap pump features one finger operation for easy dispensing, plus the bottle opens for quick refilling, and the base also comes off to make cleaning a breeze. Reviewers are enthusiastic: "I absolutely love this...great product," says one.


28. These Performance Socks Cushion The Feet, Support Arches, And Wick Moisture

YUEDGE Women's Performance Socks, $15 (3 Pairs), Amazon

With a wealth of special design features to ensure that every feature has been designed to support the performance of athletes, these socks are a great gift for the runner, walker, or other competitor on your list. They offer features including cushioned bottoms; additional elastic to ensure they stay up and to reinforce their arches; and smooth, comfortable toes. Plus, they're crafted using a moisture-wicking fabric that creates air flow within the socks to keep feet dry and comfortable.

  • Available Sizes: L (Women's 5.5-9.5), XL (Women's 9.5-12.5)

29. This Mist Delivers Aromatherapy For Relaxation And Better Sleep

Asutra Mist Your Mood Lavender & Chamomile, $15, Amazon

Insomnia sufferers, frequent travelers, and anyone with rising stress levels will adore this oh-so-delightful spray from the yogis and meditation gurus at Asutra. Featuring an alcohol- and paraben-free organic blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils in purified distilled water, it's like a breath of Zen, calming "monkey mind" to allow for relaxation and, if so desired, peaceful sleep. Great on its own or a must-have as part of a spa or relaxation combo gift!


30. The Candle That's Like A Year-Round Trip To The Beach

Lulu Candles Coconut Mango Scented Soy Candle, $14, Amazon

If you have a beach lover on your crew, hook them up with this candle — its Coconut Mango scent will have them thinking they're at the shore even if they're snowbound! Crafted with biodegradable, eco-friendly soy wax that's paraben- and cruelty-free, the candle has a long burn time and is smoke-free. The fragrance isn't overpowering, but will fill a room with its fresh, tropical scent.


31. This Gadget Minces Herbs Quickly And Easily

ZYLISS FastCut Herb Mincer, $13, Amazon

Fresh herbs make such a difference in cooking, but they can be a real pain in the tuchus to prepare. This tool makes it both quick and easy to work with even the most woody herbs, with five stainless steel blades that smoothly slice through leaves comfortable and rotate 90 degrees to enable full range of motion for either grip or palm use. The soft, ergonomically-designed handle makes it easy to use, and it comes with a blade cover for safe storage.


32. These Infusers Allow The Flavor Of Tea To Really Flower

House Again Tea Infusers, $11 (4-Pack), Amazon

With extra-dense stainless steel mesh to filter out even the finest tea, these infusers aren't just fun, they're functional. They're also far superior to traditional strainers, with more holes and a design that won't float, meaning that the tea inside blooms fully and delivers more flavor in a shorter amount of time. The silicone flowers are BPA-free and heat-resistant; plus, they're designed to hang from the side of a tall mug or glass if desired. These infusers also come with their own silicone drip trays, too.


33. This Balm Eliminates Dry, Parched Skin No Matter Where It's Found

Paula's Choice Lip & Body Treatment Balm, $15, Amazon

Rough, chapped lips and skin won't have a cell to stand on with this treatment balm. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and crafted without fragrances or irritating ingredients like menthol, this nourishing salve isn't waxy or thick — yet it's long-lasting, and begins to soothe from the very first application. There aren't many formulations that are equally as gentle elbows as on lips, while healing as well on both, but this does it all, and it's also cruelty-free.


34. This Facial Brush Uses Sonic Waves To Cleanse And Exfoliate

Cleaning Set Facial Cleansing Brush, $13, Amazon

With a powerful motor that delivers sonic waves to deep clean and exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft and radiant, this 5-in-1 facial brush is an asset to any beauty regimen. Equipped with four interchangeable heads, the brush removes makeup faster than a traditional scrub with cleanser and a washcloth, with a much deeper clean that also helps products penetrate further below the skin.Best of all, it's small and portable to take along while traveling.


