60 Things Under $15 On Amazon That Are Legitimately Amazing

by Shayna Murphy

As someone on a budget, I'm always trying to get the most bang for my buck. If I can find an affordable alternative to high-end products, I'm on it, which is why I love perusing Amazon. When you're shopping there, a little goes a long way, and the things under $15 on Amazon you can find aren't just cheap — they're legitimately pretty amazing, too.

From fitness trackers to facial cleansing brushes, the kind of stuff you can buy online when you're trying to make each dollar count can be surprisingly high-quality and built to last. All it takes is a little sleuthing around, which is one of the reasons why I put together this list of the best budget products to buy for just under $15.

These are items offer the same incredible benefits of more expensive items, but at a fraction of the cost, or they're just cool gadgets that solve a problem you never thought you'd solve. Plus, with all that extra cash left over, you can afford to buy a few, or sign up for a Prime membership so you can also get everything shipped to you at lightning speed — meaning you can start experiencing their life-altering awesomeness ASAP.

A Hair Catcher That'll Save You A Ton Of Time, Money, And Hassle

Clogged drains are no joke, which is why this amazing little strainer is such a steal. Instead of doing the dirty work yourself or worse, having to dish out big bucks on a plumber, this hair catcher just plops inside your drain and neatly collects hair every time you shower. Designed to fit most standard drains, the colorful strainer isn't hard to clean or maintain, and it prevents clogged drains from forming without having to use chemicals.

This All-In-One Container That Makes It Easy To Pack A Salad Lunch For The Road

For an on-the-go salad container, look no further than this all-in-one Sistema Salad Container. Featuring a compartmentalized system to keep dressing lidded and your various salad ingredients separate during travel, this dishwasher safe, BPA-, and phthalate-free container is a great buy. And with the included fork and knife there’s no reason you can’t eat a salad on the move.

A Pen That Combines Nine Handy Tools Into One

Getting caught without a pen can be annoying, but realizing you need a screwdriver when you can't easily run out to the store and grab one is even worse. This screwdriver pen saves space by combining nine tools (ballpoint pen, stylus, Phillips and flathead screwdriver, bubble level, and ruler, to name a few) into one so that you're prepared for any DIY project that pops up no matter where you are. It's designed with extra-strong aluminum without any moving parts that easily break unlike flimsy competitors, and since the case is vibrant it's easy to find this pen anytime you misplace it.

A Cooling Facial Massager That Improves Your Skin While Relieving Stress

Aside from making your face feel amazingly relaxed, this ice roller can help reduce puffiness under your eyes. Just store the roller in your freezer and when it’s time to use it, take it out and gently massage the wand all over your face. The cooling massage pressure contracts your blood vessels, tightening your pores and making your skin glow. You can also use it on your eyes and temples to release stress or on sunburns to minimize redness and soothe pain.

A Stick-On Wallet That Gives You A Secure Place To Stash Your Money

This secure, discreet wallet is a great way to protect your valuables and keep them close to your phone. Made from super-elastic Lycra Spandex, this wallet is slim but holds a lot — and it comes with a 3M adhesive backing that attaches securely to the back of a flat surface. It can also be used as a secret pocket in a personal locker, glove box organizer, or gym bag.

A Lightweight Setting Powder That's A Longtime Best-Seller

This lightweight setting powder helps control oil production and reduces the visibility of pores. If you have oily skin or simply want a more matte final look, pat on this powder with the powder puff — included in your purchase — as a final step after applying makeup. It comes in six different shades to match many skin tones, and has over 3,000 glowing reviews on Amazon.

An Ultra-Soft Makeup Remover Cloth That'll Help You Get Cleaner Pores

Remove cosmetics quick, easy, and without any chemicals using a brilliant makeup remover cloth that needs no cleanser to work. Designed to wipe away dirt and oil just like an eraser, it's amazingly soft on sensitive skin and is made with a unique cloth fiber that only needs a little warm water to activate. Whether you want to get rid of eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, or the grime from the day, it's safer and gentler than other towels out there.

The Mini Flat Iron That's Gentle On Hair, But Still Delivers Results

Get silky smooth hair with this mini flat iron, which heats up fast and is able to conduct high heat while also resisting corrosion. It has a dual-voltage design, comes with a portable travel bag, and is comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. It also won't strip hair of its natural nutrients, but instead can help it to look shinier and sleeker than ever.

