7 New Year's Traditions To Start That'll Make Your Relationship Much Sweeter In 2018

The intentions you set when you ring in the New Year can be like setting a general course for the next 12 months of your life. When you have some New Year's traditions to start with your partner, it's especially sweet, because it means that you are looking toward the future of your relationship with someone. When you're really with someone, you want to explore life together and be mutually enriched by both your partnership and the things you experience with this person. What better way to put your best foot forward in the new year than by having some traditions that you and your partner can repeat once or many times, at the end of each trip you take together around the sun.

As you're reading this, do you find that you're worried that the two of you haven't been dating long enough to have a tradition together? Don't. All great traditions really just started with at least two people doing something fun together. You can literally try something out this year, and if it doesn't work the next, then that's that. As with dating, the more you open your mind in a relationship and the more willing you become to initiate something new, the more likely you are to find something that sticks.

Try establishing some of these traditions to start.

1. Every Year, Make A List Of All The Places You Want To Go

The new year is an incredible opportunity to look forward into the next. What do you want to accomplish in 2018 that you didn't get around to this year? Every year, my number one resolution is to travel and see more of the globe. Having a partner makes for the ideal travel companion. Why not set your destinations together?

2. Tell Each Other Something That You Learned In The Last Year

As much as it's a time to look forward, the new year is also an ideal time to reflect. Think about the lessons you taught one another, particularly within your relationship. What have you learned from your time together? How has the person you are seeing enriched your life? Telling one another how much you appreciate what you bring to the relationship will never get old, and if you make it your tradition, you can ensure that the two of you always stay intentional and close.

3. Do A Ritual For Good Luck

Last year, my ex and I put dollars in our shoes and ran around the house carrying empty suitcases. This was one of the cultural traditions he had grown up with, to bring money and travel in the new year. There are tons of different rituals you can perform that will usher in good luck, from eating black-eyed peas to breaking plates. Just be sure that you aren't appropriating and are adapting your ritual from a culture that you are actually a part of, and you're good!

4. Set A Challenge For Yourselves

New Year's always give me cause to think about what I want to grow on. Usually, these objectives are personal intentions, like developing personal strength or working on temperance. But as you are reviewing your and your partner's relationship, you can definitely think about things that you would like to improve together. Maybe it's spending more quality time face to face, and less time on your phones. If you take a moment to reflect, I'm sure that you and your partner can find ways to grow together.

5. Write Your Obituaries Together

Writing obituaries might sound like a morbid activity, but think about it as setting down all the things you want to achieve in your life. Maybe you and your partner want to be remembered for a business you started together. Maybe you both want to have simple, peaceful lives and be remembered for your presence in your community. Maybe you are on two completely different paths but still find ways for your stars to align. Every New Year, you can check in on the progress you have made toward achieving your dreams, and set new ones for the rest of your years on Earth.

6. Switch Up Your Celebrations

New Year's doesn't have to be just about going to a party and getting wasted before the clock strikes 12. It doesn't even have to be about Times Square. You and your partner can initiate new traditions by doing something like throwing a massive dinner party for your friends. If the two of you aren't party people, you can plan a getaway every New Year's, and retreat to a cozy cabin in the woods. Find a new way to mark the holiday that is totally distinct from anything you've ever done before, and if you like it, repeat it.

7. Get A Glimpse Into The Future

Personally, I think New Year's is the perfect time for a tarot reading. If you don't know anyone who works with the cards, it's easy to find someone online who can give you insight. Getting a couple's reading basically gives you an idea of major obstacles to look out for, and the tools that both of you are carrying to deal with the challenges as they come. It's a fun way to check in on the status of your relationship and get a sneak preview of what's going to happen next.

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