35. The Facial Scrub Is Packed With Sea Kelp And Clay To Brighten The Skin

ACURE Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub, $8, Amazon

A perennial on dozens of "Best Of" lists, this facial scrub is beloved for the red carpet-ready skin it reveals with less-than-glamourous ingredients: Sea kelp packed with super nutrients to detoxify and soften, and French green clay for a gentle cleanse. The 100 percent vegan formula relies on plant-based ingredients for its refreshing exfoliation, since this scrub is free from paraben, sulfates, phthalate, and formaldehyde.


36. A Mini Curling Iron With Outsized Performance

inkint Mini Curling Iron, $13, Amazon

Great for traveling or use at the office, gym, or another second location away from home, this pint-sized curling iron is big on performance. It features a ceramic-coated barrel to release ions to defrizz the hair and make it smooth and shiny, plus it's quick-heating and can be ready to use within just 60 seconds. Equipped for dual voltage, it's fitted with a 360-degree swivel power cord for ease of use.


37. The Sports Towel That's Anti-bacterial And Easy To Pack

BOGI Medium Microfiber Towel, $10, Amazon

Great for athletes, campers, yogis, golfers, and beachgoers, this microfiber towel has so much going for it: Of course it's super absorbent, but it's also easy on the skin — and it's also naturally anti-bacterial. It folds up extremely small, making it easy to pack, and comes in a bag with a carabiner that can attach to a backpack or hang from a tent. With six color choices, get one for each member of the family!


38. This Sponge Is The Latest Beauty Trend From Asia AND It's Made With French Clay, Too

MY Konjac Sponge French Red Clay Sponge, $10, Amazon

If this sponge were a restaurant, it would be Wolfgang Puck's Indochine: You see, it's a konjac sponge, made from the eponymous Asian root, and this one is permeated with French red clay featuring naturally occurring minerals that moisturize. Together, they're an unbeatable — and uber-trendy — combo that's lauded for providing gentle, chemical-free exfoliation that leaves behind a radiant glow.


39. These Magnetic Clips Are Useful In The Kitchen And The Office As Well As For Cables

SUNFICON Magnetic Clips, $11 (6 Pack), Amazon

Sure, these clips are great cable organizers, perfect for keeping those tricky earbud cables neatly wrapped and ready to use or unsightly computer and charger cables neatly organized in the office or home workspace. The great thing about them, though, is that they're so versatile that they solve so many other problems: They can be used to seal bread wrappers, frozen foods, or cereal; post memos or mementos to the fridge; hold open a magazine or mark a page; and so much more.


40. A Spiky Massager That Provides Soothing Acupressure Massage

LOMIDA Massage Roller, $14, Amazon

Although it's covered with spiky acupressure buttons that look like they'd be anything but relaxing, this massage roller is actually engineered to deliver a treatment that's deeply soothing to just about any part of the body. Ergonomically contoured to provide full contact with the sole of the foot, this roller is great at providing relief from the pain of plantar fasciitis and other foot problems. A wonderful tool to use while traveling.


41. This Hand Warmer Is Also A Backup Battery For Electronics

ThreeLeaf Rechargeable Hand Warmer Power Bank, $11, Amazon

With double-sided heating and two heat settings for comfort, this hand warmer reaches temperature fast and stays warm for up to 5 hours on one charge. Not only does it keep hands toasty warm, it also recharges devices via USB, and features intelligent circuit design that keeps expensive electronics safe with over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection. Charging is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, portable game consoles, and other devices.


42. The Packets That Make A Great Cup Of Coffee Possible Anywhere There's Hot Water

Copper Cow Coffee Pour-Over Packets, $13 (5 Pack), Amazon

Unique and delectable, Vietnamese-style pour-over coffee is an experience all its own — one you can now gift with these packets. This kit comes ready to make five delicious cups of the sustainably-cultivated strong brew on the go, complete with the packets of shelf-stable sweetened condensed milk that are essential to Vietnamese coffee. Delicious hot coffee is seconds away and "night nurse approved," as one happy reviewer notes.


