64 Popular Gifts That Cost Less Than $15 On Amazon

by Kim Quindlen

It's a great feeling when you give someone a gift that they truly love, but it's even better when it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Once in a while, it can be fun to surprise your partner with a high-end juicer or to give your mom the $150 food processor she's had her eye on for a while. But when you're just looking for a casual yet thoughtful item for someone in your life, there are plenty of gifts that cost less than $15 on Amazon — and I've rounded up some of the best ones for you right here.

These gifts don't just fall under one category, either. There are time-saving kitchen gadgets, popular self-care items, clever car accessories, travel must-haves, and more. Best of all, despite being some of the most affordable Amazon products, they don't skimp on quality. In fact, some of these gifts, like the set of silicone kitchen tongs or the deck of cards with inspiring affirmations, have perfect, five-star ratings from reviewers.

So, if you're in need of the perfect holiday gift at a price that won't make you cringe, check out this gallery of some of the best finds on Amazon for under $15.

A Pizza Cutter That Slices Your Pie Quickly And Safely

Slicing your pizza efficiently and quickly has never been easier with this pizza cutter. The gadget is made from a food-grade stainless steel blade that prevents cheese and toppings from sliding around the way they would with a wheel cutter. The wide-grip handle gives you extra control, allowing you to apply just the right amount of pressure. Plus, there's a protective cover that stores your slicer safely when it's not in use.

An Acupressure Massage Pillow That Relieves Aches And Pains

This acupressure massage pillow is a way to help relieve chronic pain without an expensive trip to the spa. Made with thousands of plastic "nails" that are designed to stimulate acupressure points (without puncturing the skin), it helps bring your body into a more relaxed state. The ergonomic pillow can address various sections of your body, including your neck, back, and head — plus, it can be used on a chair, bed, or even the floor.

A Mini Flat Iron That Styles Your Hair On The Go

Small enough to fit in your purse or carry-on bag, this mini flat iron can help keep your hair sleek and styled wherever you are. The flat iron heats evenly and can reach up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, while also releasing negative ions that help keep your hair smooth and free of unwanted frizz. It even comes with a heat-resistant glove, so you don't have to worry about burning your hand while you're styling.

An Inflatable Solar Light You Can Use In Place Of Candles

This flameless inflatable solar light helps provide the same cozy atmosphere as a candle, but without the worry of a fire hazard. Just charge it in direct sunlight for eight hours and it can last up to 18 hours at a time. Using one amber LED light, this piece provides you with an eco-friendly source of light that can operate on three different modes: low, high, and "candle flicker." It's also waterproof and super lightweight.

A Non-Toxic, Water-Based Nail Polish That You Can Peel Right Off

This non-toxic nail polish is made from a water base that's low-odor, while also being free of chemical solvents that can damage your nails. The polish dries quickly (within 90 seconds for each layer) and is designed to last for two to four days, after which you can peel it right off. The stain-free polish comes in a set of five colors, as well as a "high shine base" so you can pick the shade that best suits your mood.

A Kit From National Geographic That Lets You Grow Your Very Own Crystal

Thanks to this all-inclusive crystal lab kit from National Geographic, you can grow crystals right in your home. The kit includes crystal growing powder, seed rock, a stir stick, a real amethyst crystal, and even a full-color National Geographic learning guide. Plus, the money you spend on this gift goes to a good cause, as this nonprofit's net proceeds support "vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs."

This Double-Sided Spatula That Lets You Stir, Scoop, Spread, And Mix

Not only will this double-sided silicone spatula save you some extra time in the kitchen, it will also minimize mess. Thanks to the two different-sized spatulas on each end, you can use this tool for countless prep tasks. Stir and mix with the small spatula or spread, scoop, flip, and lift with the larger spatula. Best of all, it's dishwasher-safe.

An Under-Eye Mask Made From Real 24-Karat Gold

This gold gel under eye mask is the perfect way to treat yourself like royalty. Made from real 24-karat gold, these cooling patches brighten your under-eye area while providing hydrating relief. Available in a pack of six, these cruelty-free patches are made with peptides and natural mushroom extract — a combination that improves circulation and stimulates cells. They'll leave your skin revitalized, brightened, and radiant.

