6 Women Reveal The Reasons They Went Back To Their Exes, & Wow, It’s So Real
by Korey Lane

Breaking up with someone isn't always an easy decision. Usually, there are a lot of emotions involved, and maybe even some doubts about whether to even go through with it. But, after you've broken up, you may be tempted to get back together. And obviously, that's your choice. But, these stories from women revealing the reasons to get back with an ex are totally relatable, heartbreaking, and sometimes, perfectly adorable.

Every situation is different, so there's really no one-size-fits-all way of knowing whether or not you should get back with your ex, other than to figure out how you feel about it. However, if you're looking for some input on the matter, these stories from real women about what happened when they got back with their exes might help you decide what to do.

Honestly, sometimes it works out, but sometimes it doesn't. Maybe you feel like you have to get back with your ex, either to see if you're meant to be, or to know for sure that it's not.

Whatever the case, read on, because you might learn something new. Or you might even realize that you just want to swear off dating for the foreseeable future! Or at least until, like, Friday.

High school romance doesn't always make it in the real world.
We dated in high school and broke up our freshman year of college. Fast forward 2 years and I’d moved back into my hometown. We got back together and I was convinced I was going to marry him. I mean I thought everything was great and I was the happiest I’d been since we broke up. After 9 months we broke up for good because he said that he didn’t love me the way I loved him.
That came out after he’d lied to me about moving and not wanting to do long distance (he’d gotten a job in Florida and I couldn’t move because I’m in nursing school). Wound up with a broken heart again and to add insult to injury he’s now dating a girl that we were friends with during our relationship.


Sometimes, all the signs that you're meant to be are there.
We broke up after dating for about 2 years and stayed friends for 3 years. During that time I had a couple of relationships and lots of fun dates but I still missed my ex. I dreamed about him regularly and even when I was in a happy, healthy(ish) relationship, I missed my ex..
He came to my little brothers graduation party and kissed me almost exactly 3 years from the day we broke up. We talked a lot, took things super slow, and got married 7 years later. We are expecting our first kid this December. He has always been my favorite person. We had some growing up to do and I'm glad we took the time to do so. While I was a little jealous of his relationships and he mine, we let it go. We picked each other after seeing what else was out there and that makes me more confident in our longevity.


You might just need time to grow.
My current BF. We have been on and off for 5 years and there was a (way to long) period of time where we we're clearly dating (Spending holidays together, Kissing, Sleeping together, Going on vacation together) but we called it friends with benefits (I wanted a real thing he didn't). The beginning of this year I met someone and ended it with my current BF because I thought we would never get our sh*t together.
At first we thought the missing each other was because above all we had been best friends. We stopped talking for 3 months because my (then current now ex) BF was SUPER jealous. Then we saw each other for the first time and he gave me a letter telling me how a day never went by without him thinking of me, How he didnt want to live without me and that he still loved me. The moment i saw him even before the letter I knew I was still in love with him. Me and the guy i was dating broke up (for unrelated reasons) that night. Three months later we're doing really really good. I think both of us have grown and realized we are better with each other than without we just needed the time apart to realize it.


Or get to know yourself better.
I got back in touch with an ex and we'd hang out and fool around on occasion. But he got incredibly clingly after not a long time and apparently I was suddenly some kind of goddess to him even though when we had relationship about 6 years prior, I wasn't good enough for him.
Unfortunately for him, now he wasn't good enough for me. Luckily I had the self esteem to realize that now.


Getting back together might be the best thing for you!
We had dated for a month the first time around but it didn't work because the timing wasn't right and our heads weren't in the same place.
A year or two goes by and we reconnect and decide to give it another shot. We've both matured a lot and we're able to figure out what we both wanted out of life (relationships included). We've been together for three months now, traveling around the world, enjoying each other's company and we couldn't be happier.


Again, sometimes it just takes a little time.
After being together for a little over a year, he broke up with me. He was graduating college, moving, and starting a new job, which was super stressful and all new for him. He didn't feel he could handle a relationship and left because he thought I was unhappy.Roughly 6 weeks later, we started talking again, and soon got back together.
He had gotten his life together, and we still loved each other deeply. We clearly had a lot of things to work through, and it was a rough start.It's now been over a year since we got back together, and while there have been some really hard times for both of us, we've grown together. I can't imagine going through life without him.


The decision of whether or not to get back with your ex isn't an easy one, and it's not always a good idea. But sometimes, things work out, and you might end up happier than ever. Use your best judgement, and really evaluate whether or not you'll be happier with them in your life. Regardless of the answer, just make sure you're staying true to you.

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