43. This All-Natural Cream Pampers Busy Hands With Almond Oil & Beeswax

Burt's Bees Hand Cream, $14, Amazon

Designed for pampering, this all-natural hand cream from Burt's Bees uses nourishing ingredients including sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and, of course, beeswax, to hydrate and protect vulnerable, exposed skin. "I have never seen anything like this in all my life!" wrote one customer. "I suffer from severe dry skin and a single dab of this will stop my itching for 3 to 4 days!"


44. The Wristband That Keeps Track Of All The Tiny DIY, Craft, Or Sewing Items

Kusonkey Magentic Wristband, $12, Amazon

Useful for so many things around the house or on the job, this wristband is embedded with super strong magnets that keep all those small metal items close by during DIY, craft, or sewing projects or while at work. Durable and crafted from breathable ballistic polyester, it's also lightweight, plus it features an adjustable Velcro closure, so it's suitable for most wrist sizes.


45. A Cutting Board That's Eco-Friendly And Naturally Anti-Bacterial

Bamboo Cutting Board, $13, Amazon

Crafted from sustainably harvested, renewable bamboo, this cutting board is eco-friendly and strikingly attractive in the kitchen as well. However, its best features may well be invisible to the naked eye: Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, so this cutting board adds a layer of protection to food prep activities. Its extra large size features a built-in handle for carrying as well as a groove to catch juices.


46. These Yoga Pants Have A High Waist And Convenient Pockets

KAIDER Yoga Pants, $12, Amazon

Personally, I'm not sure there's a woman alive who wouldn't love a pair of well-designed yoga pants like this pair. They feature the high waist that makes them more comfortable to wear all day — but this one also hides pockets in the waistband for important stuff like keys, cards, and cash. Another pocket sits on the thigh for that all-important smartphone. Crafted from high-quality nylon-spandex, they're comfortable and well-thought-out.


47. A Makeup Brush Holder That Keeps Counters Organized And Clean

PuTwo Makeup Brush Holder, $11, Amazon

Made from durable clear acrylic and featuring three artfully-constructed compartments, this makeup organizer is just large enough to corral most daily-use supplies to keep any bathroom counter or vanity neat, clean, and looking organized. It also makes the perfect holder for those shaving supplies that are scattered all over the place in the bathroom, or it's also useful in the office for small supplies as well as pencils and pens.


48. This Travel Pillow Comes With Everything Needed To Really Get Some Rest On The Road

SAIREIDER Travel Pillow, $11, Amazon

Crafted from premium memory foam, this travel pillow offers unparalleled relaxation and comfort on the road thanks to its ergonomic design. It's great for use not only on airplanes, trains, and in the car, but also at home, and comes with an eye mask and earplugs to enhance the quality of rest no matter the location of the user. The ultra-soft microfiber cover is washable for ease of care.


49. These Lip Balms Heal And Nourish Naturally

ArtNaturals Lip Balms, $11 (6 Pack), Amazon

With a range of delicious flavor blends crafted with 100 percent natural ingredients, these lip balms moisturize and protect this most vulnerable skin. ArtNaturals uses a blend of natural beeswax combined with jojoba, coconut, sunflower seed oils to create these non-greasy, take-along-sized balms that are tested and verified for purity and completely cruelty-free. Reviewers report that these formulations are so delightfully scented that they even provide a slight aromatherapy boost!


50. The Cozy Robe That's Plush And Hooded

Pembrook Ladies' Robe With Hood, $15, Amazon

This is such an amazing buy, I feel like you'll want to snap up several. Crafted from fuzzy, super soft fleece, this robe is perfect for après shower or gym, or just hanging out around the house on a lazy weekend morning. Machine washable, it features two extra-deep front pockets as well as a warm hood for that run down the driveway to get the paper.