An Inflatable Travel Pillow That Provides Maximum Comfort On The Go

You can blow up this inflatable travel pillow in a matter of seconds, and it's easy to deflate, too. It's covered in a soft velvet material that's breathable and removable for cleaning. Also, it's ergonomically-designed to comfortably support your head and neck. And if that's not enough, the pillow also comes with a travel bag.

These Silicone Baking Mats That Produce Even Heat Distribution So You Can Bake Like A Pro

Nothing is worse than burnt cookies, but that's something you don't have to worry about with these non-stick baking sheets. Capable of handling temperatures up to 480 degrees and made from a food-grade silicone with coated edges, your cookies, veggies, and other creations will slide effortlessly off each sheet without needing any oil or non-stick spray.

A Gratitude Journal To Practice Mindfulness And Positivity

Nothing is worse than burnt cookies, but that's something you don't have to worry about with these non-stick baking sheets. Capable of handling temperatures up to 480 degrees and made from a food-grade silicone with coated edges, your cookies, veggies, and other creations will slide effortlessly off each sheet without needing any oil or non-stick spray.

An Aromatherapy Bracelet That Diffuses Essential Oils Throughout The Day

With a lightweight and comfortable design, this essential oil diffuser bracelet is a convenient way to relieve tension and stress throughout a busy day. Just add two or three drops of your favorite essential oil to the felt pad, and the bracelet will do the rest of the work, surrounding you with a relaxing scent all day. With a soft, faux leather material, the band features five holes so you can adjust it to a comfortable fit. Also, the locket was made from a hypoallergenic stainless steel, and the cotton pads are reusable.

These Squishy Noise-Canceling Ear Phones That Will Help You Sleep Soundly

Made with a squishy silicone material, these noise-reducing earbuds are super comfortable, even for side-sleepers. They're designed to work with both white noise and sleep apps to help you fall into a deeper, more relaxing sleep. The ergonomic design can fit most ears without falling out, and the plugs are made to drown out and even fully block, background noise. One happy reviewer wrote that these earphones "completely blocked out little noises, snoring, and talking from outside BUT was able to hear my alarm going off in the morning."

A Candle Warmer That Releases Fragrances While Also Giving You Peace Of Mind

This candle warmer finally lets you enjoy the aromas you love without having to worry about any fire hazards. By simply placing a candle on the electric hot plate, the warmer melts it from the bottom up. It can fit various sized candles and operates with a simple on and off switch. For added safety, the heat is dispersed away from the base with the help of vents, so you can truly relax and enjoy your candles.

This Set Of Satin Pillowcases That Are Extra Gentle On Your Hair And Face

Available in a pack of two, in sizes ranging from standard to king, these wrinkle-resistant satin pillowcases will make it a whole lot easier to get ready in the morning. They're made from 100 percent polyester satin that's soft, smooth, and gentle on both your face as well as your hair, helping you to avoid tangles, knots, and skin irritation. One thrilled reviewer wrote, "I shower and style my hair at night and after sleeping on these, my hair looked freshly blown dry the next morning."

A Set Of 24 Different Brushes For Flawless Makeup Application

With 24 individual brushes, this set of makeup brushes has every type of cosmetic application tool you need. Each brush is made with soft, cruelty-free fibers that are gentle even on sensitive skin. The brushes offer seamless application for liquids, powders, and creams. Also, the set comes with an organized carrying case, so you can easily take the brushes with you anywhere.

A Cast Iron Skillet That's Compatible With Stovetops, Ovens, And Even Campfires

This non-stick cast iron skillet comes pre-seasoned and ready to use with various appliances, including stovetops, ovens, and broilers. Believe it or not, it can even be used over a campfire. The skillet is designed to heat evenly for a perfect cook every time. It also comes in sizes ranging from the space-efficient 6.5-inch option featured here all the way up to 15 inches.

