71 Highly-Rated Products On Amazon That Are Extremely Clever & Affordable

I'll admit it — I have an addiction to shopping. And while it's not the worst problem in the world to have, my bank account isn't happy. In fact, if my bank account could talk, it would probably be calling for a lighthearted (but justifiable) intervention. In an attempt to rectify my habits, I've decided that it's in my best interest to limit my shopping to the most clever and affordable products on Amazon.

Truth be told, it's not that bad of a compromise. Instead of buying $40 delivery sushi on a Wednesday, I'll grab a produce-saving container that helps keep my vegetables fresh. That's an easy way to save myself some money over time, right? And rather than purchase yet another pair of leggings that I don't actually need, I'll put that money towards a portable espresso maker. Okay: I don't even drink coffee, but I know it'll make a great last-minute gift idea for my boyfriend — and he'll actually use it.

Finally, I can't expect you to break your bank if I'm trying to glue mine back together. So whether you're just in the mood to browse, or you're looking for a splatter guard that helps protect you from hot oil, there are tons of extremely affordable Amazon finds for you to choose from.

This Portable Espresso Machine That Doesn't Require Any Cartridges

Whether you're traveling or camping, this portable espresso machine can give you a delicious cup of espresso — no cartridges or electricity required. Many Amazon reviewers wrote about how it's easy to use, with one even raving that if you reuse the espresso grounds "and purge three capfuls of water through the filter, you'll get a full cup of coffee."

A Device That Cooks Up To 7 Eggs, Any Style

Able to prepare up to seven eggs at once, this electric egg cooker can hard-, medium-, or soft-boil your eggs, plus you can even use it to make omelettes. There's a built-in pin that releases the sulfur from your eggs so that your yolks stay yellow, and the automatic shut-off helps prevent overcooking.

The Stainless Steel Bar That Helps Get Rid Of Unwanted Odors

Just rub it between your hands like you would a normal bar of soap, and this stainless steel bar will get rid of any unwanted odors. It's especially great for persistent scents your hands absorb from fish or garlic, and it's a great gift for any avid home cook.

A Motion Sensor Night Light That Easily Installs Onto Your Toilet

If you're tired of stumbling through the dark to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, might I suggest this toilet night light? It has a built-in motion sensor so that it only turns on when someone is in the room, and the flexible arm is designed to easily attach onto any toilet bowl.

A Tool That Helps Your Frozen Meat Thaw Quickly

Few things are as soul-crushing as realizing you forgot to thaw tonight's dinner, so grab this meat thawing claw instead. It helps defrost your frozen meat up to seven times faster than simply leaving it out on the counter, plus there's zero assembly required — just fill your sink up with water, attach the suction cup to the bottom, and you're ready to go.

A Splatter Guard That Helps Protect You From Hot Oil

Frying your favorite foods quickly becomes messy when the oil pops — unless you're using this splatter guard. It's designed to fit 10-inch pans, and it's made from silicone that's heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use it to prevent your meals from spilling out of the pan when it's extra-full, plus it's completely BPA-free.

The Clip-On Strainer That Takes Up Hardly Any Storage Space

Colanders generally take up a ton of space in your cabinets, whereas this one is incredibly compact. Unlike traditional strainers, this one clips onto the edge of your cookware to help prevent any food spillage, and it's designed to fit on nearly any pan, pot, or bowl.

A Dry Food Dispenser That Helps Keep Food Fresh For Over 1 Month

Use it to store dry cereal, or even use this dry food dispenser to hold nuts, rice, granola and more. It's able to help keep your ingredients fresh for up to 45 days, plus the canisters are even scratch-resistant.

The Popcorn Popper Made From Antibacterial Silicone

Made from 100% food-grade silicone that's extremely easy to clean, this popcorn popper can make over one dozen cups of popcorn in less than four minutes. It doubles as a bowl for other uses, and it collapses down for easy storage.

A Bento Box Lunch Container That's Completely Leakproof

Sticky lunchbox messes are worries of the past when you're using this bento box. The lid is completely leakproof so you won't have to worry about getting the inside of your lunchbox dirty, and it's made with three divided sections that keep your meal from mixing together.

The Magnet That Lets You Know If The Dishwasher Is Clean

Finding freshly dirty dishes in a clean dishwasher is an easy way to start an argument with your housemates, so keep the peace by using these magnets. They'll stick to any dishwasher with a magnetic front, and you can easily slide them back and forth to let others know when the dishes are clean.