A Shaving Oil That'll Help Dramatically Reduce The Risk Of Dry Skin, Cuts, And Rashes

If you have gentle or sensitive skin, having this shaving oil on hand can be an excellent way to protect yourself from irritation. This oil helps to dramatically reduce the look of dry skin, nicks, rashes, ingrown hairs, and shaving bumps. Rich in nourishing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, this is the moisturizing oil you need to keep your skin smooth shave after shave.

The Replenishing Lip Balm That Helps Repair Dry, Cracked Lips

If you struggle with dry, chapped lips, a nourishing lip balm is a must-have. Made to help keep lips moisturized for up to eight hours, this version creates an ultra-flexible barrier to treat cracked lips and keep them feeling protected for longer. Because the two main active ingredients in this balm are lubricating shea butter and dimethicone — which slows down the evaporation of water from the top layers of skin — this balm can be a real weapon against lip damage.

This Deep Cleansing Clay Mask That Gives The Most Powerful Facial Ever

This miracle Indian healing clay has over 19,000 reviews for a reason — it's made from 100 percent natural calcium bentonite clay, and it's one of the best pickups you can find if you're looking for a powerful pore-cleansing experience. Its fragrance-free clay is good for all skin types and can be mixed with apple cider vinegar for an incredibly purifying mask that won't dry out the skin.

An RFID-Blocking Wallet That'll Help Keep Your Personal Information Secure

With this Claasico premium leather wallet’s RFID blocking technology, you can feel more confident that your debit and credit card information will remain safe. The wallet has 17 card slots, an ID window, heavy-duty, durable zippers, and a wristlet for extra security. With two pockets behind the card slots, a hidden cash compartment for extra safety, and an extra two zippered pockets, you can even carry your smartphone in this wallet, making storage in this slim design a surprising bonus. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors!

This Motion Sensor Light Bulb That's Great For A Variety Of Settings

This motion-sensor detecting light bulb is more sensitive than an infrared sensor and can penetrate walls, glass, and, more to detect the motion occurring within 13 to 19 feet. Once on, it will stay lit for up to 40 to 60 seconds and turns on in the dark and dusk when motion is detected. This 5W bulb is a great investment for interiors and exteriors, and can be a great deterrent for break-ins, too.

An Eco-Friendly Cleansing Shampoo That Work Wonders On Makeup Brushes

This makeup brush shampoo is a great eco-friendly alternative to typical cleansing products, and can help maintain the integrity of your makeup brushes. Meant to be used once a week for a deep cleanse on your brushes, the formula will instantly wash away any surface makeup, oil, and impurities, and is free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.

A Hand Grip Strengthener That'll Help Boost Forearm Strength

Perfect for athletes and musicians, this hand grip strengthener can be a great option for building finger, hand, wrist, and forearm strength and resiliency. It offers easily adjustable resistance up to 70 pounds, and is built to fit small or large hand sizes. This strengthener comes with anti-slip handles, and reviewers say it's comfortable and very effective.

A Scalp Massager That Can Help Stimulate Hair Growth

This electric scalp massager is great if you're looking to reduce scalp buildup and encourage hair growth. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold in the palm of your hand and can control dandruff, stimulate blood circulation to the scalp — and, best of all, it helps to relax muscles and relieve fatigue.

An Antiperspirant Lotion That Helps Sweaty Hands

Constantly wiping your hands on your pants and clothing is not an effective solution to sweaty hands — this antiperspirant hand lotion, on the other hand, starts working immediately and reaches full effect after four weeks of consistent use. This 100 percent non-irritating lotion absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residue, and is a solution to manage excessive sweating. And in the event it doesn't work for you, they offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

A Shelf That Installs Over Your Outlets To Give You Extra Storage Space

Perfect for adding storage space anywhere there's an outlet, this outlet storage shelf can be set up in seconds. You'll no longer have to risk your tablet or phone getting damaged by letting it sit on the ground to charge. Plus, this shelf can be installed on the sides of your outlet, so there's still plenty of room and flexibility for other cords. It's great for bathroom outlets too, as you can set a decorative aroma diffuser (or toothbrushes if you want) on top of the shelf without using up any counter space!