A Lockable Jewelry Box That Keeps Your Valuables Safe

Made with a faux leather exterior and a velvet lining on the interior with a built-in mirror, this lockable jewelry box strikes the perfect balance of being both secure and beautiful. In addition to the outer lock that can only be opened with a key, the lightweight box includes a lift-out tray that has ring rolls and three storage compartments, as well as an additional compartment beneath for holding small bracelets and necklaces.

This Foot Massage Therapy Set That Brings The Spa Right To Your Home

This foot massage therapy set is the perfect way to get on-demand relief for aches, soreness, and knots. The set is made up of one soft, spiky ball; one firm, spiky ball; and one hard foam roller. Made from 100-percent rubber, all items are non-toxic, durable, and even washable. And thanks to the bonus carrying bag, you can easily transport this set and experience relief wherever you go.

A Revolutionary 3-In-1 Burger Press

Making burgers will never be boring again with this stuffed burger press. This kit is super versatile — you can use the small patty mold to make sliders and the regular press to make either stuffed or regular burgers. There's also a non-stick coating so that the burger will retain the shape you formed even after taking away the device.

These Memory Foam Shoe Inserts That Help Relieve Pressure

These memory foam shoe inserts have a lot to offer. On top of being extra-supportive and grounded with PU material, they're lined with medical-grade velvet that can absorb moisture. They also offer impressive hock absorption, thanks to the gel pads underneath each heel. The insoles are even adjustable, because you can trim them to fit your particular shoe size.

Available in sizes: S - L

A Shower Foot Massager That Soothes Aches And Pains

Using hundreds of firm bristles, this shower foot scrubber and massager will make you feel like you got a high-quality pedicure in your own home. The mat helps smooth dead skin, clean between your toes, and stimulate blood flow and circulation — all without you even having to bend over!

A Unique Gadget That Helps Thaw Meat Up To Seven Times Faster

It's a terrible feeling when you want to start cooking and realize you forgot to defrost the meat. But when you don't have additional hours to spare, this thaw claw is an easy way to defrost your meat up to seven times faster than if it were left sitting out. All you have to do is attach this device to the bottom of your sink using its suction cup, then, fill the sink with water and let the "arms" of the claw safely cradle your food while it thaws. It's that simple.

A Collapsible Colander That's Super Easy To Store Anywhere

Designed to be both stylish and functional, this collapsible colander couldn't be easier to store in your kitchen. When expanded, it's secure and capable of holding up to 5 quarts, but it can be folded down to just 2 inches in height with just one push. It's made from a durable silicone material that's BPA-free and sturdy enough to rest on any countertop or in any sink.

This Hydrating Rosewater And Green Tea Facial Spray Combo

This refreshing set of two facial sprays will leave your skin feeling hydrated, soft, and revitalized throughout the day. Each 4-ounce bottle consists of fragrant herbal extracts — one consisting of aloe, cucumber, and green tea and the other consisting of gardenia, thyme, and rosewater. Both sprays are safe for all skin types. They're formulated to hydrate and invigorate skin while also providing antioxidant protection.

A Magnetic Plate Cover That Keeps Your Microwave Splatter-Free

You'll never have to scrub down your microwave again thanks to this microwave plate cover. It fits over most plates, bowls, and other dishes, preventing food splatters while still allowing steam to escape through the four vents. And after use, just raise the magnetic lid to the roof of your microwave until the next time you need it. Cleaning is also super simple — the BPA-free material can be quickly washed by hand but is also dishwasher-safe.

This Makeup And Cosmetic Organizer That Eliminates Clutter

With multiple top slots and four deeper drawers, this makeup organizer gives you plenty of space to organize your lipsticks, eyeshadows, brushes, and more. The transparent acrylic material makes it easy to find whatever you're looking for in seconds. One Amazon reviewer wrote, "LOVE this product! It comes in two separate pieces but the top fits perfectly on top of the drawers."

