62 Unexpected & Brilliant Products That Reviewers On Amazon Swear By

by Lisa Fogarty

A great gift should tick off a few important boxes. For starters, it should be useful and practical — but also fun, and with just enough personality to seem like it was handpicked just for that person. These unexpected and brilliant gifts that reviewers on Amazon swear by meet all of the qualifications of an amazing present — with the added benefit that hundreds (and often thousands) of customers have already vouched for them.

No matter what the interests of your lucky gift recipient, there's a genius product on this list that will prove a winner.

Got a few homebodies on your list? Look no further than practical products like a cozy blanket sweatshirt with a hood and pocket and a reversible heated throw blanket, or a soothing scented soy candle set that is a healthier alternative to traditional candles. Home chefs will flip for cooking gadgets like space-saving collapsible bowls, bear claws that make shredding meat a cinch, and a mess-free microwavable pasta cooker that whips up spaghetti in minutes.

And no one is forgetting those tech lovers and beauty mavens you need to shop for, either. From an adjustable rotating makeup organizer and heated eyelash curler to Bluetooth tracking devices and cable protectors, this list of gift ideas covers all bases — and all of your loved ones.

These Scented Soy Candles That Come In Cute, Reusable Tins

This set of four scented soy candles include rose, lavender, Mediterranean fig, and lemon. They come in reusable travel tins that feature adorable prints (that you'll be eager to repurpose) and the natural candles themselves, which are a great alternative to traditional candles that produce more smoke, provide an amazing 75 hours of burn time.

A Cozy Blanket Sweatshirt That Feels Like A Hug

Give the gift (or gift yourself) of comfortable coziness with this warm, plush blanket sweatshirt. The oversized sweatshirt, featured on Shark Tank, is designed with fluffy sherpa to keep the chill out. It has a hood and pocket and comes in 15 colors and prints (including adorable holiday motifs).

An Adjustable Moon Lamp That's The Coolest Night Light You Can Own

There are ordinary night lights — and then there's this out-of-this-world moon lamp, designed from eco-friendly materials by a 3-D printer. The futuristic lamp includes a rechargeable battery and lasts between eight to 10 hours. You can adjust its brightness from white to yellow.

These Magical Tablets That Turn Sour Foods Into Sweet Foods

Pop one of these magical fruit tablets and let it dissolve on your tongue. The berry-flavored tablet temporarily changes your taste receptors so that anything sour you eat turns to sweet in your mouth. The effect lasts anywhere between 15 minutes to one hour.

The Friendly Animal Tea Infuser That Hangs Out On Your Cup

Fill this adorable and practical manatee with loose tea leaves and prop him up in your cup as the ultimate tea time companion. The silicone tea infuser is microwave and dishwasher-friendly, reusable and safer for the environment, and it's simple to clean.

A Perfectly Adorable Way To Rid Your Counters And Desk Of Crumbs

This ladybug desktop vacuum cleaner sweeps up crumbs and everyday small debris with ease. The battery-operated hand vacuum, which comes in four colors and prints, is portable and ideal for clearing out the mess in your office or car.

The Hilarious Adult Party Game That Brings Out Your Dark Side

The rules of this party game are simple, but the outcomes are always unexpectedly hilarious. One player draws a card with a question, and others respond using their funniest answer cards. You'll have a blast playing Cards Against Humanity at your next, not-so-kid-friendly bash.

A Card Game For Adults With Explosions, Kittens, And A Million Laughs

Love kittens and explosions and laughing for hours with friends who are also fans of slightly inappropriate party games? The Exploding Kittens is the adult card game you need for your next get-together: it's described as a strategic card version of Russian roulette (with kittens, of course).

This Bluetooth Trackers That Keeps You From Losing Important Belongings

Kick that habit you have of losing certain items with this Bluetooth tracker, which attaches directly to objects you keep misplacing. Then, using your smartphone, you can make the lost object ring so that you locate it in seconds.

