Nerds Candy-Flavored Slurpees Are A Sweet Way To Cool Down

Well folks, it seems as though Labor Day is finally here, and you know what that means: summer is essentially over. But, that doesn't necessarily mean Slurpee season has to come to an end just yet. International convenience chain 7-Eleven recently released a brand new flavor that emulates the sweet taste of Wonka's most popular candy, so you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be sipping them for all of fall. Seriously — if you haven't already tried 7-Eleven's Nerds Slurpees, make sure to do so ASAP.

Just five days before Labor Day on Wednesday, Aug. 28, 7-Eleven released its first-ever Nerds-flavored Slurpee, according to a press release. And even though I haven't yet tried it for myself, the Nerds-flavored Slurpee supposedly combines two iconic candy flavors: Strawberry and Grape, taking the tanginess and sweetness from both flavors. And as someone who literally grew up on Nerds, it's safe to say I'm hyped about this great innovation.

Sadly, though, the Nerds-flavored Slurpees won't be around forever. According to the press release, these sweet sips will only be available at participating 7‑Eleven stores for a limited-time. So, you might want to call your neighborhood location before trekking all the way there to try it. I wouldn't want any of you to be disappointed.


Wow, what a sight to see. Between that light purple color and icy sheen, the Nerds-flavored Slurpee looks straight-up delicious.

Oh, and if you happen to be a college student, you might even be able to try the Nerds-flavored Slurpee for free. "But how?" you might be asking. Well, according to the press release, two incognito Slurpee trucks will be visiting colleges and sporting events, handing out free cups of the new candy-flavored drink, along with packages of Nerds candies. The Nerds Slurpee 2019 College Tour will take place throughout Texas and the Midwest states this fall, so make sure to check the brand's social media pages to stay up-to-date.

In the press release, Jacob Barnes, 7‑Eleven's product director, said fans love mixing Slurpee flavors, which is why the Nerds Slurpee is so perfect. Plus, Nerds are their best-selling non-chocolate candy, so it seemed totally genius.

According to the press release, Barnes said:

Slurpee customers, particularly younger ones, love to create fun frozen treats by mixing their favorite candy and Slurpee flavors. When we started hearing social media chatter that people were suggesting we come out with a NERDS Slurpee, we thought it was a great idea. And, if Slurpee fans want to mix their NERDS Slurpee drinks with NERDS candy, even better. NERDS candy is one of the best-selling non-chocolate candy brands in our stores.

Even though the start of September may deter you from ordering frozen treats, 7-Eleven's latest and greatest Slurpee creation is pretty much irresistible. Emulating not one — but two — Nerds flavors is positively next level, so if you need me, I'll be sipping on these until the chain stops making them. But honestly, I might have to stop before then — the brain freeze I'm about to endure is going to get too freakin' real.