6 More Important Things To Cuff During Cuffing Season Instead Of A Person

Folks, we're in the home stretch – cuffing season is almost over. If you're in the dark about this phenomenon, cuffing is understood generally as the time when it's too cold to go outside, so you settle down with a partner to keep you warm inside. But because these grey months can feel like the rest of the world is coupling up while you're on your own, it can be a great time to find things to do when you're single.

I spoke with Dr. Deb Sandella, psychotherapist and author of Goodbye Hurt & Pain, 7 Simple Steps to Health, Love and Success about how to cope with cuffing season when you're a single Millennial. She stressed the importance of self-care. "Not only is it okay to have self-care, it's emotionally healthy and necessary," she said. "Learning to become comfortable with being alone and enjoying it for periods of time is really valuable."

Here are a number of things to cuff instead of another human being. While it's understandable to feel lonely if you don't have that warm body to cuddle up with, there are plenty of things you can do instead that are just as meaningful and fulfilling.


Close out the cold, crank up the heat, and kick back with a journal and pen every night. "Look inward at yourself to gain greater self-awareness, rather than looking to the people around you for what's right for you," Dr. Sandella said. The best way to better self-understanding? Write out your feelings, girl. Relinquish your emotions into a journal for a therapeutic way to get to know yourself better. Hey, you may even look back in your journal years from now, thankful to see what your mind was like way back when.

Face Masks

While certain people on the internet may argue that skincare is self-indulgent and vain (we're not giving that article clicks), who cares? Anyway, skin is your largest organ, so you should be taking care of it. We don't discount doing cardio for our health as frivolous, so the same shouldn't be said for skincare. Wear SPF to protect against skin cancer and lather on a soothing moisturizer with your favorite scent. Dr. Sandella said that "what some may think is selfish is actually self-care." So put on a face mask and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.


While I usually am one partial to the whole "namastay in bed" mentality, if you're feeling up to it, yoga clears your mind and is a damn good workout. "Yoga turns our attention inward," Dr. Sandella said about yoga's benefitting session. Without the distraction of everything else going on in your life, yoga allows you to just be.

Phone Dates With Friends

Chat about the latest episode of Riverdale (if you're not shipping Cheryl and Toni, you are wrong), your annoying coworker, or the flirtatious barista. Vent it all out with your pal over the phone. I like to have these routinely with friends – sometimes via FaceTime, especially when I need help playing HQ Trivia.

DIY Manicure

I don't know about you, but a fresh manicure always makes me feel ready to tackle my day. DIY and get some polish, a file, and a buffing brush for a cheaper alternative that'll save you some cash.

Learn To Play An Instrument

There's a variety of instruments to choose from, and it's never been easier to learn how to play one. Plenty of tutorials online can guide a beginner to become a pro, and Dr. Sandella said that she sees so much creativity in Millennial women, so put that creativity to use.

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