A Set Of Hair Chalks That'll Help You Rock Rainbow-Colored Hair

Feel like changing things up and adding a pop of color to your hair? This hair chalk can help you change your hair's color in minutes, and you have the option to choose from six vibrant colors or mix them up if you're looking to experiment. This pack of scentless and FDA-approved hair chalk options washes out with ordinary shampoo and water, but can make a dazzling impact if you're headed out to a party or event.

The Lip Tint That Glides On With A Matte Finish And Will Make Your Lips Velvet Soft

This weightless lip tint can hydrate lips while keeping them stained with a color that will last all day. It has a matte effect without being drying, and one reviewer wrote: "The color of this product is vibrant and beautiful. It is very pigmented, and sort of somewhere between a classic sheer lip stain and a more opaque pigmented lipstick. It looks great and stays on for a while."

This Microwavable Bacon Tray For When You Want To Avoid Splatters

Crispy bacon is just a microwave away with this BPA-free plastic bacon tray. Designed to hold four to five strips of bacon at a time, it comes with raised ridges that elevate bacon and help distribute heat more evenly. Fat also drips away in this tray, so you're bound to have tastier and less greasy bacon. Just plop it into the microwave for a minute per strip of bacon, and they should emerge tasty and delicious.

An Essential Oil Diffuser That'll Make Your Car Smell Amazing

With this pack of two diffusers, you can bring aromatherapy to your car and experience the benefits of greater relaxation or reduced stress on your ride — and, of course, a pleasantly scented ride. These diffusers clip into your car's vents and have 12 different felt pads, so they won't scratch or damage your car. It's also great to use in an office as well.

A Revitalizing Hair Oil That Has An Enriching Effect On Skin

Great to restore hair and nourish skin, this powerful oil is made with hydrating argan. Apply on damp hair after shampooing or conditioning to smooth frizz and hydrate dry scalp or massage on your skin to nourish and revitalize skin.

A Lighted Makeup Mirror That's Perfect For Midday Touch-Ups

This light-up makeup mirror is a little beauty accessory that you'll be thankful you have around. Built with eight LED lights, it has a touch switch in the center that turns on its lights so that you can apply your makeup anywhere you go. The mirror conveniently folds in half and can fit in your purse, bag, or pocket.

An Air-Purifying Odor Absorber That'll Get Rid Of Virtually Any Odors

This chemical-free odor absorber can last for up to two years — and can completely eliminate odors in your immediate surroundings. Made with bamboo charcoal, it'll wick away moisture, prevent bacterial growth, and can absorb allergens that may be in the air. This will create a fresher atmosphere in whatever room or area you use this absorber in, and it even works great in a fridge.

A Derma Roller That Looks Like A Torture Device, But Is Actually Pretty Transformative

Dermarolling is a type of microneedling treatment that boasts near-immediate results. Just roll the needles on your face and the tiny pin pricks will penetrate your skin which then stimulates your natural wound healing response. Ultimately this results in a smoother complexion, boost in collagen, and reduced appearance of scars.

The Nail Base Coat That Actually Repairs Your Nails

In the words of one reviewer, “This isn't a good product, it is a freakin' miracle.” The Prolana Nail Optimizer works to repair thin, cracked and peeling nails with the help of calcium and protein. With consistent use, you’ll find you have stronger nails that are less prone to breaking and cracking. And it works without the use of chemicals like toluene and DPA. Use it as a base coat before applying nail polish, or as a top coat to give yourself an extra-glossy manicure.

These Moisturizing Socks That Can Treat Dry, Cracked Heels

This pack of four socks can help reverse the effects of dry or cracked heels. Formulated with gel made from aloe vera and shea butter, these heel socks provide daytime or nighttime relief, and are comfortable to wear even in shoes. They're also made to be one size fits all, and are made from breathable cotton for ultra comfort.

This Facial Toner That's Made With Witch Hazel And Fragrant Rose Water

Formulated to both cleanse and hydrate, this soothing facial mist skin toner will give your skin a healthy glow. It's made with a refreshing combination of witch hazel, aloe vera, vitamin E, and rose petal water, offering a sweet-smelling solution that's made without alcohol and is 100 percent paraben-free.

