61 Weird But Awesome Products With Shockingly High Amazon Reviews

Finding a great present for someone who already has everything can be one of the hardest things to do. For that reason, it might be helpful to consider a weird-but-awesome Amazon gift that's both surprising and useful at the same time.

As you begin to shop for that particular product, it'll probably be beneficial to take a moment and think about who you're buying for and what they really need. Perhaps you have a friend who enjoys traveling and could use a new eye mask that blocks out the light — or maybe, you have a family member who would be totally amused by a new set of cat magnets that they can adorn their refrigerator with.

Luckily, Amazon has tons of unique items like those that are not only quirky and amazing, but also come with some pretty impressive reviews from customers who have tried them (and loved them). With that being said, there's no need to look any further — because I've come up with a list of the most amazing options available that you can browse through.

Keep scrolling to take a look at these highly-reviewed items on Amazon that'll make perfect gifts for the special people in your life.

Lifestyle — 61 Weird But Awesome Products With Shockingly High Amazon Reviews

1. A Bubbling Korean Beauty Mask That Cleanses Your Skin

Packed with charcoal powder, lavender extract, and more, this bubbling carbonated clay mask has the ability to penetrate your pores while helping remove blackheads. It's simple to use, too. Spread it across your complexion and then wait for it to bubble. After that, rub it in before cleaning it off with water.

2. A Set Of Underarm Sweat Pads That Stick To Your Clothes

You'll never have to worry about stains under your armpits again with these underarm sweat pads. Highly-absorbent, these disposable peel-and-stick patches easily adhere to the inside of your shirt to remedy odors and wet marks on contact. "These are easy to use and they stay in place," one happy customer wrote.

3. A Screen Magnifier For Smartphone Movie Nights

Reduce eyestrain with this 12-inch smartphone projector. The wooden projector uses a crisp magnifying screen to create a bigger image, and it's perfect for watching movies and TV shows. It can even be set up as a mobile gaming station with the addition of a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard (which isn't included). What's best is that this device requires no batteries or power source at all.

4. This Mug Warmer With 3 Different Temperature Settings

You'll never have to drink cold coffee again with this compact beverage warmer. It comes with three temperature settings that can either help warm-up your coffee or cool it down in a flash. This warmer is also durable and safe to use because of its automatic shut-off feature that activates after four hours of non-use.

5. A Heated Foot Warmer With An Automatic Shut-Off Option

This foot warmer is just the thing you need if you're looking for something warm, comfortable, and relaxing to come home to. It'll keep you and your toes warm and toasty during the colder months, but it'll also help relieve aches and pains. Made of warm and snuggly flannel, this heating pad comes with a 10-foot cord and has a two-hour auto shut-off option to keep you and your home safe and sound.

6. A Rechargeable Hand Warmer That Can Power Your Phone

Since I'm on the topic of keeping warm, it may also be worth it to mention this rechargeable hand warmer. It's fast-heating and can be adjusted to three different settings to keep your hands both comfortable and cozy. Perfect for sporting events and outdoor activities, it has the ability to last for up to eight hours in total and can also act as a power bank to charge your smartphone.

7. A Memory Foam Gel Cushion That Relieves Back Pain

You'll be sitting comfortably with this gel cushion seat beneath you. Made with gel memory foam, it'll help alleviate lower back pain associated with herniated discs, sciatica, and more. It's perfect for use at home or in-office — and it comes with a non-slip bottom and removable, zippered velour cover for easy cleaning.

8. This Comfy Tortilla Blanket That's Both Fun And Functional

This tortilla blanket provides fun and functional comfort for the entire family. Made of ultra-soft flannel, it comes in a variety of designs and sizes to wrap both kids and adults up in a burrito-like fashion. This circular, food-inspired blanket is not only great for getting cozy indoors, but it can also be spread out and used for picnics and other outdoor activities.

9. A Guacamole Dish That Comes With A Spoon

You'll have no problem turning up the fun with this festive guacamole serving dish. Shaped like an avocado, the bowl is made of hand-painted ceramic and comes with a matching lid. There's even a spoon included for easy dipping and storage. It's also dishwasher-safe, so you an easily clean it when you're done snacking.

10. This Set Of Finger Cots That Help Protect Your Digits

These gel finger cots are perfect for protecting and comforting your extremities from overuse, arthritis, joint pain, and more. Made to fit like a "second skin" (per the brand), these sleeves slide on tightly to comfort your fingers while the added vitamin E moisturizes and soothes cracked skin.

