61 Lucky Gift Finds On Amazon For Anyone Who Needs Good Gift Ideas

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For some people, buying gifts is a breeze. And then there's the rest of us — the ones in desperate need of this list of lucky, brilliant finds on Amazon for anyone who needs some good gifts ideas. Maybe we don't naturally possess sharp instincts when it comes to knowing what others will want to unwrap.

Yeah, sure, we admit we've gifted someone a pair of socks (once) and a box of generic chocolates that were picked up five minutes before a holiday event or birthday party (in our defense, they were yummy chocolates). But we're determined to change and become better gift givers — starting right now.

This extensive list includes something for everyone on your gift list. Whether you're shopping for your beauty-obsessed best friend who is always the first to learn about a trend (and, therefore, impossible to impress), your amateur chef dad, or your techie partner who could use a decent pair of headphones, this list will satisfy the needs of all. You'll find things like a highly-rated hyaluronic acid serums that won't cost a small fortune, inflatable flamingo drink holders, and shot glasses made from Himalayan salt.

Know what you won't find on this list? A single dud — which will surely make your holiday a lucky one.

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