51. This Knife Sharpener Extends The Useful Life Of Expensive Cutlery

Kitchellence Knife Sharpener, $15, Amazon

Suitable for both left- and right-handed cooks, this knife sharpener features three stages to maintain expensive cutlery to perfection. A diamond sharpening rod in the first stage straightens and repairs damaged blades, the second slot restores the blade's natural slicing edge, and the third fine tunes and polishes: A full treatment for the discerning home cook. This unit is designed to last a lifetime and comes with a cut-resistant glove to ensure safe use.


52. A Teapot With A Built-In Infuser

Hiware Infuser Teapot, $15, Amazon

Sure to delight the tea lover on your list, this teapot crafted from attractive heat-resistant glass features a fine mesh stainless steel infuser built right into the lid that enables loose-leaf teas to fully bloom and release their flavor. Hand-crafted and both microwave and dishwasher safe, this teapot is engineered to deliver superior taste, and it's the perfect size for one to two people. Craftsmanship and a stylish appearance.


53. The Lap Desk That Adjusts To Suit The Chore At Hand

Mind Reader Lap Desk, $15, Amazon

If you haven't priced these recently, the next time you're in the Large Chain Bookstore Near You (you know the one), check them out — you'll see why this lap desk is such a great buy. That's true particularly given that it's adjustable to eight different angles for easy viewing of computers, books and magazines, needlework projects, or whatever is at hand. Meanwhile, dual-bolster pillows provide comfortable and stable support, and the smooth, hard surface is great for drawing and writing.


54. These Little Shot Glasses Are Shaped Like Mason Jars

Premium Vials Mason Shotz, $12 (Set of 8), Amazon

Great for crafts, party favors, and as a fun way to serve before- or after-dinner drinks, these shot glasses designed to look like miniature Mason Jars are just the cutest. They're a little under 3 inches tall and are crafted to hold 2 ounces of liquid without leaks — each comes with its own leakproof lid.


55. The Cast Iron Skillet That Grandma Never Gave Them

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, $12, Amazon

If they didn't inherit one from their grandmother, then do not pass go, do not collect $200, just buy them this cast iron skillet: It even comes pre-seasoned with 100 percent vegetable oil! Cast iron offers a culinary experience unlike any other, and it's incredibly versatile, great for stovetop use as well as for baking. This model has a 10.25-inch circumference and will become an instant heirloom the moment it's used for the first time.


56. The Brush That Gently Glides Through Tangled Hair

KareCo Tangle Buster Brush, $13, Amazon

Okay, so this brush looks a little like what Wolverine's claws might emerge as if he were a beauty stylist instead of a righter of wrongs. However, it's engineered with a wide-platform paddle that flexes rather than pulling through tangled hair, and the bristles glide through snags instead of catching. Suitable for either wet or dry hair, this brush provides a gentle massage as it's guided along the scalp, and leaves knot- and breakage-free.


57. This Scrub Brush Is Uniquely Engineered For Use In The Bathroom

OXO Good Grips Tub And Tile Scrubber, $13, Amazon

With its angled head and telescoping pole, this scrubber can take care of all of the tub and shower's tricky nooks and crannies — without having to worry about balance on the tub ledge or use a variety of specialized tools. The sponge itself features an abrasive head that's also anti-microbial, and retains water for rinsing, too. Of course, the pole features the rubberized, easy-to-hold grip that has OXO a favorite housewares brand both online and off.


58. A Hair Remover That's The Size Of A Lipstick

SUPRENT Facial Hair Removal Device, $15, Amazon

Designed to look like a lipstick and fit in a purse or toiletries case, this facial hair remover isn't just petite and travel-worthy — it means business. Stainless steel blades hidden in the head remove facial hair smoothly and quickly with zero redness or irritation. It's waterproof, so it's perfect for use in or out of the shower, and easy to clean, too.