An Apple Corer Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Perfect for making pies, tarts, jams, and more, this tool takes the core out of an apple faster than you can slice it out yourself — and it's way safer to use. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the handle is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand.

The Dispenser That Helps You Make Consistently-Sized Pancakes

Most of my pancakes come out like uneven blobs — but if I used this batter dispenser, it would help to create even, drip-free circles. You can also use it for pizza sauce, waffles, muffins, or even brownie mix, and it's even completely BPA-free.

A Food Chopper That Comes With A Convenient Scooper

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, this food chopper is great for preparing garlic, slicing up dough, or even dicing up vegetables. The scoop doubles as a protective blade cover, and there are also convenient measurement markings printed on the chopper blade.

The Electric Jar Opener That Does All The Work For You

Most jar openers require some elbow grease on your end, whereas this one is electric — just place it on top of your jar and watch it do all the work for you. There's zero twisting or pulling required, and the built-in magnet ensures that the lid stays put.

A Pack Of Lids That Keep Your Open Cans Of Soda Fizzy

If you aren't a fan of drinking flat soda, use these lids to keep your canned pop fizzy for later. They're designed so that they also work with canned beer, energy drinks, and more, plus each one is completely BPA-free.

The Funnels That Help Get Every Last Drop Out Of Your Bottles

Just insert your mostly-empty bottle into this smart funnel; then turn it upside-down — the funnel will keep it balanced so that all the remaining product slowly drips towards the spout. You can also use it to transfer liquids between bottles, plus each pack comes with four colors: blue, gray, white, and yellow.

A Rock That Holds Your Recipe Cards So They're Easy To Read

Stick practically any printout or recipe card into this recipe rock — not only does it help make it easier to read, but it's a great way to keep them clean while you get your counters dirty. The magnet is strong enough that it can hold up to eight sheets of paper, plus you can easily clean it with a damp cloth.

The Silicone Molds That Create Ice Balls For Whiskey & Soda

Small ice cubes quickly melt, leaving your drink diluted — whereas the ice from these giant ice ball molds melts slowly, keeping the flavor of your drink intact for longer. They're made from flexible silicone so that it's easy to pop out the ice once it's frozen, and they're completely BPA-free.

A Rechargeable Fan That Keeps You Cool On The Go

Designed with folding blades that make it easy to store when you're not using it, this compact fan is an easy way to keep cool while you're traveling. The battery lasts for up to five hours, and it's also rechargeable so you won't have to worry about buying any replacements.

An Acacia-Wood Cutting Board — With Trays

Made from durable, water-resistant acacia wood, this cutting board sets itself apart from the competition by featuring a food prep tray that easily slides in and out. The tray makes it easy to transfer your chopped ingredients from the board to your stovetop, plus the acacia wood is 100% food-safe and knife-friendly.

A Water Bottle That Glows So You Remember To Drink Water

If you have trouble remembering to stay hydrated throughout the day, try using this smart water bottle. Not only does it glow as a reminder for you to take a sip, but there's also a Bluetooth speaker built into the base so that you can enjoy your music. Bonus: It's made from food-grade, BPA-free, rust-resistant stainless steel.

The Tool That Removes The Top Piece Of Shell From Hard-Boiled Eggs

Peeling hard boiled eggs is an easy way to wind up with shell fragments under your nails — whereas this tool keeps your nails shell-free. It's made from high-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel, and each order also comes with a spoon so that you can start eating your egg as soon as the shell is gone.

A Set Of Containers That Helps Keep Your Herbs Fresher For Longer

If you're tired of your herbs and vegetables quickly spoiling in your fridge, then start using these containers to help keep them fresher for longer. Just put your herbs and vegetables inside, add some fresh water through the filler cap, then change the water once every week. Your herbs can stay fresh for up to three weeks, and the hard container shell protects them from getting crushed in the fridge.

The Mug That's Designed To Help Keep Your Hand Warm

Whereas most mugs are made with a handle, this mug lets you tuck your hand inside of the ceramic in order to help keep it warm when you're feeling chilly. It's made from lead-free ceramic, and it's safe to use in the microwave. Get it in a huge selection of color combinations.