An Expandable Spice Rack With Three Tiers To Hold Everything You Need

This adjustable spice rack is the perfect device to hold and organize your many herbs and spices. The three-tiered rack has a slim profile that fits in most drawers and cabinets, and the slanted levels make it easy to scan labels quickly. There's no hardware or assembly required — just place the rack wherever you like and expand it to the size you need. When fully expanded, the rack can hold up to 24 standard-size spice jars.

This Pack Of 24 Lip Balms That Will Endlessly Moisturize Your Lips

You'll never run out of chapstick again with this generous pack of lip balms from Nature's Bees. Featuring coconut and beeswax, this paraben-free formula comes in eight different flavors: Original, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Mint, Olive Oil, Cherry, Coconut, and Citrus. In addition to being rich in antioxidants, these balms are all cruelty-free!

A 3-In-1 Car Phone Mount That Can Be Placed Almost Anywhere

With the three-in-one design of this phone mount, you can place your phone in various spots throughout your car: on the windshield, the dashboard, or the air vent. It's super easy to install, with zero tools required. Plus, removing your phone is easy; just hit the one-press button, and the clamps will release your phone. The 360-degree rotatable mount is compatible with various iPhone models (including 5, 5S, 6, and 6S Plus) as well as the Samsung series and LG series.

A Himalayan Salt Lamp With 2 Bonus Tea Candle Holders

This Himalayan salt lamp is mined from 100 percent all-natural sources, and because every lamp handcrafted, each one comes with its own unique shape. The lamp provides a soft, warm glow and can operate as a decorative light in the office or home and a nightlight, as well. The lamp rests on a natural wood base and comes with a pamphlet certifying its authenticity.

These Mini Exercise Balls That Help Reduce Pain And Stiffness In Your Hands

For an inexpensive and consistent way to address stiffness and pain, these hand exercise balls are the way to go. They work by building strength in various parts of the arm (namely, the fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms), while simultaneously improving circulation — which then reduces stiffness and aches. They're also a great sensory outlet for anyone with ADHD or autism, as well as a sense of relief for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel. The set of four balls is color-coded according to resistance level.

A Mini Makeup Mirror That Provides Salon-Style Lighting Wherever You Are

Whether you're in a dark Uber or a dimly-lit room, this mini mirror will help you flawlessly apply your makeup on the go. It's a foldable two-sided mirror with a magnetic opening, and it can easily fit in your purse or slide right into your pocket. Best of all, the mirror comes with eight battery-operated LED lights that turn on at the touch of a button, so you can bring perfect lighting with you anywhere.

An Electronic Scalp Massager With Thousands Of Vibrations Per Minute

This head massager from Tezam can give you a spa-quality massage whenever you need it. With more than 8,000 micro-vibrations per minute, this magical tool can bring relief to those tight muscles and persistent aches by addressing pressure points around your neck, head, and shoulders. The battery-operated massager is also lightweight and easy to travel with.

A Packable Backpack To Make Your Travel Experience As Convenient As Possible

Traveling couldn't be simpler with this compact foldable backpack, which can be rolled right into its own small pocket and placed in your suitcase. The bag is made from a water-repelling nylon material that's durable and tear-resistant. You'll have plenty of space, with three different zippered pockets to stash your belongings. The bag comes in eight bright colors, including light green, purple, and rose red.

A 3-In-1 Leave-In Conditioner That Hydrates, Detangles, And Protects Your Hair

Available in a 4-ounce bottle, this leave-in hair conditioner spray will simultaneously condition and detangle your hair while also protecting it from harmful UV rays. The conditioner hydrates and protects hair using a combination of coconut oil and sunflower seed oil, which also helps to detangle stubborn knots in both wet and dry hair.

These Ice Cube Trays That Help You Make Fancy Cocktails Right At Home

You can finally make that fancy Old Fashioned right in your own kitchen thanks to these cocktail ice cube trays. With two distinct tray molds, you can make ice cube spheres as well as extra large 2-inch cubes, and each tray can make up to six cubes or spheres at a time. Plus, you can even add fruit to the trays for a fun drink flourish. The dishwasher-safe and food-grade silicone material allows you to pry the cubes out easily without cracking or breaking them.