11. A Travel Pillow That Also Blocks Out The Light

There's no need for an eye mask with this two-in-one travel pillow. It not only comforts your neck and head, but it also blocks light from entering while you attempt to rest. Great for use while traveling by car, train, or airplane, this reversible pillow's outer is made of a combination of viscose and elastomer while its inner filling is packed with micro-beads.

12. The Cat Magnets That Are Great For Pet Lovers

These cat refrigerator magnets are sure to be a pet lover's dream. The pack — which comes with six pieces that feature the backsides of different cat breeds — is purrfect for any refrigerator and also makes a great gift for the special cat aficionado in your life. But if you know someone who loves dogs, there's a pack for that, too.

13. A Tissue Holder That's Shaped Like A Cat

This cat tissue holder is sure to become a hit with anyone who has a soft spot for pets. Made of molded resin, it's both cute and functional with the ability to hold a standard-size, square tissue box. It comes in two styles — orange tabby and black and white — and is a great home accessory for any cat lover.

14. This Toaster That Can Warm Hot Dogs And Buns

You can easily make two hot dogs and two buns at the same time in this Coca-Cola-branded hot dog toaster. The kitchen product — which features an adjustable heat setting to help cook food to your desired temperature — comes with tongs to keep your hands safe while taking your food out. And thanks to its slide-out tray, it's easy to maintain.

15. A Tortilla Warmer That's Safe To Use In The Microwave

This tortilla warmer will help you quickly and easily get dinner underway. Sized to fit more than a dozen burritos, this BPA- and melamine-free holder is large enough to take on the task of heating waffles, crepes, pancakes, and more. Plus, since it's microwave-save, it's super easy to heat up. One customer wrote, "This is a great-sized warmer. It holds a lot of tortillas, or other items, and really does keep them warm."

16. This Wide-Slot Toaster That Fits Your Favorite Bagels

This two-slice toaster has the ability to toast, defrost, and reheat bread with the touch of a button. It features extra-wide, stainless steel slots that easily fit bagels and larger pieces of bread — and it has a warming rack that conveniently pops up to heat other items such as pastries, rolls, and croissants.

17. A Hooded Pillowcase That Lets You Relax In Solitude

You can easily block out the light while you sleep with this hooded pillow case. Made of a polyester and cotton sweatshirt blend, this pillow cover is great for staying warm in colder conditions. It features an adjustable hoodie compartment with drawstrings, along with a pocket that can hold small items like your phone, keys, or wallet. Plus, convenient headphone holes make for easy listening as you lounge about.

18. A Mini Fridge That Keeps Your Food Hot Or Cold

It's easier than ever to keep your important perishables hot or cold with this energy-efficient mini fridge. It's 4-liter size makes it ultra-convenient to transport and use while on-the-go, and it's great for both indoor and outdoor use. The fridge even comes seven different color choices (including cow print). Use it to warm your snacks up or cool them down.

19. A Hoodie With A Large Pouch To Fit Your Small Pets

Made of a breathable and soft cotton blend, this hoodie is a great gift for pet owners. It comes with a fur-lined pouch that allows you to snuggle with small cats and dogs while keeping yourself cozy at the same time. There are a variety of colors to choose from, and the cat-ear hood adds an extra-special touch for animal lovers.

20. These Pointy Gardening Gloves To Help You Rake Through Dirt

These pointy gloves make gardening super simple. With just two tools, you're able to plant and dig through dirt with ease. The waterproof design keeps your hands protected, while the four finger claws make it easy to rake without the use of large tools. They come in a variety of colors and are sized to fit women, men, and older children.

21. A Giant Cherry Gummy Bear That Weighs 5 Pounds

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this giant gummy bear. Weighing in at approximately 5 pounds, this cherry-flavored confection is large (and delicious) enough to make any candy lover's dreams come true. Three additional flavors are available, including cherry cola, lime, and sour apple. "This makes a great present for any holiday," one happy customer wrote.

22. The Boyfriend Body Pillow That Feels Just Like A Hug

You'll be able to cuddle up comfortably with the original Boyfriend Pillow. Lined with itch-free cotton, this cozy pillow is soft and sturdy — and thanks to its built-in arm, it'll feel just like a hug as you fall asleep. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from, such as black, blue, green, grey, maroon, pink, and more. One Amazon customer wrote, "Most comfortable pillow ever!"

