74 Surprisingly Nice Things On Amazon With 2-day Shipping That Cost Less Than $15

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Did you put off shopping until the last minute? No worries — whether you need an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or housewarming gift, these 74 surprisingly nice things on Amazon cost less than $15 and can be on your doorstep in just two days.

Plus, the shockingly low prices on these items mean you might be able to spoil someone with more than one gift. Pro tip: if your budget allows it, you could create a luxurious Hard-Day Destress Kit with a soothing essential oils set, a mood-setting Himalayan sea salt lamp, and deep-kneading body massager for less than $50. Mixing and matching a few fun, but cheap AF, gifts won't just make you look rich, but no one will ever guess you waited till the last minute to grab their gift.

So, to all of my fellow procrastinators and budget-conscious shoppers, get ready to tick off every person on your gift list with these wallet-friendly and time-sensitive gift ideas on Amazon. Happy shopping!

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