This RFID-Blocking Wallet That Will Keep Your Information Extra Secure

Available in 33 different colors, this RFID-blocking wallet is the perfect accessory to keep your valuables and information safe when you're on the go. The wallet is made from eco-friendly faux leather and contains an RFID-blocking shield that prevents pick-pockets from electronically stealing important information from your passport or credit cards. The wallet has multiple slots for cards, a zippered pocket, a pocket for your passport, and a compartment for things like boarding passes, so you can keep everything neat and secure.

A Felt Letter Board To Add Some Inspiration And Character To Your Space

This letter board will make your home even more inviting. The 10-by-10-inch platform is made with gray felt that's lined with a wooden frame. With 300 white characters in the set (including letters, numbers, and select symbols), it's a great way to add encouraging, funny, or inspiring messages to any space.

A Non-Slip Yoga Mat With Its Own Carrying Strap

With over 1,500 reviews, this yoga mat is the number one bestseller in exercise mats on Amazon, so you know you won't be disappointed. Available in six different colors, it's made from a thick, eco-friendly material with a non-slip surface on both sides. It also comes with a lightweight, wrap-around strap, so you can easily transport your mat without any hassle. It even has moisture-resistant technology, so if hot yoga is your thing, this mat can handle it!

This Bottle Of Moroccan Rose Water That You Can Add To Your Favorite Food And Drinks

It's no secret that rose water is a great way to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin and hair. In addition to opening blocked pores and helping to balance skin, this one from Sweet Essentials is also food-grade, so it's safe to add to your favorite cocktails and sweets. It's 100 percent natural and certified organic, with no added fragrances, harsh chemicals, or preservatives. So whether you are moisturizing your skin or sweetening your yogurt, you can trust that you're putting a gentle and soothing substance onto or into your body.

This Roll-On Essential Oil That Can Soothe Migraines

Mess-free and easy to use, this roll-on essential oil for headaches is made from pure peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils in a base of coconut oil. You can apply it to your temples, forehead, and neck when you start to feel a migraine or tension headache coming on. Best of all, it's small enough to carry with you anywhere. One approving reviewer wrote, "I am the most skeptical person you will find when it comes to oils, but this works!!"

A Set Of Kitchen Tongs That Are Ergonomically Designed For Your Comfort

This set of kitchen tongs comes in three different sizes (7 inches, 9 inches, and 12 inches) so you have the perfect tool for whatever you're cooking. The tongs are all made from a high-quality but lightweight stainless steel. They feature non-stick silicone heads and grips that are 100 percent food grade, BPA-free, and heat resistant up to 480 degrees. To make it even easier, all of the tongs are dishwasher-safe and come with a pull-ring technology, so the tongs will never open or close accidentally when you're using them.

A Remote-Controlled LED Lightbulb That Features 16 Different Colors

With an easy-to-use remote control that's included in the purchase, this LED color-changing lightbulb gives you the option to choose between 16 different shades for your space. You can also dim the brightness and choose between four different lighting modes: flash, strobe, fade, or smooth. The bulb is flicker-free and silent, so it won't cause any distractions — just provide you with the right atmosphere to suit your mood.

A Multi-Purpose Cream That Has Been Hydrating Skin And Hair For Almost 100 Years

Since 1926, this multi-purpose moisturizer has helped to brighten, smooth, and hydrate skin. It can be used in so many ways: massage it onto dry skin, swipe it across chapped lips, dab some lightly over your makeup, use it as a face mask, or even put some in your hair. This cream is free from synthetic preservatives and fragrances, and boasts natural ingredients like pansy (which is moisturizing for skin), sunflower seed oil (which is packed with vitamin E), and and rosemary (which is fortifying and stimulating on the skin).

This Large Infuser Bottle That Lets You Drink Fancy Fruit Water On The Go

With a large, 32-ounce capacity, this infuser water bottle helps you stay hydrated wherever you go with delicious, fruit-flavored water. The full-length infuser rod ensures that your water gets as much flavor as possible from whatever fruit (or vegetable) you choose, and it can even be removed and used in a water pitcher, as well. The bottle is BPA-free, leak-proof, dishwasher-safe, and designed with multiple convenient features including a no-slip grip and a thumb-releasing, flip-top lid.

