7 Adorable Stories About Flower Girls That'll Make Your Heart Bloom

I’ve been a flower girl twice in my life. The first time, I was about 8 years old, and thrilled to be in the ceremony because I got a fancy dress and the chance to walk down the aisle in a beautiful Catholic church with gorgeous stained glass windows. What I wasn't prepared for was standing in little kitten heels in front of the entire congregation for a whole mass. So, somewhere, there's a video and several photos of me visibly yawning and looking bored. Needless to say, it didn't make for one of those adorable stories about flower girls.

My second time as a flower girl went a lot better, but in that case I was in my twenties and was a last-minute addition after the actual flower girl dropped out. Again I was excited to be included in the wedding because, well, I got a fancy dress and an elaborate hair wreath. This time, I strutted my stuff and managed to make it through the whole ceremony without yawning and making an embarrassing spectacle of myself. Success!

But here's the thing: Sometimes, the very best wedding stories are the ones where things go a little off plan, especially when it comes to the kids participating in the ceremony. I mean, they're already adorable to begin with, but when they act up (like, you know, kids), it can sometimes make for the most charming and heartwarming moment of the wedding. So, when the below people on shared their stories of the funniest, most adorable flower girl moments they've witnessed, they made my whole freaking day. Pretty sure they're about to do the same for you.

The flower girl who went undercover.
Jovana Vukotic/Stocksy
I photographed a wedding for a couple whose daughter was fairly young and participated in the wedding by basically giving her mom (the bride) away. She stood behind her mom during the ceremony, and at one point lifted up the back of her mom's dress and stuck her head under. The wedding guests all chuckled a little, and her mom was none the wiser until I got the photos back to her.


What the truck?
My nephew was my flower boy and was almost 3 at the time, so he walked with my sister (his mum/my bridesmaid). I’d given him a toy truck as a thank you gift before walking down the aisle and he insisted on carrying it with him — I didn’t care at all!
Anyway as they started walking he was a bit confused about having to drop the petals. After some coaxing from my sister he started doing it. All of a sudden he just stopped, sat down and started picking up the petals and putting them in the back of his toy truck! I didn’t get to see it unfortunately coz I was waiting in another area to walk down the aisle but I’m told it was very adorable haha.


Better late than never.
My cousin's flower girl was very young, and did not quite understand her duties, so she brought the basket the whole way down the aisle without tossing any petals. When she got to the stairs the couple would be standing on, she paused and looked around at the guests. Her mom was motioning for her to drop some petals, so she dumped her whole basket and then started wandering away. The guests thought it was hilarious and the petals looked lovely draping down the stairs. All in all, a win-win!


Sometimes being a flower girl can be a drag — literally.
At a relative's wedding, there were two flower girls, one who was about 5, and the other closer to 3 (unrelated to each other). The 5-year-old was very proud to have been chosen and determined to do exactly as instructed. The 3-year-old was about half-aware of what was going on and increasingly nervous about the impending prospect of not being with her parents. Right before the ceremony procession began, the 3-year-old began to cry. With about 10 seconds until their moment to shine, and still determined not to botch her one responsibility, the 5-year-old grabbed the toddler's arm and insisted it was time to go. She just about dragged her fellow flower girl down the aisle, smiling all the way and dropping her flower petals at perfectionist-level intervals, while the inconsolable #2 stumbled behind her.


The runaway junior bridesmaid.
My sister and I were the flower girl and "junior bridesmaid" in our aunt's wedding when we were 4 and 9. I don't think anyone ever really told us what to do after walking down the aisle, so we both kept trying to leave the altar and go find seats in the audience multiple times throughout the short ceremony. People had to be like, "Wait, no, keep standing up there!" I still feel so bad for interrupting the wedding.

Hannah, 26

Tears of… joy?
I was a flower girl three times for my aunts, and whenever they had their first dance, little me would stand at the edge of the dance floor and full-on cry! It was so beautiful to see them dancing that I could never contain my emotions! There's a really sweet picture of my aunt swooping me up into her dress to give me a hug, my face still red from all the tears.


Not on the same "page."
A friend of mine recently had a flower girl and a page boy walk down the aisle together to scatter petals, both age approximately 3, the page boy was as a bit unsure, so he took the basket and took all the petals out in one spot said “yay I did it” while holding his hands up in celebration then ran to his dad. We all cheered.


Seriously, does it get any cuter? (No, the answer is no.)