6 Stories Of Lasting Childhood Romances That'll Make You Believe In Fate
by Korey Lane

Every once in a while, you hear a love story so great that it puts all other love stories to shame. (Well, maybe not to shame, but you get it.) Some love stories are just so epic, they deserve to be told over and over again as proof that love is real. For instance, these stories of lasting childhood romances will not only warm your heart, but also make you wish that you had gotten together with that cutie who grew up down the street from your childhood home.

I don't know about you, but I still vividly remember my first real childhood crush. His name was Austin and he had the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. It was third grade, and I decided to try and charm him after gym one day. Unfortunately, I'd also decided to try the new "no underwear" technique my older sisters taught me, so when I started to strut my stuff in front of Austin as we walked back from gym, and my pants ripped, he got a full view of my pale hiney.

I was mortified, and that moment still haunts me to this day. But luckily, several folks on reddit shared their stories of childhood love that later blossomed into something more. Read on and try not to shed any tears. These are so heartwarming, I cannot deal.

Sometimes the universe has a plan.
We grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same middle school and high school. She was always my crush, but I wasn’t necessarily hers. We were just friends. When we were about 30 years old, she and her husband happen to move into the house across the street from me. We hadn’t seen or talked to each other since high school. During the time she and her husband live there, we talk to each other as friends, nothing more. I of course find out I still have a crush on her, but certainly don’t show it. Her marriage goes bad (he’s not a good guy) and she asks me out. Lucky for me, she asked me out. Turns out she ended up having a crush on me :) Today, I get to say I’m married to the girl I had a crush on since first grade. We also now have our own baby on the way :) there’s a whole lot of back story up to the point where we got married, but her moving in across the street is what led to us getting together.


Ugh, this is just too cute.
My grandmother always tells the story about how in 6th grade my grandfather would be reading and wink at her over the top of the book. They’ve been married a d*mn long time and still seem to be going strong (even despite having owned 2 businesses together and working in the same office daily, 6 days a week).


This seriously epic tale.
When I was 12 I had a massive crush on a boy who was 16/17 at the time. I practically stalked him, found out where he lived, become enemies with his girlfriend, ruined his girlfriends art sketch books ect.
Met him in a bar a few months back, apologised for being a weird preteen, he's my boyfriend now.


Really great coincidence, huh?
We got married.
We grew up together in a relatively small town where you knew 90% of the people you went to school with. We met in middle school, and we were acquaintances, but I had a huge crush on her. She ended up dating a friend of mine in high school (who ended up being a pro football player, guy was a giant), so obviously I kept my feelings for her to myself out of self preservation.
After high school, she went to Baylor, and I ended up living in Austin. I joined a band because thats what you f*ck*ng do when you're an early 20s dude living in Austin. My band had a monthly gig booked in Waco, which she ended up attending. We chatted, I got her number, and we would go to dinner before my gigs when I was in town. She ended up moving to Austin where she didn't really know anyone other than myself, so I integrated her into my social circle. We started dating shortly thereafter, and 3 years later, were married.
We've now been married for 6 years, have a daughter, and another child on the way. Best fine f*ck*ng coincidence to ever happen to me.


Sometimes a romance isn't the end result, but something different.
Sean, 5 or so. He'd come over to my house after school every day (my mom babysat him). He kissed me once at school and we got in trouble. Around the first grade we pinky swore that we'd get married some day, had mock weddings all the time.
Crush faded, he came out publicly in the tenth grade but he told me years before. Actually we both dated the same guy once without knowing it. We're now in university and we still walk home from classes together. Love him like family.


At least she'll always have the cookie box.
I was 6 years old when I had my first crush on a girl in my class. I saw her kissing another kid in my class when school was over, so I asked her if I could get a kiss as well, and she said yes and kissed me. I spent the entire afternoon searching for wedding pictures in magazines and newspapers that I cut out and glued on a tin cookie box that I filled with all kinds of candy. The next day at school I gave her the box and asked her to marry me.
I think we "dated" for a week or so untill everything went back to normal and we both pretended nothing happened. It was pretty awkward. She contacted me through Facebook twenty years later and told me she still has that tin cookie box.


It's funny how a twist of fate can make things that you never thought possible, possible. And even though childhood romances that turn into real relationships aren't the most common thing to see, it's still nice to know that there is true love in this world, and that even children feel it too.

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