A Plate That Helps Keep Your Food Toasty & Warm

Zero chemicals or batteries required — just zap this warming plate in your microwave for a few minutes, and the granite stone can help keep your meals hot as they sit out on your table. The handles are designed to stay cool so that it's easy to transfer, plus the granite block is removable in case it ever gets dirty.

The Warming Tote That Warms Up Cold Meals In A Jiffy

Instead of letting your meals get cold, use this warming tote the next time you're transporting dishes to friends and family — or work. There are zero buttons or dials to deal with; just plug it in and you're ready to go. It works with glass, plastic, metal, and paper containers, plus it's great for slow-cooking hot meals.

A Magnetic Wristband For Screws, Nuts, & Bolts

Designed so that one size fits all, this magnetic wristband is great for any DIY enthusiast. The magnets hold onto nuts, bolts, and screws so that they're always conveniently within reach, plus it's made from super-durable polyester.

The External Battery That's About The Size Of A Lipstick Tube

Okay, maybe it's slightly larger than a lipstick tube — but this portable charger is still compact enough that it easily fits into your pocket. It's able to recharge most Androids and iPhones at least one time, and the LED indicator button lets you keep track of how much juice is left.

A Pack Of Air Purifying Bags Made From Bamboo Charcoal

Not only is bamboo charcoal eco-friendly, but these air purifying bags also help get rid of unwanted odors without any sprays required. Just hang them in your bathroom, closet, drawers, kitchen, or practically anywhere else, and they'll quickly absorb smells and excess moisture in order to help prevent mildew growth.

This Vegan Soap Made With Activated Charcoal

If you have sensitive skin, this vegan bar of soap uses natural ingredients to prevent irritation. The activated charcoal works to pull impurities out of pores, plus it has a light lemongrass and lavender scent that isn't overpowering.

A Brush That Helps Massage Your Scalp As You Wash Your Hair

Just squirt your favorite shampoo into this brush, and you can give your scalp a massage as you simultaneously wash your hair. The finger hole in the back makes it easy to maneuver with wet hands, plus one Amazon reviewer even raved that "it really gives your scalp a mini massage."

The Bluetooth Speaker That's Portable And Waterproof

Take it with you on a trip to the beach, or put this Bluetooth speaker in your shower so that you can enjoy music while you bathe. There's a suction cup on the back that lets you easily attach it to your shower walls, and it's able to play music for up to six hours before it needs to be recharged.

A Screen Magnifier That Makes It Easy To Watch Movies On Your Phone

You could continue straining your eyes to watch videos on your tiny smartphone, or you could make your life easier by using this screen magnifier. It's designed to work with all types of smartphones, and it's made from solid wood which makes it surprisingly durable.

A Hanger That Keeps Your Bag Clean & Upright While You're Driving

Use it to keep your purses off the ground so that they stay clean, or use these hangers to hold your grocery bags so that they don't spill everywhere while you're driving. Each hook is strong enough that it can hold up to 18 pounds, and they're made from high-quality, durable ABS plastic.

A Pack Of Foot Pads That Supposedly Help Alleviate Joint Pain

Just stick them on your feet before you go to sleep, and reviewers say these foot pads can help alleviate joint pain as well as promote blood circulation. They're safe to wear every night, and one Amazon reviewer wrote: "I swear my husband and I both rest better, and wake up feeling great after wearing these."

The Dishcloths That Stay Odor-Free Without Any Washing Required

Not only do they last up to three times longer than sponges, but these dishcloths also stay odor-free without any extra washing or microwaving required. They also absorb less bacteria than traditional sponges, and they're safe to use on non-stick cookware.

A Cream That Can Help Relieve Pain And Fight Inflammation

Use it on your back, knees, and elbows — or anywhere else you experience pain and discomfort. This pain-relief cream is also great for helping to fight inflammation, and unlike other creams, it won't leave any greasy residues on your skin.

The Hanger That Helps Keep Your Bras From Becoming Crushed

Store and air-dry your bras with this hanger in order to preserve their shape. You can also use it to hold camis, bathing suits, and strappy dresses, plus many Amazon reviewers noted how it helps them "save space" in their closet.

A 5-In-1 Survival Bracelet Made From Super-Durable Paracord

Use the built-in compass to help you find your way through the wilderness, or use the blade in this five-in-one survival bracelet to help you start a fire while camping. It also features an emergency whistle in case you ever get into trouble, and the paracord unravels so that you can use it as regular rope.