23. A Funny Egg Separator That Really Works

This egg separator is sure to raise plenty of eyebrows during your next brunch or breakfast gathering. Made of earthenware ceramic, the face-shaped device works by dripping egg whites out of its nose after an egg is cracked. The novelty item is both fun and functional, creating a breakfast scene that your family and friends won't soon forget.

24. A Pack Of Wine Condoms That Prevent Leaks And Spills

These reusable wine condoms will protect your wine and its freshness at all costs. Packaged in golden, condom-like wrappers, the six airtight seals will ensure that no oxygen enters your bottles while preventing leaks and spills at the time. With a 4.7-star rating, they're definitely worth adding to your bar cart.

25. This Toilet Night Light That's Motion-Activated

Going to the bathroom at night will be safer, mess-free, and more fun with this toilet night light. The kit provides eight motion-activated colors that light up when you walk in. It's also battery-operated and incredibly easy to install, thanks to its flexible attachment band.

26. A Sushi-Making Kit That's Great For Beginners

You don't have to be a professional sushi chef to make great rolls at home. With this sushi-making kit, you can make rolls of different sizes that both your family and friends will love. It's great for beginners, because it comes with a training frame, a paddle, and a cutter that can make various rolls with ease.

27. A Set Of Tea Infusers That Look Like Tiny Dinosaurs

Perfect for tea lovers, these dinosaur tea infusers are great for straining loose leaf tea. Made of non-toxic silicone, these novelty items can easily stand up in a standard cups until your desired level of brewing is reached. They're also easy to clean in the dishwasher and come in two colors: blue and green.

28. These Himalayan Salt Blocks That Help Detoxify Your Body

These healing Himalayan salt blocks can help detoxify your body. Simply place your feet or hands on these planks to draw out impurities and provide relief from issues such as muscle aches and arthritis. One reviewer wrote, "Happy. Does what it says. I have gotten body ache relief from using these!"

29. An Gooey Keyboard Cleaner That Smells Like Lemons

It'll be easier than ever to keep things tidy with this keyboard cleaner. Made of biodegradable gel, this lemon-scented solution smells great — but it also does an awesome job at lifting away dirt and residue from keyboards and other hard-to-reach, rugged nooks.

30. A Teeth-Whitening Charcoal Powder For Brushing

You'll experience a whiter and brighter smile after using this teeth-whitening powder that's made with activated coconut charcoal. It works to eliminate stains left behind by coffee and wine — and since it's natural, it's totally chemical-free. Use it when you brush your teeth and then rinse like you normally would.

31. A Smartphone Sanitizer That Also Charges Your Phone

Your phone will be cleaner and fully-functional after using this smartphone sanitizer. It's made with germicidal UV-C bulbs that help eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria found on your phone. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from, and it also features a USB port to charge your device at the same time.

32. A Natural Foot Deodorizer Made With Essential Oils

Made with various natural oils including peppermint, tea tree leaf, eucalyptus, and thyme, this aluminum- and paraben-free foot-and-shoe deodorizer eliminates odors on contact. It's free of alcohol and other harsh chemicals, so it can be sprayed directly onto your feet and into your shoes for an instant (and safe) refresh.

33. These Snail Jelly Masks That Moisturize And Hydrate

Rapidly hydrate your skin with this pack of Snail Jelly Masks. Made with snail secretion filtrate, these face masks are both rejuvenating and moisturizing. They're packed with nourishing ingredients and vitamins — and they even have the ability to address acne, rosacea, razor bumps, and more.

34. A Miswak Teeth-Whitening Kit That Naturally Brightens Your Smile

You'll be able to brighten your teeth with this premium-grade teeth-whitening miswak kit (sans the use of toothpaste or a toothbrush). A natural alternative to traditional teeth-whitening pens and devices, this kit comes with a pack of two Arak tree twigs — each with their own carrying case — that are free of chemicals and pesticides. Chew the end pieces and let the newly-formed bristles do the rest.

35. A Microwavable Container That Cooks And Serves Noodles

This noodle bowl has the ability to cook and serve noodles, oatmeal, and other foods easily and seamlessly from microwave to table. It's made of phthalate- and BPA-free plastic, and it's safe to use in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave. The container also comes with a lid that has a vent for mess-free heating.

36. A Beverage Cooler So You Can Make Iced Coffee At Home

You'll never have to go out for iced coffee again, all thanks to this handy beverage cooler. Its frozen inner lining helps chill coffee, but it can also work to cool wine and other drinks in less than 60 seconds (without the use of chemicals or gels). The best part is that functions seamlessly with all types of coffee makers; just pour your fresh brew into its compartment and then let it get cold.

