What To Do If Rainy Weather Tries To Ruin Your Spring Break, Because It Doesn't Have To

by Caroline Burke

You're totally prepared. You've booked your ticket, packed your suitcase and created an excel sheet scheduling every minute of your spring break trip down to the last pina colada, but even the best laid plans can often go awry. If it rains on your spring break trip, it might be the sad, undeniable truth that those activities you were excited to do are no longer an option. Staying inside might not be what you imagined for your time off, but that doesn't mean it's a death wish for your vacation.

There are plenty of things to do on spring break even if it rains. In fact, some of the most relaxing options might just reveal themselves to you when it's raining cats and dogs, right around the time when you're about to flip out at the nonrefundable water-ski package you just lost.

True relaxation has nothing to do with a specific activity, and everything to do with your state of mind. So stop stressing about the weather, because rain or shine, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your spring break vacation no matter what. Here are six ways to spend that rainy day in paradise with your friends and family (or all on your own):

Start That Book Club

You've been meaning to read that one book forever, so why not finally crack it open today? Or, if you're with all of your friends, you could pick an audiobook or eBook, download it, read the first chapters, and have an impromptu book club session later on in the day.

Having a quiet reading day while rain patters against the window is basically the most relaxing thing you could ever do. You might even hope for rain tomorrow, so that you can get through a few more chapters.

Go To A Local Museum

It doesn't matter if you're visiting relatives in Kansas City or chilling at an all-inclusive resort in Cabo. Wherever you are, it's pretty likely that there's some sort of cultural learning center nearby for you to take cover in during the storm.

Taking a half or full day at a nearby museum, information center, or even just a movie theater is a great way to get to know the local culture of the place you're visiting.

Get A Sweat On

If it's wet and sticky outside, maybe it's time to get sweaty indoors, too. Whether it's a workout class or some funny business with your partner, participating in some indoor physical activity will keep you from feeling restless and stir-crazy.

If you're alone, or not in the mood to leave your room, don't stress: You can get that endorphin release by doing burpees in your hotel room — and order room service right after, because you deserve it.

Catch Up On Your Favorite Series

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend just released its third season on Netflix... need I say more?

Whatever your guilty pleasure TV binge is, now's the time to indulge. Grab some snacks, cuddle up beneath the covers, and don't leave until the delivery man calls and says he's outside.

Let Yourself Sleep In...A Little Bit

A rainy vacation day is the perfect opportunity to finally catch that 12-hour sleep session you've been (literally) dreaming of. But don't sleep the entire day away.

Studies on sleep debt have proven that you can't make up for lost sleep by going for a sleep marathon every once in a while, so one day of snoozing not necessarily going to solve everything.

Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

If there's ever been a time to splurge on that facial you've been wanting, now is it. A spa day can be as expensive or thrifty as you make it.

You can book a marathon of treatments at the hotel spa, or you can grab some nail polish and swap pedicures with your best friend. The point is to take some time to take extra special care of yourself. We don't do it nearly as often or as much as we should.