These Easy-Peel Patches That Blend With Skin And Cover Up Pimples

Made with calming tea tree and calendula oil, these lightweight patches are a great way to conceal the look of annoying blemishes and help you get the smooth, spot-free complexion you've been hoping for. Each pack comes with 40 individual patches, are gentle on all skin types, and are designed to blend in with skin, so in addition to having annoying pimples or acne covered up, you can also still have smooth, radiant-looking skin.

A Set Of Nourishing Face Masks That Offer Something For Every Skin Type

The ice water of Iceland can have an incredible effect on skin, and that's something this set of face masks really helps to deliver. Featuring a set of 10 masks with ingredients like mangosteen and almond, each one of these is packed with vitamins that help to deliver rich moisture to skin and make dull complexions brighter and more luminous. Designed to also make skin feel cleaner and enriched, this set comes with a silicone puff for easier removal after you're done using the mask.

The Tweezer Set That Comes With Everything You'll Need

This set of precision tweezers offers a close and effective way to get rid of unwanted hairs and address skin issues easily. Included in the set is a variety of tweezers, including curved tip tweezers, an acne tweezer, and five pointed tip versions — and a carrying case, too. Made with anti-static, non-magnetic tips, these fine-needle tweezers are comfortable and safe to use for getting rid of ingrown hairs, peach fuzz, blackheads, acne, and more.

A Digital Meat Thermometer That Makes Cooking Meat So Much Easier

This digital meat thermometer is a must-have if you're planning on cooking a big dinner where there's plenty of meat involved. Whether you're barbecuing or preparing a turkey dinner, it gets an accurate temperature readout in just 7 seconds. Another benefit of this precision sensor thermometer is that it's easy to tuck away — just fold it in when you're not trying to use it and it'll store easily in your drawer or cabinet.

These Charcoal Toothbrushes That'll Help You Get A Mega-Watt Smile

Eager to brush your way to a whiter smile? With these charcoal toothbrushes, you can get all the benefits of charcoal whitening on your teeth. Designed to remove plaque and bacteria in hard-to-reach areas, they're made with soft bristles that are comfortable to use, even on sensitive teeth. The brushes also work to improve gum health, reduce gingivitis, and restore dental hygiene within just a few weeks of use.

A Lotion That's Like Adding A Second Skin To Your Hands And Body

Applying this thick hand cream is a great way to protect your skin if you're regularly exposed to harsh chemicals or wash your hands a lot. It works by bonding to the outer layer of skin cells, boosting skin's ability to retain natural oils and moisture. At the same time, it helps to protect from irritants, harsh soaps, and common household cleaning products that could be damaging.

A Facial Brush That'll Leave Your Skin Feeling So Fresh

Whether you're trying to get rid of makeup or just exfoliate, this facial brush can revitalize your whole skincare routine. The water-resistant brush has two speed settings and comes with five 360-degree rotating heads, each one targeted to different facial issues. From dry skin to trouble with acne, this skincare system is a cordless, easy-to-use way to give your skin the extra help it needs to look radiant. It also helps to stimulate collagen production, too.

This 2-In-1 Clip-On Camera Lens For High-Quality Pics

A camera lens for your smartphone is a fun way to improve the quality of your snapshots. This two-in-one clip-on professional HD lens comes with a super-wide angle lens and macro lens, so you can get the perfect image with every click. It'll help to open up your phone's field of view, while the enhanced micro-lens allows you to get up close and personal.

A Microfiber Towel That Helps Cut Down On Hair Drying Time

Blow dryers can cause serious damage if used regularly over time, but with this plush microfiber towel, you can protect your hair from heat damage and reduce drying time all at once. It'll work like a regular towel, but is made from ultra-absorbent microfiber so it sucks up moisture like nothing else. It's also fantastic for curly hair for natural definition, and it won't cause hair breakage.

The Sliders That'll Help You Get Better Mobility In A Workout

No matter what kind of exercise regimen you're pursuing, these exercise sliders are a convenient way to add an extra boost to your workout. They work on all surfaces, and you can use them whether you're traveling or at home to strengthen your core, tone up the legs, arms, or abs, and they offer a low-impact way to create added flexibility.