These Gel Toe Separators And Pads That Relieve Foot Pain

Whether you suffer from blisters, bunions, calluses, or any other problem that causes foot pain, these gel toe separators and pads can give you some much-needed relief. The kit features a set of toe separators that help to straighten and align, plus a set of soft gel pads that cushion the bottom of the foot and reduce fatigue. All items are made from durable silicone gel that's easy to wash, so you can use them over and over.

A Pocket Multi-Tool That Performs Over A Dozen Tasks

This pocket multitool can tackle pretty much any small task you can think of. With two hex wrenches, six screwdrivers, a hand drill, two rulers, and two ruler extensions, you'll essentially have a full toolbox right in your pocket. It also includes a wire crimper, cutter, and stripper, a pair of pliers, and, possibly most important of all, a bottle opener.

A Fortifying Protein Mask That Promotes Natural Hair Growth

This protein hair mask gives you a salon-level conditioning treatment at an unbelievable price. It's made from a formula that includes aloe vera, Moroccan argan oil, macadamia oil, and hydrolyzed wheat protein. The mask adds body and volume, promotes natural hair growth, and prevents hair loss. It's effective for all hair types, is free of sulfates and parabens, and is designed to repair, restore, and condition dry and damaged hair. It can also help ensure healthy hair stays that way!

A Set Of Travel Cubes That Makes Packing A Breeze

This set of six packing cubes will forever change the way you travel. The set consists of three packing cubes, as well as three laundry pouches for storing dirty clothes, wet items, and even shoes. Each cube or pouch is made of a breathable, waterproof mesh, with a convenient pair of zippers. One reviewer wrote, "These packing cubes are the absolute greatest travel accessory I've ever purchased. Everything fits in my suitcase much better and it's already organized when I get to my destination! No more digging around in my bag for a shirt because I know exactly where it is! They also make repacking infinitely easier, even if my clothes aren't folded. I'll definitely be buying more of these in the future!"

A Deck Of Affirmation Cards Designed To Inspire Self-Love

For that daily dose of uplifting encouragement, look no further than this deck of affirmation cards. The deck contains 64 different affirmations on small cards that can be placed around your home, bedroom, car, and workspace. One happy reviewer wrote, "These cards are very uplifting after a difficult day. I can always rely on pulling a card out of the deck and having my spirits lifted."

A Chiller Set With Everything You Need To Wine Down

In addition to keeping your pre-cooled wine at the right drinking temperature, this wine chiller set also comes with a drip-free pourer and an aerator function. Additionally, it includes a foil cutter, wine stopper, and storage pouch, so you truly have everything you need. As one fan summed it up, "The wine is kept chilled long enough to empty the bottle and your wine pours smoothly out of the bottle with no drips. The built-in aerator also enriches your wine with oxygen to give it the possibility to unfold its true flavor. Pretty impressive for such a small gadget."

A 3-In-1 Tool That Makes It Super Easy To Slice Avocados

Avocados pretty much make every meal better, and thanks to this avocado slider tool, preparing them is incredibly easy. The three-in-one gadget can safely split, pit, and slice your avocado while saving you the mess of having to use multiple utensils. It has an ergonomic handle with a comfort grip so that you can safely and securely slice your avocado, and best of all, the BPA-free silicone material is also dishwasher-safe.

These Microfiber Car Wash Mitts That Clean Like Nothing Else

These car wash mitts have over 500 reviews on Amazon and a near-perfect rating. The non-scratch mitts are made from a chenille microfiber that grabs dust without releasing it into the air, so in addition to using this on your car, you can also use these mitts to clean indoors. One reviewer who owns his own auto body shop write, "My guys on my detailing team LOVE them, they are soft, work very well to whisk away the dirt, not too heavy when wet, made of excellent quality microfiber, and seem to be very well made."