These Strong Bear Claw Shredders That Cut Through Tough Meat

Whether you're attempting to shred pulled pork or steak, these shredders boast extra-sharp claws that are so tough they'll rip right through any meat. The pair of heat-resistant claws are dishwasher-safe and can be used on and around your grill. They come in six shades.

The Only Grill Tool Kit You'll Ever Need

If you're going to rely on just one BBQ tool kit (and why should you need more than that?) this is the ultimate, affordable grill utensil set and storage kit to keep in your cooking arsenal. It comes with a spatula, tong, fork, knife, basting brush, grill brush, replacement brush head, eight corn holders, four skewers, basting brush — in a secure storage case with a handle.

This Toothbrush Holder With An Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

When your toothbrush cup is filled to the brim with water or your built-in sink holder becomes a mildewy mess, this mountable toothbrush holder is the solution. The holder can accommodate up to five toothbrushes and even boasts an automatic toothpaste dispenser that delivers just enough toothpaste every time (but never too much).

A Reversible Heated Throw Blanket With Fleece And Sherpa

Whether you crave fleece or sherpa comfort, this reversible heated blanket delivers: it features a plush Sherpa lining on one side, with brushed microplush on the other. The blanket boasts five adjustable heat settings, has a four-hour automatic shut-off feature for safety, and comes in six shades.

The Multi-Tasking Card And Phone Holder

Keep a firm grip on your phone, while also providing a convenient place to store your credit cards and ID's. This phone holder has slim pockets that can fit up to eight cards. It comes in more than 15 colors, adheres to most phones with ease, and has a soft, non-slip grip handle.

This Self-Adhesive Bathroom Shelf For Your Phone

Instead of balancing your phone on a bathroom sink, mount this self-adhesive shelf anywhere and use it to store your device or other items you need, like wipes. The mini shelf comes in eight colors and metallic finishes and can hold up to 5 pounds.

A Silky Sleep Mask That Blocks Out Light

Get an incredible night of rest and relaxation with this sleep mask, made from 100% mulberry silk (on both sides), with an adjustable strap and comfortable fit that won't pinch your eyes or skin. The breathable mask blocks out light and comes in more than 30 cute colors and prints.

An Accelerated Way To Make Mess-Free Pasta In Your Microwave

Starving and not in the mood to wait for water to boil? Whip up faster pasta in this microwave pasta cooker — simply fill it with water and pasta, set it to cook, and it emerges al dente, with no sticking or mess. The lid doubles as a strainer, making this in all-in-one pasta maker.

This Magnetic Poetry Kit That Turns Your Fridge Into An Outlet For Creativity

With over 300 beautiful words and phrases, this magnetic poetry kit lets you unleash your creativity on a daily basis — using your fridge as the canvas. Mix and match tiles and leave sweet, special messages for loved ones.

The Reusable Coffee Cup With A Cork Band

Pour your morning coffee into this eco-friendly 12-ounce reusable coffee cup and rest your hands comfortably on its sustainable cork band. The microwave-safe cup has a tight sipping lid and, according to reviewers, provides enough insulation to keep coffee warm, while still offering a transparent "glass" body.

An All-Natural Wood Watch That's So Lightweight And Stylish

Designed from wood that was hand-crafted in Africa, this lightweight analog watch is unique, chic, and all natural. The watch has a stainless steel folding clasp and comes in brown or ebony wood. Its links can also be removed for the perfect fit.

These Zombie Facial Mask That Make Your Complexion Glow

Beauty lovers are obsessed with these zombie facial masks, a pack of eight pore-cleansing masks made with an egg white ingredient called albumim that naturally tightens and lifts skin. Other ingredients include hydrating aloe vera, sea buckthorn extract, and lavender oil.

The Rotating Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Levels

Finally — a makeup organizer that can accommodate all of your cosmetics in one place. This 360-degree spinning organizer has seven adjustable layers for cleansing products, eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes, lipstick, and more. Give it a spin to find what you need and wipe it clean with ease.

An Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Brush That You Can Use In The Shower

This waterproof facial cleansing brush has two speed settings and three brush heads that provide gentle exfoliation or a more thorough, deep pore-cleansing treatment. The cordless brush runs on batteries and has forgiving nylon bristles that are ideal on all skin types.