These Unique Eye Patches That Are Made From Gold And Snail Slime

Want firmer skin around your eyes, or just need something that'll help add a healthy glow to the area? These eye patches, which are made with gold and snail slime extract, can penetrate into skin rapidly and help to make your skin firmer and more luminous. Just cleanse and use a toner before applying one of these patches, then leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes before removing. Within a week, you should start to see incredible results for your skin.

These Ultra-Soft Bamboo Pillow Cases That'll Feel Gentle On Your Skin

These bamboo pillowcases will look great on your bed, but that's not the only reason to pick up a set. Some of the major benefits of this set may actually surprise you, because using these cases — which are made with bamboo sateen fabric at a 300 thread count — can have an amazing impact on your overall sleep satisfaction. These pillowcases are completely free of allergens, synthetics, and chemicals, and help block out dust mites, mold spores, and other things that can deteriorate the quality of your pillows (and sleep enjoyment).

This Burger Maker That Makes Preparing Burgers For Later Easy

If you find yourself scrambling to make meals at the end of the day, it's about time you give meal prepping with this burger maker a try. Each of the six squares produce a one-third pound burger that you can freeze for easy eating later, and the built-in dimpler ensures that your burgers stay flat and cook evenly instead of puffing up. And if burgers aren't your thing, no worries — this burger maker comes with 25 professional recipes along with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.

These Natural Stress Relief Tablets That Calm Anxiety Without Pharmaceuticals

These homeopathic, sugar-free stress relief tablets, which come in black currant, lemon, orange and elderflower, and cranberry flavors, are each made with a calming blend of five flowers. The combination is meant to soothe anxiety and ease stress. "Recommended by my daughter's counselor for her panic attacks," wrote one reviewer. "She uses them when situations make her anxious and claims that they do relax her. I buy them on a regular now."

An Innovative Hanger That's Perfect For Organizing Pants And Scarves

Made from stainless steel, this 4-pack of S-shaped stainless steel closet organizers are a must if you're messy AF and need a way to keep pants and scarves in order. The durable and rust-resistant organizer can fit into any closet, and it'll keep multiple articles of clothing from becoming a messy heap on your floor. They can also help you conserve space in tight, compact closets because it's essentially like having five hangers in one.

These Shoe Bags That Are Great For Traveling

Got a pair of smelly shoes that you need to store, or headed to the gym and don't want your sneakers mixing with your gear? If so, these nylon travel bags designed specifically for shoes can be a great accessory to have around. The set of four bags are all roomy enough to fit any shoe size or type, and it's waterproof with a strong zipper, so you can easily travel with these.

This Strange Looking Footwear That Can Help Relieve Pain

From hammer toes to blisters to bunions, this two-piece set of gel foot cushions promises to prevent and relieve pain caused by common foot-related medical issues. The kit includes silicone sleeves that stretch over the the foot, reducing pain and relieving pressure from the ball of the foot.

These Reusable Mesh Bags To Store Your Produce In

If you feel guilty every time you tear off one of those plastic produce bags in the grocery aisle to wrap up your broccoli and carrots, these reusable mesh bags will ease your conscience. The machine-washable sacks are specifically meant for produce so they have breathable material and you can store them in the fridge. Plus, they're double-stitched for extra durability so they also work for things like makeup, arts and crafts, office supplies, and other items.

A Sunscreen That Works Incredibly Well On Oily Skin

This lightweight sunscreen has a thin, milky texture and doesn’t just protect skin from sun damage, it also helps to moisturize it. If you have sensitive or breakout-prone skin, multiple reviewers have noted that this sunscreen could be the perfect option. Unlike other sunscreens, it helps prevent acne, blackheads, and clogged pores. One reviewer raved: “THE BEST for oily skin!! I tried to use different sunscreens just to test, and hate that I did that!! I am reordering this immediately.”

A Journal That's Filled With Inspirational Prompts And Ideas For Changing Your Life

Need more clarity and focus? This journal can help you navigate some of those bigger life challenges, and find inspiration in ways you never thought possible. Filled with 15 coloring pages plus plenty of prompts and questions, it helps readers reflect on everything that's worth appreciating in their lives — and start living positively in the absolute best ways possible.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Make Your Laundry Fresh And Wrinkle-Free

Rather than using chemical-laden dryer sheets, these clever woolen dryer balls offer a way to make your clothes stay fresh naturally. Not only that, the eco-friendly balls minimize lint and reduce wrinkles in your clothes so there's less time ironing and pressing.