A Compact Hair Dryer That Can Travel With You Anywhere

With a compact design, folding handle, and worldwide dual voltage, this is an ideal travel hair dryer that easily fits into your suitcase, carry-on, or even gym bag. And even with the convenience of this dryer, you still get a quality blowout thanks to the ionic technology, which reduces unwanted frizz. The hair dryer has two heat settings, two speed settings, and even a cool shot button, so you have everything you need.

A Pair Of Microwavable Slippers That Keep Your Feet Nice And Toasty

Made from 100 percent polyester, these warming slippers keep your feet heated all night. The microwaveable inserts use heat therapy to help with chronic pain and muscle stiffness, and they're easy to remove if you just want some warm footies for the night. One fan wrote, "These warming footies have been great for warming my feet and helping me fall asleep faster."

A Set Of Egg Poaching Cups That Will Up Your Breakfast Game

Made from a BPA-free silicone, this set of four egg poaching cups will help you make perfect poached eggs that cook evenly and slide out easily. Each poaching cup can remain upright on a pan or in boiling water. The cups come in four different colors, and they're stackable and dishwasher-safe.

A Pack Of Sponges That Can Be Used For Everything From Dish Scrubbers To Pet Cleaning

This set of three silicone sponges are perfect for scrubbing stubborn stains right off your dishes. Additionally, they can be used for wiping countertops, cleaning bathrooms, and acting as a lid opener or pot holder. The food grade silicone material is scratch-resistant and BPA-free. These sponges are nonstick, heat-resistant, and dishwasher-safe.

A Sleeping Mask For Your Lips That Will Leave Them Feeling Soft, Hydrated, And Refreshed

With this nourishing sleeping mask, you can say goodbye to cracked lips. The mix contains vitamin C and antioxidants that help reduce flakiness and dryness on your lips. It's available in four different flavors: berry, vanilla, grapefruit, or apple. All you have to do is apply it generously before bed and then wipe it off the next morning. You'll wake up with lips that feel smooth, soft, and revitalized.

A Silicone Spoon Rest That Will Minimize Mess In Your Kitchen

Rated as the top bestseller in its category on Amazon, this silicone spoon rest set is a simple way to keep countertops and tables free from spills and stains. Available in a multi-colored pack of four, each spoon rest is made from a tough, heat-resistant silicone material. They're built to hold anything from wet teabags to dirty spatulas.

An Organic Balm You Can Apply To Help You Sleep Better

This organic sleep balm is designed to help you achieve a more natural and calming night of sleep. Made from a blend of essential oils, like lavender and bergamot, the formula is free of GMOs, parabens, and artificial dyes or fragrances. It can be applied almost anywhere — on lips, wrists, or even the chest. One happy reviewer wrote that they were "surprised that something non-ingestible can actually help you fall asleep!"

This Microwavable Dish That Lets You Prepare And Eat Your Popcorn With The Same Bowl

Made from a BPA-free silicone material, this popcorn popper bowl is eco-friendly, long-lasting, and incredibly convenient, letting you prepare and eat your snack using the same bowl. It's compatible with any type of popcorn kernels and has a capacity of up to 14 cups. The collapsible bowl is easy to store, as it can fold down to just 2 inches tall. It's also dishwasher-safe, so there's no mess at the end of the night.

A Retractable Lint Roller That Can Fit Almost Anywhere

This retractable lint roller can fold down to almost half its size, so you can easily store it in a pocket, purse, or glove compartment. It twists to open, which protects the adhesive sheets in addition to making it space-efficient. Each refill consists of 30 sticky sheets that can pick up fuzz, pet dander, dust, and more, and they're made from 100 percent recycled paper.

A Dinosaur-Shaped Taco Holder To Make Meal Time Extra Fun

Perfect for kids and adults alike, this funny taco holder makes dinner more interesting by holding two tacos in a device modeled after a Triceratops. In addition to tacos, it can also hold toast, sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, and plenty of other foods. Plus, it's 100 percent food grade and BPA-free.

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