6 Unique Volunteer Ideas To Do With Your Girl Crew That'll Give You All The Good Feels

Volunteering is such an amazing use of anyone's time. It does something to your wellbeing when you see your efforts benefit someone or something else that needs it. Time is really all you need to give back, and if you're reading this, it means you've got some to spare. Coming up with unique volunteer ideas with your girls can not only be a fun experience, but it'll show you why you all are such good friends.

You ladies share that need to contribute to something bigger than yourself. Selflessness is such a genuine quality, so why not want that from a friend? Anyway, your crew might want to switch it up and seek out a volunteer experience that will shy away from simply giving blood or cleaning up the park. Those are great ways to volunteer, by the way, but givers may want to find out what additional opportunities are out there as well.

Well, look no more, because you and your girls can discover ways to volunteer that you didn't even know existed. You'll literally wonder why you didn't think of utilizing your spare time in such a beneficial way sooner. If you ladies are ready to contribute time and effort to a significant cause beyond your initial expectations, consider lending a helping hand to these organizations.

Become Baby Cuddlers
Enloe Medical Center on Twitter

Sadly, there is an opioid epidemic plaguing the United States, which has resulted in babies (whose mothers were users) being born addicted to the drug. They go through withdrawals, and several significant programs have been designed for people to cuddle the babies as they go through the process of becoming more healthier and drug-free. There are also programs where you can work with kids and babies who could use some extra TLC.

Bake A Birthday Cake For A Great Cause
Birthday Cakes 4Free on Twitter

Literally, this volunteer opportunity is as easy as baking a cake. Birthday Cakes 4 Free is a program that allows you to bake birthday cakes for kids and senior citizens who maybe can't afford it for themselves, or have social disadvantages. You and your girls probably bake for absolutely no reason sometimes. Why not bake with a purpose, and put a smile on a stranger's face for their birthday?

Pick Up The Phone For A Chat
Big Lottery Fund on Twitter

Volunteering with Age UK allows you to befriend an older person on the phone, or arrange a visit in person. It's for older individuals who are dealing with loneliness and just want a buddy to talk to every once in awhile. As much as we are always on our phones these days, imagine what 30 minutes a week could mean to someone who really doesn't have anyone to talk to. It could be life-altering.

Save The Sea Turtles
la tortuga feliz on Twitter

Pack your bags and join the non-profit organization, La Tortuga Feliz, as you help safeguard the beach (and rehabilitate turtles as well) in Costa Rica. Sea turtles are poached and sometimes injured in the seas. You and you girls, depending on when you volunteer, can help make sure the sea turtles have a safe place to lay their eggs when it's time.

Help Wild Animals In Florida
Sydney on Twitter

The good ole Sunshine State is also home to the Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary, aka, EARS. There, you can mingle with other volunteers and staff as you dedicate yourself to helping endangered wild animals at the sanctuary. So, if you happen to be passing by or vacationing in Florida, it might be worth swapping out some vacation time for some volunteer time. Observe, feed, and learn about animals you thought you'd only get to see on the Discovery Channel.

Volunteer With Elephants In Thailand
GVI Chiang Mai on Twitter

What better way to explore Thailand than to help elephants who need to learn how to acclimate make to their habitats after being apart of tourist shows? With GVI, you'll have an opportunity to travel to Thailand and help out elephants in a big way. You can submerge yourself in the culture, get up close and personal with adorable elephants, and make some lifelong friends along the way. Thailand has some amazing places to visit, and you could be able to see many of them while contributing your time to a good cause.

Volunteering has such an impact on everyday things we might take advantage of. Time, effort, and the need to help where you can are all you need to give back. And since you already give that and some more to your friendship with your girls, they're the perfect people to bring along to volunteer.