59. A Rug That Combines Absorbency And Slip-Resistance

MAYSHINE Non-Slip Bathroom Rug, $14, Amazon

Often, it's possible to get a sturdy non-slip bathroom rug, or one that's plush and luxurious underfoot. This rug combines the best of both worlds, with soft, thick microfiber construction that's ultra-comfortable, a middle layer of sponge that feels like walking on a cloud, and a non-slip bottom made of mesh PVC. It's easy to clean and will hold up after multiple machine washings, and is available in 17 colors — one for every bathroom.


60. These Kitchen Tools Are Gorgeous And Practical

HomeHero Silicone Utensil Set, $14 (8 Pieces), Amazon

Who says beautiful and smart can't coexist? Elegant and chic, this set of kitchen tools is crafted with BPA-free silicone heads that are heat resistant to nearly 400 degrees. Each piece is finished with a handle made from acacia hardwood, chosen for its natural anti-bacterial qualities. With a piece for every purpose, they're sturdy and FDA-approved, perfect for every kitchen.


61. This Charcoal Teeth Whitener That Is EVERYTHING For Brightening Your Smile

Aotto Activated Charcoal Whitening Powder, $9, Amazon

Two phenomenal trends meet in one amazing product with this charcoal teeth whitening powder that makes your smile pearly white. I know what you're wondering: How can a dark, chalky substance make my teeth white? Trust me, it's dirty while washing but rinses away clean. "I noticed a difference after just one use!" wrote one customer. "My teeth have never felt so clean. ... It is NOT a pretty sight while brushing, but once done rinsing it has awesome results!"


62. A Duffel That Can Folds Up And Go Along To Serve As A Backup Bag

Funfel Foldable Duffel Bag, $11, Amazon

A great size to serve as a weekender, this duffel bag can also fold down to stow away in a carryon or other luggage just in case a "backup bag" is needed after a long trip — you know, when more souvenirs are acquired than are anticipated, somehow your dirty laundry multiplies, or all those sales sheets from the trade show just don't fit anywhere else. It's made from super strong, high-quality, waterproof nylon, and is available in four attractive colors.


63. The Earbuds That Produce Deep Bass And Are Noise-Isolating, Too

Marsno Wired In-Ear Headphones, $15, Amazon

An extra pair of earbuds is always a welcome gift, and these headphones have all the features the most discerning audiophile looks for in sound reproduction: Deep bass response plus balanced mids and highs for an accurate audio experience, plus an in-line remote and comfortable, noise-isolating earbud design. They're fitted with a tangle-resistant cable and a standard audio jack, and come with five sizes of sweat-resistant earbud covers.


64. These Pizza Pans Provide Lots Of Crust Options

Chef Pomodoro Pizza Pan Bundle, $14, Amazon

With one perforated and one flat pan, this pizza pan bundle makes way for a range of customizable crust-baking options, from New York-style to the super flat, crispy crusts beloved by some. Designed to promote even cooking, and, in the case of the perforated pan, optimal air distribution, they're both made from non-stick aluminum for ease of use and cleaning, and come boxed for gift-giving.


65. A Classic Party Game For The Whole Family

Mattel Uno Deluxe, $14, Amazon

You just can't go wrong with this game. Uno is easy to get the hang of, it can accommodate up to 10 players, and it's fun for everyone. This set includes the deck, rules, and a score pad in the tin, plus the rules for two-handed, partner, and tournament options. Nearly 2,600 reviewers give Uno 4.7 stars, because, as one of them says herself, "This is a great classic game for children and adults."


66. A Countertop Cooker That Makes Eggs Any Style Quickly And Easily

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, $15, Amazon

With the capacity to boil six eggs at one time using the power of steam, this egg cooker is incredibly efficient and is simple enough for kids to use. Not only is it terrific for hardboiled eggs, it will also whip up poached eggs without the mess and fuss of cooking them on the stovetop, and it will even produce scrambled eggs or individual omelets within minutes of pushing the start button. Perfect for dorm rooms or small kitchens, this appliance is both convenient and a space-saver.


