6 Things To Do On Thanksgiving With Your Sister If You Can't Be Home For The Holiday

by Tessa Harvey

From reuniting with long-distance family members and friends, to making homemade apple crisp and seasonal baked goods, everyone knows Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful holidays. It's one of the only days when you're surrounded by your closest loved ones at the dinner table, and if you've been away from home, it's a brief cure for your homesickness. The holiday may be a bit different, through, if there's no way for you and your sister to catch a ride back to home sweet home on Thanksgiving. It's then when you'll most likely start frantically searching the internet for "things to do on Thanksgiving with your sister" if you can't make it home.

Being away from your hometown on the holidays is hard, especially if you're the type of person who lives for big family gatherings and talking loudly over each other while eating pumpkin pie. Luckily, though, you and your sister have each other. With that being said, there's no need to feel down about it. The two of you can still make the most of Turkey Day, as long as you're together. All it takes is some creativity, good spirit, and just a few of these amazing ideas for things to do on Thanksgiving with just your sis. You'll be beating any blues in no time.

Have A Holiday Cookie Bake-Off

Whether you're the best duo of bakers, or the absolute worst, you'll both have fun spending a day together trying your best (and making a mess). There's no shame in failing, and no worries, because with your sister by your side, she'll be sure to tell you when you do. On a positive note, if you actually do bake something really amazing, she'll be the first to tell you, too. Let the games and essential taste testing begin.

Get Retro And Hit Up A Video Store (Or Your Closest Redbox)

Throw it back for the day cozying up on the couch with both of your favorite movies. If you're feeling those holiday movie marathon vibes, even better. Pick out a few of the classics, and get ready for hours of cheesy cheer and having a relaxing AF day with your bestie.

Don't forget the chocolate caramel popcorn and your comfiest pair of PJs, of course. Movie day would simply be incomplete without these necessities.

Make Your Fave Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving with your sister is still Thanksgiving, obviously. No one's saying you can't go all out and have a blast. DIY your special day with only your favorite Thanksgiving foods. (Who goes for just the turkey, anyway?)

I'm sure Mom and Dad won't mind sending a few recipes your way, and the two of you will have a blast seeing what you can come up with. Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, here we come.

Throw A Friendsgiving Potluck For All Of Your Friends Who Aren't Able To Make It Home For The Holiday

I'll bet money that you and your sis aren't the only ones who aren't able to make it home for Thanksgiving. You can fix this by getting a group of your closest friends together and throwing a turkey potluck. With some festive drinks and fun bored games planned throughout the day, you won't even have time to be homesick.

Spend A Little Time Doing Some Good For Someone Else

Your Thanksgiving doesn't have to be spent feeling down, and if you're worried it might be, why not flip the table and offer your time to a places that could use it? Look into local soup kitchens, animal shelters, and churches that could use your time and energy to help others and spread the holiday cheer. You won't regret it.

Skype The Fam, Then Order In All You Can

It sucks being too far away to go home, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on all of the festivities. Schedule a time to Skype into your family's Thanksgiving to catch up with everyone, and when you're done, go ham ordering takeout with your sister.

Order all of your favorite foods, and don't bother changing out of your pajamas (duh). It may not be as great as the real thing, but you can enjoy the things that wouldn't fly at home — like lounging all day long.