A Helpful Tool That Finally Lets You Put On Your Own Bracelets

Bracelets are so difficult to put on without help — and who wants to rely on the kindness of friends or strangers when you're trying to get ready and out the door? This bracelet tool is a 6-inch helper that finally lets you attach and close your own bracelets.

This Protective Braided Sleeve For Cords And Cables

Protect cables and cords from fraying with these braided protective cable sleeves, which expand to up to 150% their size to fit different wires. They come in 15 different widths and lengths and three colors: black, blue, and red.

These Space-Saving Collapsible Bowls With Snug Lids

Use this trio of collapsible bowls for leftovers and ingredients you've prepped and, when you're finished with them, save major cabinet space by collapsing them flat for storage. They come in three sizes (1.5-cup, 3-cup, and 5-cup), with transparent lids that provide a secure fit to keep food fresh.

A 3-In-1 Dish Tub And Colander For Kitchens That Are Short On Space

You don't need three different kitchen gadgets when this one performs a trio of jobs. This washing basin collapses just a little to become a drain or fruit basket, and then collapses flat to be used as a cutting board. The genius tool has gripped feet, handles, and a drainage hole.

An Amazing Set Of Collapsible Measuring Cups And Spoons That Fit In Drawers

Every cook needs measuring cups and spoons, but many drawers simply can't handle the bulk that comes from their design. But these collapsible measuring cups and spoons are completely different: They provide accurate measurements (and attach together for convenience) and then collapse flat for storage.

The Convenient Strainer That Snaps Right Onto Pots

You won't need a separate colander when you have this snap-on strainer, a silicone colander that snaps right onto the sides of pots and bowls to drain liquids from foods with ease. The tool is durable, resistant to heat, and dishwasher-safe.

This Silicone Collapsible Funnel For Mess-Free Transfer Of Liquids

You'll find yourself using this silicone funnel on a constant basis to transfer liquids from containers to bottles without making a royal mess all over the kitchen. This 100% food-grade funnel does what no other funnel can: it collapses flat so that it actually (finally!) fits in your cabinet with ease.

The Facial Steamer And Extraction Set For DIY Facials

Save money on pricey facials when you take matters into your own hands with the help of this facial steaming kit. The kit includes tools you need for an effortless DIY facial: a steamer that works for 30 minutes, penetrates skin, and doubles as a humidifier. It also comes with five stainless steel extraction tools for taking care of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

A Waterproof Speaker That Works For 10 Straight Hours

Listen to music or podcasts poolside, or when you're camping or hiking, with this water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, which has a 10-hour running time before it needs to be recharged. The mini speaker has a built-in microphone and comes with a detachable metal alloy loop hook.

The Mascara Infused With Lash-Growing Ingredients

This is so much more than a mascara (though it's a pretty good mascara, too): it's a three-step, 3-D lash set. Apply the gel, then the fibers that add 300% volume to your lashes. Best of all, you can top it all off with a mascara that contains lash-enhancing ingredients like castor oil that make lashes stronger. It's all organic and waterproof, too .

An Electric-Free Foil Shaver That's Perfect For Travel

Most electric shavers are a pain to toss into luggage, but this battery-operated razor eliminates the need to pack a universal charger, so you can keep your mind on more pressing matters. It features a floating foil that captures hair growing in more than one direction and it can be washed after you've used it.

This All-Inclusive Razor You Can Use On-The-Go

Travel with this Sphinx razor set and never deal with unwanted hair again. The uniquely shaped razor, which couldn't be more portable, comes with two razor blades, a refillable water spritzer, and a pre-shave moisturizing bar — making shaving possible anywhere.

These Reusable Whiskey Stones That Chill Drinks Without Diluting Them

No offense to ice cubes, but as important a function as they serve keeping your cocktails and drinks cold, they also dilute them and change their taste. Switch to these whiskey stones, which are made from granite, can be stored in your freezer, and are washable and reusable, and those beverages will be chilled and delicious.