The Powdered Sleep Aid Formulated With Melatonin

Just mix one of the packets with a glass of water, and this powder mix can help you fall asleep at night. It's formulated with melatonin, so it's non-habit forming. In fact, it's so delicious, some reviewers eat it straight out of the package like an adult Pixie Stick.

An Exfoliating Brush For Razor Burns & Ingrown Hairs

It doesn't matter whether you have razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or just flaky skin — this exfoliating brush can help treat all of it. The ergonomic grip helps it fit comfortably in your hand while you work, and you can use it regardless of whether it's wet or dry.

The Fridge Drawer Liners That Help Extend The Life Of Your Produce

Just lay them down in your fruit and vegetable drawers, and these liners can help extend the life of your produce. They absorb excess moisture in order to help prevent mold, plus they're able to fit a variety of drawers since you can easily cut them to size.

A Tool That Helps You Clean The Hair From Your Brushes

Is your hairbrush matted with hair? Then use this tool to help get it clean and effective again. The brushes on the ends are great for getting rid of dust and fluff, whereas the pointed side helps pull out all the loose hair from the bristles.

This Pain-Free Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair

Use this hair remover to get rid of unwanted fuzz on your lips, cheeks, chin, or arms. It's waterproof so that you can easily clean it out underneath running water, and the stainless steel blades are also hypoallergenic.

An Exfoliating Body Brush Made With An Extra-Long Handle

If you have trouble scrubbing your back in the shower, it might be time to grab a body brush like this one. It's great for exfoliating away old skin cells, plus the extra-long handle makes it easy to get those hard-to-reach spots on your back.

The Stainless Steel Clippers That Power Through Thick Nails

Not all nail clippers are created equal — these ones are made from extra-sharp stainless steel that powers through tough, thick nails. They're also resistant to rust, plus the clipper head rotates so that you don't have to twist into awkward positions while cutting your toenails.

A Stamp That Makes It Easy To Get That Winged Eyeliner Look

Not only is the formula waterproof, but these eyeliner pens are also made with stamps on the end that make it easy to get that winged eyeliner look. Each order comes with two double-sided pens (one for each eye), plus many Amazon reviewers raved that they're "super easy" to use.

This Box That Helps Keep Your Berries Fresh

If you're tired of your expensive berries spoiling in the fridge, try keeping them in this berry keeper box. The berries on the bottom will stay as fresh as the ones on the top thanks to the draining and ventilation slats, and you can also use it as a miniature colander.

The Towels That Clean Practically Anything Using Just Water

Harsh chemical cleaners aren't necessary when you're using these miracle towels. Simply get them wet with water, and you can use them to dry and clean practically any hard surface. They're a great way to cut back from using wasteful paper towels, plus they're reusable to help save you money over time.

A Handheld Steamer That Easily Fits Into Your Luggage

Use this handheld steamer to sanitize items or quickly get your garments wrinkle-free — wherever you happen to be. It only takes one minute to heat up, and the automatic shut-off helps prevent it from overheating when the water reservoir runs dry.

A Spray That Can Help Alleviate Joint And Muscle Pain

Apply it wherever you're experiencing pain or soreness, and this spray can help alleviate it with its fast-acting, cooling menthol formula. It's made without any parabens, and one Amazon reviewer wrote: "I have arthritis in about every joint in my body, and this really nicks the edge off for a while."

A Wearable Ice Pack That's Great For Migraines And Headaches

Just keep it in your refrigerator, and the next time you get a headache or migraine, this wearable ice pack can help soothe away the pain. The ice cubes on the inside are individually wrapped so that it's easy to mold around your head, plus it's made from breathable cotton to help keep you comfortable.

A Handy Device That Combines 11 Tools Into 1

Use it to hammer nails, tighten screws, or even use this multitool to cut through tough clamshell packaging. It's great for anyone who doesn't want to spend tons of money on stocking an entire toolbox, plus the bit driver is reversible for added convenience.

The Toy That Helps Remove Excess Hair From Your Kitty

If you're tired of finding hairballs throughout your home, try giving your cat this grooming toy. It easily mounts onto practically any flat wall or corner with the included adhesive strips, plus there's even a small pouch where you can put catnip in order to convince your cat to interact with it.

A Handheld Massager That Can Help Improve Your Blood Circulation

The ball in this handheld massager rotates 360 degrees in any direction to help improve blood circulation and work out any painful knots. You can also use it with your favorite creams and oils as you rub it over your sore muscles, plus it's an easy way to help yourself relax after a long, stressful day.

