These Amazing Hacks Save So Much Storage On Your Phone

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The unthinkable has happened to all of us: We've stumbled upon the perfect lighting, got our furry friend to cooperate for two seconds, and posed just so, only to find out that we couldn't photograph our #dogstagram because our cell ran out of storage. I don't wish this real-life horror movie on any social media-loving millennial out there. If you want to post that puppy selfie at a moment's notice, these 7 iPhone storage hacks that will free up space can change the game.

First thing's first, check your messages.

Say bye-bye to those year-old texts — they're only holding you back, according to USA Today. I had personally forgotten how lengthy my message history had become, and that's where the problem began. Once I deleted those "Happy Birthday" messages and texts with realtors I had forgotten I even contacted, I had plenty of opportunities to take photos of my step-sis Brittany (a 12-year-old English Pointer) while she snoozed (adorably so). Look out, Instagram.

Upgrade your iOS.

If you have iOS 10 or higher, you are able to get rid of those pre-installed apps you never use. Sure having the Stocks app on hand seems like a good plan, but how often are you accessing its information? Never? Same. It's time to let it go. You can get rid of Stocks, but Macworld reminds us that it's technically hiding the app rather than deleting it completely. Either way, it's still good when you need just a tad more room for that selfie.

Consider plug-in storage.

If you have a USB or external hard drive for your MacBook Pro, why wouldn't you do the same for your new iPhone? iOS flash drives are your friends, and they could be the best way to keep track of your content, according to USA Today.

Edit often.

It's extremely easy for photos and notes to pile up without even noticing. Consider what is necessary to keep on your device and what you'd like to store to your cloud. Also make sure to get rid of those apps you've forgotten about. If you've changed your morning coffee runs from Dunkin' Donuts to Starbucks, perhaps you only need one of the chains' apps on your phone.

Be wary of photo sharing.

Sure you love a good pic, but when your best friend shares her entire engagement photoshoot with you, this photo stream is likely to take up a lot of room. Rather than join the photo streams, just resort to Instagram posts and Snapchat stories instead.

Let iTunes help you.

So let's say you know you don't have enough room on your cell to take pictures of your Saturday brunch with friends, turn to iTunes (no, not for a fun mix). Once you try renting a movie, the phone will recognize that there isn't enough space available and clear out the caches and other data, according to USA Today. (No worries, you won't be charged the rental fee).

Don't forget about your podcasts.

When you're listening to a daily news update on a particular podcast, things are going to pile up — and quickly. Delete the episodes you no longer need so you can enjoy the extra space for whatever your heart desires. I personally couldn't figure out why I couldn't take any photos... then I had forgotten my buddy Walt decided to send me episodes of "A Piece of Work" with Abbi Jacobson, even though I had insisted I'd download on my own time.

There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you free your storage, so take a look and see what works for you. Let the #dogstagram shots commence.

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