6 'Stranger Things 3' Halloween Group Costumes That Will Bring You Straight To Hawkins

by Ani Bundel

Stranger Things Season 3 went in a different direction from the first two seasons. It split up everyone's favorite characters into several smaller groups. Each group had one part of the larger puzzle, and by the end of the season, they came together to save Hawkins. But these individual sets of characters meant that there are several squads within the larger whole. Luckily for fans, it also means there are lots of Stranger Things 3 Halloween group costume ideas to pull from this holiday season.

In terms of group outfits there are six different squads to pull from, from the Scoops Troops to the adult gang. The only character who doesn't have a group, per se, is Billy, who is mostly a loner for the majority of the season. But his outfit is also super easy, if you're looking to add a "Billy" to your squad: It's a pair of red lifeguard shorts, a mullet wig. Pretty simple.

The best part about these outfits though, is how easily they can be for three or four groups to coordinate to make a larger whole from the Stranger Things canon. Small or large, there are plenty of Stranger Things groups to pull from.

Scoops Troops
Erica's Pack

Don't forget Erica's pack of ice cream eaters! The point here is to be as rainbow as you wanna be. Think Lisa Frank in grade school form. And don't forget a helmet, for when it's time to commence Operation Child Endangerment.

The Boys Team
The Journalists
The Adults