67. This Toothbrush Holder Is Waterproof And Also Great For Razors

HomWis Toothbrush Holder, $9, Amazon

Waterproof and suitable for use in the shower, this toothbrush holder is designed from corrosion-proof stainless steel that's crafted in an elegant and spare arc design. It installs without drilling thanks to the included, super strong 3M adhesive that adheres to mirrors, tile, and all smooth surfaces. Engineered with three spaces for toothbrushes and equipment, the design also drains off water so that it dries quickly to keep everything sanitary.


68. The Mask That's A Soothing, Exfoliating Peel For Your Feet

Cosy Life Foot Peel Masks (Set of 3), $13, Amazon

For soft feet without going to the nail salon, this foot mask can't be beat. Natural exfoliants and nourishing ingredients line disposable booties that are worn for 60-90 minutes. Once the booties are removed, the feet are rinsed, then the user goes on about life as normal. Over the next 1-2 weeks, dead skin will simply slough off and fresh, new skin will remain — the preparation is gentle and botanical, and no scrubbing is necessary.


69. This Hand Mixer Is Full-Featured And One Of Those Things No One Buys For Themselves

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer, $13, Amazon

I swear, this appliance is one of those things no one ever buys for themselves, so do someone on your list a solid and get them this really nice hand mixer. It's lightweight for ease of use, and showcases 250 watts of power, a bowl rest feature, and beaters durable enough to work through all types of batters, doughs, and sauces.


70. The Clip-On Reading Light That Has Three Brightness Settings

Raniaco Clip-On Reading Light, $14, Amazon

With three adjustable levels of brightness controllable by a touch switch, this clip-on reading light is a truly deluxe gift for the book lover. Though it has a built-in battery, it can also be powered by a USB charger, making it ideal for use in the car or for plane or train travel for a reliable light source on those long-haul trips, and the rotates through a full 360 degrees to adjust to the perfect angle as needed.


71. These Laces Turn Any Shoes Into Slip-Ons And Are Great For All Ages

Lock Laces, $10, Amazon

The original, patented, no-lace shoe system, these laces are elastic so they conform to the foot and provide light compression to acupressure points during wear, and they're augmented with a locking system that ensures that shoes will never come untied again. Basically, every pair of lace-up shoes can now become slip-ons with this system that was originally designed for triathletes and now is great for anyone from runners and walkers to grandparents, kids, teenagers, and everyone in between. Plus, this reflective style comes in three colors!


72. An Eye Pillow For Relaxation And Aromatherapy

LotFancy Lavender Eye Pillow, $10, Amazon

Crafted with soft velvet and stuffed with a removable lavender and flax seed pouch, this eye pillow is designed for use as a sleep or relaxation mask and offers, as an additional benefit, soothing aromatherapy for relaxation. The inner pouch can be briefly microwaved to provide additional scent release and relaxing warmth, and the mask can be used on its own, without the inner pouch, to block out the light for sleep.


73. The Deodorizing Bags That Remove Odor Naturally

Homy Feel Air Purifying Bags, $15 (Set of 5), Amazon

At first glance, you'd think maybe these air purifiers were simply overscented sachets designed to mask odor, but in fact, they're filled with chemical-free bamboo charcoal that actually absorbs odor naturally. They also provide a natural dehumidifying effect that, when hung in the closet, prolongs the life of clothes, and prevents the growth of mold and mildew. They're great for the car, and even suitable for the fridge.


74. A Face Mask Made With Typical Breakfast Ingredients

Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask, $10, Amazon

Rich and creamy, this award-winning mask features a clay base to deep clean, enriched with avocado to deeply nourish, and oatmeal that's an ages-old calming and soothing ingredient. It also includes vitamin E for a deep moisturizing and softening finish that takes only 10 minutes to freshen and revitalize the skin. Suitable for all skin types, this is a great mask for immediate benefits even on hectic days.

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