A Pair Of Socks That Can Help Relieve Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

Wear these socks to help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, strained arches, or overworked feet. They're breathable as well as moisture-wicking to help your feet stay dry and comfortable, plus they're available in a variety of fun colors and prints.

  • Available sizes: small/medium — large/x-large
A Device That Lets You Cook Delicious Eggs In The Microwave

Instead of firing up your stove, use this microwave egg cooker the next time you're in the mood for a quick snack. The wide opening lets you scramble your eggs directly inside so that you don't have to dirty up a bowl, plus the curved bottom helps keep the yolk centered whenever you're making a fried egg.

The Spatula That Helps You Get Every Last Drop From Your Bottles

It doesn't matter whether you're using it for condiments or beauty supplies — this miniature spatula can help you get every last drop of product from the bottoms of your containers. It also works great as a blending tool for foundation, and it's designed to fit inside of practically any container.

A Soothing Throat Spray Made With 95% Bee Propolis Extract

Bee propolis is a great way to help support your immune system, and this throat spray is absolutely chock-full of it. There are zero artificial ingredients or additives in the formula, and it's made so that it's safe to use every day — not to mention it tastes like candy.

The Wax That Helps Keep Your Glasses From Sliding Down Your Nose

Simply rub it directly onto your glasses, and this wax can help prevent them from sliding down your nose. It's designed to last for about an hour depending on how much you use, and each tube has enough for up to eight months.

An Eyeshadow Stick That's Completely Waterproof

You could use a bunch of brushes to do your eyeshadow, or you could save yourself some time with this waterproof eyeshadow stick. It's available in a variety of colors that are great for practically any skin tone, and unlike other eyeshadows, this one won't crease on your eyelid.

The Countertop Organizer Designed To Hold Your Hot Tools

Use it to store your flat iron and curling wand, or use this vanity hot tool organizer to store your brushes and hair dryers. It's great for small bathrooms where storage space is limited, plus it's made from durable steel with a rust-resistant finish.

A Pack Of Scrubbers Made From Odor-Resistant Silicone

Not only are they made from antibacterial silicone, but these scrubbers also dry super quickly in order to avoid absorbing any unwanted odors. They have a light peach scent that isn't overpowering, plus they're safe to use on non-stick cookware.

The Hydrocolloid Acne Patches Made With Tea Tree Oil

The next time you have an emergency blemish pop up, just put one of these acne patches on top of it to suck out all the gross stuff and promote faster healing. They're made with anti-inflammatory tea tree oil that helps reduce bacteria, plus they're designed so that they blend in with all skin tones.

A Foot Massager Roller That You Can Take Practically Anywhere

Bring it to the office for days where your feet are sore, or use this foot massager roller at home after a long, tiring day. The nubs and grooves help the muscles in your feet relax as you roll them back and forth, and unlike other massagers, this one works on both of your feet at the same time.

This Shampoo And Conditioner Made With Apple Cider Vinegar

This shampoo and conditioner set is great for anyone looking to refresh thin, damaged hair. The added apple cider vinegar helps to cleanse away dirt and grime, plus there's even vitamins B5 and E that work to leave your hair feeling soft.

A Pack Of Clips That Helps Keep Your Cables Organized

Instead of putting up with a messy ball of cables, keep them neat and sorted by using these cable clips. The adhesive backing makes it easy to attach them to practically any flat surface, plus they're particularly great for headphones, charging cables, and computer wires.

This Essential Oil Blend That Can Help You Fall Asleep

The next time you're tossing and turning in bed, try using this 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil to help yourself fall asleep. It arrives in an amber bottle that helps prevent any UV degradation, and one Amazon reviewer even wrote that they were "out within 15 minutes" after applying it to the bottoms of their feet.

A Moisturizing Lip Balm That Keeps Your Pout Protected

Use it to help hydrate your pout, or use this balm to help keep your lips protected from the sun's UV rays. It's rated SPF-25, plus the added vitamin E and green tea work to moisturize dry, chapped lips.

These Stemless Wine Glasses That Are Shatter-Resistant

Made from shatter-resistant glass, these wine glasses are great for dinner parties — or kicking back with a bottle of red after a long day. The flat bottom helps prevent them from tipping over, and the stemless design makes them easy to tuck away into storage.

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