‘The Politician' offers costume inspiration for Halloween 2019

7 'The Politician' Group Costume Ideas That Will Totally Get Your Vote


The Politician is memorable for a number of reasons. First of all, it's one of the rare shows about teenagers that includes plot lines about political assassinations alongside ones about getting into college. The Politician tells the story of Payton Hobart (Ben Platt), whose mission to become president of the United States begins with his high school election for class president, and he'll stop at pretty much nothing to get where he wants to go. And just as much as the story stands out, so do the visuals. In fact, the characters' wardrobes are so memorable that fans are totally into wearing The Politician costumes for Halloween 2019.

According to W Magazine, the creative team behind The Politician wanted the costumes of the show to have a sophistication that could fit in any time period. Costume designer Claire Parkinson told the magazine, "We were trying to make it very timeless. Influence from everything, from high fashion runway to vintage." Each major character received a style board to help build out their looks. "We pulled inspiration from everywhere to figure out what story the characters are trying to tell through their clothing," Parkinson said.

All the meticulous planning that went into the costumes of The Politician paid off, since each character showcases several memorable looks. You can recreate them this Halloween with these costumes below.

Payton Hobart


As the titular politician himself, Payton walks around with an air of confidence. You can replicate his look with a perfectly pressed blazer and some finely coiffed hair. You might want to hone your public speaking skills as well, because any proper Payton impersonator will know how to give a killer political speech.

Infinity Jackson


Infinity (Zoey Deutsch) has lived her entire life thinking she's sick and being babied by her grandmother. Her costume is bright and cheery, just like her.

Dusty Jackson


Jessica Lange's Dusty is a larger-than-life character, and she has an ostentatious costume to match. Just make sure you tease your hair nice and high so it's as big as her personality.

McAfee Westbrook


McAfee (Laura Dreyfuss) rocks a vintage-inspired androgynous look. A colorful, well-tailored suit is the way to channel her no-nonsense attitude, along with some straight, 1970s-inspired hair.

James Sullivan


James (Theo Germaine) is all business about handling Payton's campaign. The wardrobe reflects that, with James dressing like a quintessential campaign manager, bulky neck ties and all.

Alice Charles


Alice Charles (Julia Schlaepfer) is Payton's girlfriend, and therefore also training to be the First Lady when Payton eventually becomes the President. Even though Alice is only a teenager, she dresses with the same conservative flair that the most classic presidential wives have brought to their own style. She also makes sure to pair her cardigans with big statement jewelry pieces, which adds to the fun.

Georgina Hobart


When audiences first met Payton's mom Georgina (Gwenyth Paltrow), she was painting poolside in a flowing green caftan. You can easily channel her opulence and grace with this costume.

If you're looking for further inspiration, Season 1 of The Politician is available on Netflix now.