A Sweet Way Of Storing And Dispensing Toothpicks

Consider this toothpick dispenser the fun gag or novelty gift that will be used and appreciated for years. Fill it with toothpicks, display it where it can serve its second purpose as a conversation piece, and rely on the cute bird to peck a toothpick for you when you need one.

The Silk Pillowcase That's So Gentle On Hair & Skin

You won't wake up with bed head or annoying skin creases that take hours to go away — this silk pillowcase, made from mulberry silk, offers a gentler sleeping experience (and helps prevent frizz or hair breakage). The zippered pillowcase comes in six sizes and 30 colors and prints.

An Attachable Wide Angle Lens For Better Photos And Selfies

Attach this wide angle lens right to your smartphone and take crisper photos and selfies that allow you to expand your field of view and capture more in one image. The lens also boasts three adjustable brightness settings and you'll get two lenses in each order.

This Fun Soap Bar That Looks Like Money

Have a little fun with your soap — this soap bar resembles money and the big surprise is that, once you get to the middle of the bar, you'll find an actual cash note wrapped in a plastic bag (usually a one dollar bill, but you could get up to $50). One reviewer raves about how well it works, too: "Smells great and is fun to gift. The person I gave it to works in construction and says it gets grease off better than most soap designed for that."

An Eco-Conscious Reusable Notebook That Lets You Blast Notes To The Cloud

Who needs paper when you have this reusable notebook, which blasts your notes to Cloud services like Evernote and Dropbox — and can then be wiped clean so that you start with a fresh slate. The book comes with one Pilot Frixion Pen and one microfiber cleaning cloth. Choose between two sizes (letter and executive) and among four colors.

The Makeup Removing Cloth That Doesn't Require A Drop Of Cleanser

Activate this soft microfiber makeup removing cloth with a bit of water and watch in amazement as it removes all makeup (even mascara) with complete ease. The washable, reusable cloth can be used up to 1,000 times and doesn't require a drop of cleanser or makeup remover, saving you money. It comes in five colors.

This Herbal Tea-Making Kit So You Can Grow 4 Different Types Of Tea Leaves

This herbal tea-growing kit comes with everything you need to grow four different types of tea leaves: chamomile, red clover, lemon balm, and peppermint. You'll get four biodegradable growing pots, expanding soil discs, seeds, bamboo plant markers, and one tea infuser.

These Bluetooth Wireless Headphones That Stay Put During Workouts

A good run or workout requires a solid pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones like these — which will stay in place no matter how real things get in the gym or out on the trail. The headphones provide eight hours of playtime, come in eight shades, and have easy-to-maneuver buttons on the headphones.

A Pair Of Microwavable Slippers That Keep Feet So Warm And Cozy

You can (literally) warm these slippers up in seconds in your microwave and then wear them and feel toasty comfort. The plush slippers are filled with natural grains and soothing French lavender and they come in five colors/prints.

The Multifunctional Tool Pen That Performs Seven Handy Jobs

In addition to being an actual ballpoint pen that you can tote with you anywhere, this multifunctional tool pen is a stylus, bottle opener, miniature flat-head, Phillips screwdriver, ruler, and phone stand. Bring it anywhere, just in case you have an emergency fix you need to make.

An Exfoliating Foot Mask That Sloughs Away Dry Skin And Calluses

Get smooth feet in days when you wear these foot peel masks, which are infused with exfoliating botanicals that will slough away dry skin cells and calluses, while hydrating and soothing. Wear the booties for one hour, remove them, and then wait. Peeling will start in a few days and last about a week — and soft feet will be the reward for your patience.

This Soothing Buddha Art Board That Creates Zen Feelings

Get to a Zen place fast — set this Buddha Board on its stand, dip the paintbrush in water, and create a beautiful message or picture. Your artwork fades as the water evaporates, teaching an important lesson about letting go (and then you can simply start over with a new creation).

