7 Shows Like 'Gossip Girl' To Feed Your Craving For Petty Teen Drama

Hey there ,Upper East Siders. Anyone else out there craving the drama and romance of a highly unrealistic teen television show? Sure, you could hop onto Netflix and give Serena, Blair, and the gang an umpteenth rewatch, or, you could check out some other shows like Gossip Girl to watch when you're yearning for messy love triangles, far-fetched plots, and painfully hot characters.

Though few series could ever rival the pure art that is Gossip Girl, the show is the not first (or last) of its kind. When the first episode of the beloved series aired in 2007, fans immediately fell for Blair's Queen B persona, Serena's carefree party-girl vibes, Nate's chiseled good looks, and Chuck's, well, Chuck Bass-ness. Even though it's been well over a decade since fans viewers in love with these members of Manhattan's elite (and Dan, I guess), fans return to the series again and again for the hook-ups, the plot twists, and the iconic lines ("Tights are not pants!").

Whether it's falling in love with a new cast of characters for the first time or rewatching one of the classics, there's something out there for even the most discerning viewers who long for those Gossip Girl vibes, but want a change of virtual scenery.


Easily one of today's most beloved teen dramas, Riverdale never fails to leave viewers aching for more. While the CW show is based on the Archie Comics, this modern take on the characters is darker, sexier, and a whole lot more fun. Not only does the Core Four (Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead) get involved in all sorts of mysteries, but there are also musical episodes and hot hook-ups to keep even the pickiest of viewers intrigued.

'The Carrie Diaries'

Fans of Sex and the City (which can be streamed on HBO, just FYI), strap in, because the backstory of Carrie Bradshaw is here and it's a drama-lover's dream. While yes, there are a few discrepancies in the storyline from the series starring Sarah Jessica Parker, what The Carries Diaries lacks in continuity, it makes up for in teen angst and heartthrobs.

'The O.C."

Longing for the privilege of the Upper East Side and the inclusion of an outsider trying to join the group? The O.C., which ended the same year Gossip Girl started, is like Gossip Girl for the West Coast, except this time, the hot guy on the outside is a runaway taken in by a sexy lawyer, as opposed to a wannabe writer who is doted upon on by his attractive, ex-rock star father. Semantics, really.


The CW did it again with this four-season series that aired back in 2013. Reign is the perfect mix of Gossip Girl and Game of Thrones, involving lots of medieval elements and steamy hook-ups. The series revolves around Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, and begins with her traveling to France to secure her political engagement to the king's son, Prince Francis. Fortunately for viewers, Francis' good looks are otherworldly, as are those of his brother Bash (something Mary also takes notice of).

'Pretty Little Liars'

A fan-fave from the start, Pretty Little Liars was the Gossip Girl after Gossip Girl, and for good reason. With mysteries, strained relationships, love triangles, and high school anguish, the seven seasons this show spanned has it all. Plus, with two spinoffs (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists and Ravenswood) there's plenty of drama to keep you busy in the PLL universe.


A reboot of the original teen drama, Beverly Hills, 90210, this soapy, five-season series premiered in 2008 and includes so many similar elements as Gossip Girl: questioned loyalty, tense breakups and makeups, and plenty of privilege in the famous zip code.

'The Vampire Diaries'

While there are plenty of CW shows to keep you busy, the one I'm most excited to share with viewers is my personal favorite: The Vampire Diaries. Centered around a high-school girl who has feelings for two painfully hot vampire brothers, the twists and turns (and sex scenes) are what television dreams are made of.

Just like Gossip Girl, this is one of those "watch on a loop for the rest of your life" kind of shows.