37. A Mini Humidifier That Can Be Used In Your Car

This mini humidifier is perfect for adding moisture to dry air anywhere and everywhere you go. Whether you use it in your car, hotel room, or office, it's easy to set up in your preferred water container. The convenient device can be plugged in via USB, and it even has an automatic shut-off feature that provides safety and a peace of mind while traveling, at home, and beyond.

38. A S'mores Maker That You Can Use On Your Kitchen Counter

Get the warm, cozy feeling of an outdoor campfire in the comfort of your own home with this electric s'mores maker. The flameless heater is easy to use; simply plug it in and flip the power switch. It also comes with two stainless steel roasting forks so your family and friends can join in on the fun, along with compartments for your s'mores add-ons.

39. These Pizza Scissors That Can Cut And Serve Individual Slices

You'll be able to slice and serve pizza with ease, thanks to this pair of BPA-free pizza scissors. The stainless steel blades are strong enough to cut through various pies, while the flat spatula base makes for easy serving (without scratching or ruining your non-stick pan or pizza stone). These can resist heat that's up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

40. A Cute Steaming Lid With A Pig Nose For Ventilation

Great for warming and cooking vegetables, grains, and more, this pig-inspired steamer is a novelty item that offers users the best of both worlds. It's cute and quirky — but it also serves a great purpose. Made of soft silicone rubber that's microwave-safe, this lid has the ability cover various plates and bowls to cook things evenly (thanks to the build-in air vents in the protruding nose).

41. This Eyelash Kit That Uses Magnetic Eyeliner To Work

Get longer, thicker lashes in a matter of seconds with this magnetic eyeliner and lash kit. This pack comes with three sets of lashes and smudge-proof liner. Believe it or not, that liner contains magnetic particles that'll help your lashes connect to your lash lines with ease. One person wrote, "These are amazing! I love how simple they are to use and that they last all day long!"

42. A Fruit-And-Vegetable Peeler With 3 Different Blades

Peeling fruits and vegetables will be easier than ever with this versatile vegetable peeler. Made with three different blades for various types of peels, this device has the ability to remove the outer layer of snacks ranging tomatoes to oranges. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to use and grip — and the rust-resistant, stainless steel blades are easy to clean.

43. A Microwave Cleaner That Works Within Minutes

This microwave cleaner will help you cleanse your appliance in a snap. Designed in the fashion of an "angry mama," this product is super easy to use. Just fill it up with a mixture of vinegar and water, and then microwave the item for seven minutes to see unwanted stains and crud loosen up for easy cleaning.

44. A Handheld Vacuum That Cleans Up Dust

Quickly remove dust and other small particles from laptops, appliances, and other areas with this mini crumb sweeper. It's lightweight and great to use in your office or car — and it only requires two batteries to operate. The device uses nylon brushes to collect debris as the vacuum suctions them up.

45. This Waterproof Notebook That Can Withstand Rain And Mud

Take notes while hiking, camping, or trekking outside with this weatherproof notepad. The waterproof cover of this notebook is both flexible and durable — and the recyclable, wood-based paper is tough enough to resist mud, rain, sweat, and more. What's even cooler is that you can use a standard pencil while writing inside it.

46. A Suction Cup That Holds Wine In The Tub

You can sit back and relax in a bubble bath while sipping your favorite wine, all thanks to this cup holder. Constructed to hold wine glasses, cans, plastic bottles, cups, small mugs, and more, this device features suction cup placement that's strong, durable, and perfect for any shower or bath. It comes in six colors, so choose your favorite one.

47. A Foot Massager That Attaches To Your Shower Floor

Who needs a spa when you can pamper your feet at home with this in-shower foot scrubber and massager? Made with comfortable bristles, this scrubber has the ability to clean and scrub hard-to-reach places while increasing circulation and comforting you toes and feet. It even suctions to the bottom of your tub, so it should stay in place without a problem.

48. This Nail Polish Bottle Holder That Makes Painting A Breeze

Polishing your own nails will be a breeze with this nail polish bottle holder. By simply wearing it like a ring, you don't have to find somewhere to set your polish as you paint your nails. That, of course, allows you to complete the task virtually anywhere. Made of silicone, the ring is flexible enough to accommodate many bottle sizes and can fit most finger sizes.