This Incredible Oil That Can Be Used For Pretty Much Everything

Cooking? No problem. Healthier, happier hair? Got you covered. This organic coconut oil is about to become your secret little weapon for virtually everything, and understandably so. The oil can be used to do everything from remove makeup, soothe troubled skin, seal split ends, hydrate skin, and so much more. This is basically an essential you've got to have around your house, because you'll be able to find endless uses for it once you have some.

A Facial Mist With Phyto-6 Complex To Help Improve Your Skin's Health

This paraben and mineral oil-free natural face mist is natural and contains pure mineral water, Phyto-6 nutrients from vegetables, and vitamin complexes like biotin and riboflavin to help boost and improve your skin's health. "This is my favorite facial mist," one Amazon reviewer raves. "No scent, very hydrating without adding grease, and it's brightening!"

A Deeply Penetrating Cream For Moments When You Really Want To Pamper Your Feet

For cracked heels, nothing works better than this nourishing heel balm. This lotion is a terrific option if you’re looking to treat the cause of cracked heels and also deliver vital hydration to dry, itchy skin. Safe to use for diabetics, this cream is also formulated with healing Shea butter and aloe, for an ever richer and more luxurious feel.

This Bluetooth Receiver For Hands-Free Calls In The Car

Enjoy your music while driving or experience the benefits of hands-free calling with ease using this Bluetooth receiver. It has a connection range of up to 33 feet, can connect with two Bluetooth devices at once, and is ideal for home and vehicle audio systems. It comes with a super-powerful built-in battery, which can deliver up to 10 hours of playing time back. Best of all, once this device is connected to your smartphone, it’ll automatically reconnect in the car, so using it feels basically effortless.

These Colored Pens With Super Fine Tips That Won't Dry Out

These fine-point colored pens are the perfect journaling tool. They're made with 0.38-millimeters tips and clean, acid-free ink that writes clearly and won't run or bleed. "I LOVE them for school work," wrote one reviewer. "Have made my life so much easier and prettier! They glide much easier than regular pens. I also love that they seem to never dry out."

This Car Mount Holder That Keeps Your Phone In Place With Magnets

Keep your phone close to your steering wheel for easy navigation with this magnetic car mount holder. Just stick the included magnet onto the back of any phone and it snaps into place. The mount swivels for easy viewing, but won’t block the air vent (you need that a/c) or the windshield (safety first, right?). Plus — it’s guaranteed to stay in place, so you don’t have to stress about speed bumps.

An Eye Gel That Helps Treat Dark Circles And Under-Eye Puffiness

For tired, puffy eyes, this vitamin C-enriched eye treatment can give your skin the vital dose of nutrients it needs to start looking and feeling amazing. The gel protects the eye area from dullness, and boosts collagen production, which in turn can reverse the look of dark circles and leave skin more hydrated and moisturized than ever.

A Portable Body Massager You'll Always Want To Have In Your Purse

There are a lot of massager on the market, but this handheld roller ball is not only one of the most affordable, but it's also high-quality and super versatile. The ball glides smoothly, so it can be used on bare skin or over clothing, and it can be used in combination with oils and lotion. Plus, its so small, it can easily fit in most purses, so you never have to leave home with out it.

A Genius Face Primer That Makes Your Eyeshadow Last All Day

Using effective ingredients like dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane, the waterproof eye primer helps your makeup last all day long. Just apply a thin coat before you put on your eyeshadow, and not only will it help your makeup last longer but it also evens out and brightens your skin tone that will help the pigment pop.

This Super-Cozy Sleep Mask For When You Just Need Some Shut-Eye

Solving your sleeplessness may be as simple as grabbing this soft sleep mask. The mask contours to fit the shape of your face and is made with skin-friendly and breathable material. Thanks to the domed shape, it won't put unwanted pressure on your eyes, and you can even sleep in it without smearing your makeup. It won’t fade and is designed to be fully adjustable, so it fits virtually any shape.

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