A Tassel Keychain With A Portable Charging Cable

Make it possible and effortless to charge your phone or other devices wherever you go — this lightning to USB keychain features portable charging cables attached to an oversize (and fun) tassel feature that makes it more difficult to misplace. It's compatible with most devices and comes in a variety of colors.

The Shutter Remote Control To Take Selfies From A Distance

Capture yourself and your beautiful surroundings or take the perfect group shot with the help of this shutter remote control. Set up your device to take a photo or video, stand back, and click a button on this remote to start or stop your footage.

This Handheld Mini Massager For Taking The Ache Out Of Muscles

Compact and portable, this mini handheld massager can be taken anywhere and used the second you feel a muscle ache or tension coming on in your neck, lower back, leg — and anywhere else. The no-frills, effective tool has light-up feet, comes in either pink, green, or blue, and offers a gentle vibration sensation.

The Waterproof Fleece Blanket That You Can Take Camping

This waterproof blanket fits up to three adults and is made from warm, cozy fleece that is insulating, while the other side is designed using waterproof polyester that protects you from the elements while you're camping, stopping for lunch during a hike, or doing outdoor yoga. The blanket comes with its own travel bag with a handle and you can choose among three shades: grey, blue, or red.

A Money-Saving Timer To Set Appliances & Lights On Schedules

Save a ton of money on your electric bill by automating lights and appliances using this indoor timer and outlet (you'll get two in each pack). The three-prong timers are simple to operate and feature 24 on and off settings per day.

An Efficient Knife That Curls Butter For Easier Spreading

Designed with small, slotted holes on one side and a 1-inch blade on the other, this butter knife finally provides a way to curl butter so that it spreads on bread easily. The stainless steel knife spreader is equally great to use with cheese, chocolate, and jelly.

These Moisturizing Gel Socks Infused With Botanical Oils

Apply your favorite callus-removing moisturizer to feet before bed and pull on these hydrating gel socks. Infused with botanical oils, aloe vera, and vitamins, they soften rough, dry skin overnight. The socks come in three colors and are washable.

A Natural Konjac Facial Sponge For All Skin Types

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin with these all-natural konjac sponges, which are infused with deep pore-cleansing bamboo charcoal. The set of six sponges can be used with or without additional cleanser and each sponge lasts about two months before it needs to be replaced.

The Collapsible Silicone Popcorn Popper With Handles

Leave no kernel un-popped when you use this silicone popcorn maker, which boasts more than 8,500 mostly amazing reviews. The dishwasher-safe popper has convenient handles, comes with a lid, and is available in 18 splashy shades.

This Nourishing Beard Oil That Makes Facial Hair More Manageable

Got a gift recipient on your list who is growing a major beard? Help them keep it looking spiffy with this beard oil, which has natural ingredients like organic evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E that nourish facial hair, hydrate skin, and encourage new hair growth.

An Electric Eyelash Curler That Heats Up To Create Longer, Thicker Lashes

This electric eyelash curler heats up in 10 seconds and safely curls lashes to prep them for mascara. The lightweight curler fits in your pocket and features two sides: the concave side curls lashes, while the convex surface promotes eyelash growth.

These Eco-Friendly Glass Straws That Are Big Enough For Smoothies

Join the anti-plastic revolution by switching to these reusable glass straws, which come eight in a pack — with four curved and four straight straws. The straws measure 2 millimeters in width, making them perfect for smoothies and other thicker beverages. They're made from durable borosilicate glass and come with two cleaning brushes.

The Garlic Chopper And Mincer That Keeps Your Cutting Board In The Cupboard

Why dirty up a perfectly clean cutting board when this garlic chopper can mince, slice, and chop garlic cloves in seconds? The dishwasher-safe gadget features sharp internal blades and couldn't be simpler to use: roll it against a surface like a counter to cut up garlic — the more you roll, the finer your pieces.

This Rolling Foot Massager That Targets Trigger Points

Target trigger points in your feet that can soothe away aches and pains in a number of places on your body with this foot roller massager. The dense foam roller is lightweight and portable, plus it comes in two density levels: extra-firm or regular density.

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