49. An Adorable Elephant Mug With A Built-In Tea Bag Holder

If you love animals, you're definitely going to fall head over heels for this adorable elephant tea mug. The ceramic cup's oversized, elephant-shaped body lets you to pour up to 15 ounces of tea, while the head and trunk area features an opening that holds your teabag after it's finished brewing. Unlike standard mugs, it stands on four feet.

50. These Stainless Steel Ice Cubes To Cool Your Wine

Chill your wine without watering it down with this set of wine gems. Made with stainless steel, they're elegant and functional — and they're the perfect ice alternative for any beverage that needs cooling. Sold in a package of four, these are great options for any party or social gathering.

51. This Avocado-Growing Kit For Endless Guac At Home

Imagine the delicious homemade guacamole you'll be able to make with this amazing avocado-growing kit. This set — which would make for an awesome science experiment — is super easy to use. You simply put a peeled avocado pit in the provided seed holder, and then wait for it to grow. After it sprouts, you can add your plant to soil.

52. A Genius Cereal Bowl That Prevents Sogginess

You'll never have to eat mushy cereal again with this cereal bowl. The compartmentalized, BPA-free bowl helps keep your cereal fresh and crispy by separating the milk until you're ready to mix it together. It also comes with a built-in grip so that it's easier to navigate and hold while you're relaxing.

53. These Rubber Ties That Can Be Used Over And Over Again

Keep things neatly organized with these reusable, waterproof rubber twist ties. They're strong, durable, and great for organizing a myriad of items around your home (both indoors and outdoors). The pack of eight comes in a variety of colors and lengths, which makes them perfect for large and small items alike.

54. This 18-in-1 Wallet Tool That's Shaped Like A Credit Card

Despite being designed in the same fashion and size as an average credit card, this "Wallet Ninja" multitool is anything but average. Made from extremely durable, heat-treated steel, this card has 18 tools that can help you open bottles, fix eyeglasses, tighten bolts, open boxes, and more.

55. These Champagne Shooters For Easy Sipping

Sip on your favorite bubbly beverage with one of these cool champagne glasses. Made of plastic acrylic, these double-sided, bent glasses are completely shatter-proof and simple to grip. The perfect accessory for bachelorette and birthday celebrations, they're guaranteed to be the life of the party wherever you go.

56. The Popular Squatty Potty With Over 7,000 Five-Star Reviews

Devices like the Squatty Potty have been proven to make going to the bathroom more efficient without straining your body — so it may be worth trying. This seven-inch, FDA-registered, polyurethane stool helps your body mimic a squatting position as you sit down on the toilet, all while aligning your colon for more effective bowel evacuation.

57. An Earwax-Removing Tool That Connects To Your Phone

This otoscope will allow you to inspect and clean your ears at home. The wireless earwax-removing tool features six LED lights, and it can record images as you clean hard-to-reach spaces. It's easy to use and compatible with various phones and devices, allowing you to upload photos to send them to your doctor (should questions or issues arise).

58. A Beard Bib That Catches Hair As You Trim

The Beard Bib does an amazing job at making your post-shave cleanup an easy process. It comes with suction cups that attach one side to your mirror, creating a hammock-like net to catch your clippings as you go. It can also easily packed away for travel, thanks to its accompanying pouch.

59. A Storage Bag That Keeps Wrapping Paper In One Place

Store all of your gift-wrapping needs in one place with this hanging gift wrap bag. The longer bag can hold up to 12 rolls of wrapping paper, while the smaller bag is equipped to hold ribbons, bows, gift tags, tape, and more. There's even a clear window for easy viewing. Choose from green or red.

60. A Makeup Brush Set That Comes With Its Own Silicone Cleaner

This 10-piece makeup brush set has all of your needs covered. Each brush in the kit is made with a curved neck that's flexible and ergonomically-shaped. Thanks to the different-sized bristle pads, they can be used to apply your favorite foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, and more. The kit even comes with a silicone cleaning surface that'll help keep your brushes in tip-top shape.

61. These Bandages With Shakespearean Jokes Written On Them

This set of bandages is sure to entertain both literary and playwright lovers alike. Each of the 15 stickers offered in this Shakespearean Insult Bandage kit features its own spin on some of Shakespeare's most notable quotes — and there's no doubt that they'll have you and your loved ones laughing to no end. One person wrote, "These bandaids are so fun! They were meant to be a gift, but I actually just decided to keep them in my desk at work because I liked them so much." Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.