NikkieTutorials applying lipstick to her New Years' Eve makeup look.

7 New Year's Eve Makeup Looks To Greet 2021 With Your Best Face Forward

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Courtesy of NikkieTutorials on YouTube

New Year's Eve is the day I'm used to bringing my all, and staying at my parents' house and not going out this year isn't going to stop me from doing the most. You don't need to go to a big bash or to Times Square to ring in 2021 properly. Instead, all you need are the people in your home with you (or the ones with you on Zoom), maybe a new outfit, and some super-cute New Year's Eve-inspired makeup. It's time to show up those fireworks with your own glimmering look.

When I think of NYE, my mind jumps straight to glamorous imagery: champagne flutes, slinky and shimmery dresses, fur coats, and the like. So when I think about the beauty looks to match, I generally envision glam going to the max. But that's just me. When it comes to your NYE glam, you can go in any direction you want to celebrate the end of 2020. (And who doesn't want to celebrate the end of this year?) If you're searching for a look that works for you, there's a bounty of YouTube tutorials out there to help you achieve everything you want from your makeup on Dec. 31.

I am by no means a MUA, so easy-to-follow tutorials are my personal bread and butter. But with a small amount of dedication, you could be entirely new to the makeup world and still be able to master all these NYE makeup looks below. Besides, there's no better way to put your best foot forward than with your best face on.

Alexandra Anele

For those new to BeauTube, Anele's NYE tutorial takes you through every single step of getting ready in minute detail. Her black background and soothing voice instantly turn this video into calming ASMR. The finished look has a rose gold tint and is super chic.


All BeauTuber fans know that if you want glam, you have to go to NikkieTutorials. For this tutorial, she went with an intense smokey eye with extra sparkly details by way of silver stars. You don't have to know what all the beauty terms mean or how to use every tool, because Nikkie explains in depth every motion and product she uses.

Sydney Lilian

To truly compete with the fireworks, glitter eyeliner like Sydney Lilian's is a must. While she does use six different eyeshadow shades, it's worth the extra blending time to get such a soft, gradient of color.

Michael Finch

Everything's dripping in gold with Finch's "Ultimate NYE Full Glam Makeup Tutorial." This video is great if you like to challenge yourself, because it does involve cut creases, which can be tricky. But, what I'm really obsessed with is the hint of orange under the eyes.

Brea Alysse

Brea Alysse serves up subtle Euphoria vibes with her pressed-on gems. Her silvery halo eye looks perfect with the white fur collar and dress she wears in the thumbnail, so if you're looking for outfit inspo to match your full beat, you'll find both here.

Jade the Libra

For those going into 2021 with all their crystals in hand, you may also want to cast some spells with Jade the Libra's witchy look. She offers many ways for you to make this look your own with lipstick options, lashes, and no eyeliner, so there's a little something for everyone.


As much as I love a champagne eye, MakeupbyAmarie's sunset-esque makeup is an unexpected yet super fun look to ring in the New Year. It may not be what you think in terms of traditional New Year's Eve glam, but you likely won't see anyone else on your Zoom call rocking so many colors.

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