7 Most Unique Restaurants In The World Every Adventurous Foodie Must See To Believe

We need food to survive, but if you're a real foodie, food is basically a part of your identity. This doesn't mean that you're physically walking around with pieces of food on your face (on purpose), but you appreciate the miraculous world of culinary deliciousness. Exploring the most unique restaurants in the world is on your bucket list, because food really is life, and the atmosphere is part of the entire dining experience.

Food has a way of bringing people together and leaving us with an experience that fills our hearts, but most importantly, our stomachs. Unique restaurants have signed up for the task of wowing us, and we have no problem falling more and more in love with the innovative ways they've allowed us to consume our food. Honestly, it's hard to think of a fond memory that doesn't start or end with food.

Any real foodie wants to feel like they have left no scone un-turned. Food is limitless, and they want to float in that blank space of endless possibilities just to be able to say, "Yeah, I've tried that before." If we could travel the world as professional tasters, we'd already have our bags packed. Holding food near and dear is easy, but finding those extraordinary dining experiences can be tricky sometimes. Here are seven places across the globe to get you started.

Ninja In New York
Travenix on Twitter

You think you've got ninja skills? Maybe you do when it comes to guarding or hiding your favorite snack, but this place might just outperform you. Ninja provides you with some of the best Japanese cuisine and more, while submerging you in a real-life ninja castle experience. Be careful though; ninjas are always supposed to stay on their toes, so don't fall trap to the maze-like layout or other contraptions.

5.8 Undersea Restaurant In The Maldives

In Hurawalhi, Maldives... well, almost six meters below it, is the 5.8 Undersea Restaurant that is so enchanting, you'll keep putting your hand to the glass to see if it's real. The entire restaurant is surrounded by glass and is the biggest restaurant under the sea. This place seems like everything Ariel ever sang about and more, except we'll never want to leave from under the sea.

Dining in the Dark on Twitter

Imagine having one of your senses taken away as you ate a meal. Would it affect how the food tastes? Opaque is a dark dining experience that makes it so you can't see your food as you're eating it. We are usually very visual people, but this dining experience allows you to explore the stimulating sensation of utilizing taste without actually seeing what you're savoring.

Cave Dining In Thailand
Koh Samui and Beyond on Twitter

The Rayavadee Resort in Thailand offers an amazing and unforgettable dining experience at The Grotto. The restaurant seating is inside a limestone cliff, which is located on the picturesque Phranang Beach. Enjoy soft sand in your toes and delicious food in your mouth on this almost too-good-to-be-true dining experience. Also, you are free to dine there even if you aren't vacationing at the resort.

Treepod Dining In Thailand
Mar Pages on Twitter

OK, it looks like we should all stay in Thailand, but that's only because the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort has a treepod dining option that should be on your bucket list now, if it's not already. Get all types of Peter Pan feels as you are suspended in a treepod overlooking amazing sights, along with a delish meal. Not only will you take in all of the sounds of a Thailand rain forest, but you'll have one of the best seats in the house.

Giraffe Manor In Kenya
🐾Shelby🐾 on Twitter

Breakfast is never a crowd... not even if you happen to be dining with giraffes. Yeah, that's definitely not something you see every day. The Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya is a mansion that has free roaming giraffes all over the estate. Don't be surprised when one pops their head through the window. You know, just to make sure you're enjoying yourself.

7.The SnowCastle Of Kemi In Finland
Marilyn Jones on Twitter

Grab your coats, because SnowCastle in Kemi, Finland is bringing winter to the max. Eat your meal or partake in other awesome activities while surrounded by ice. Yes, the whole castle is made of ice. Remember when you said you'd do just about anything for food? Well, weathering this cold environment will just have to be one of those things, because missing out on a experience like this is not happening. Speaking of missing out, the castle only opens its doors the end of January to about mid-April.

Exploring different restaurants for the way food is presented and served is what foodies live for. Food is literally the breadcrumbs of adventure.