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6 Game-Changing Sex Toys You Can Ride — & They're All On Amazon


Ever find yourself masturbating with a typical handheld toy (or, you know, with your hand) and thought to yourself, "Man, it would be so much easier if I could just ride this thing?" Yeah — me too. But the idea of a sex toy you can ride was more than a little intimidating to me at first. (In my mind, I pictured one of those life-size sex dolls with a realistic face, like from the movie Lars And The Real Girl.) But, as it turns out, there are plenty of rideable sex toys that resemble traditional vibrators and dildos, too.

"A sex toy you can ride is one that will remain stationary without you needing to use your hands to maneuver it or keep it in place," explains Annabelle Knight, a sexpert for Lovehoney. "They can be used in a variety of locations, too." So while sex dolls do fall into that category, there are a bevy of other rideable sex toys that aren't like that at all. "There are simple options like suction cup dildos, which come in all shapes and sizes ad types," Knight says. "If you're a lover of the cowgirl position, a riding sex machine could be your best option."

In other words? The world is your oyster when it comes to sex toys you can ride. But if you need a little guidance, I've rounded up a handful of the best options, ahead.

An Automatic Sex Machine That Thrusts

Want to just lay on your back (or front) and let your toy do the work? Then you'll love this automatic thrusting dildo sex machine. It's perfect for folks who love dildos, but don't love having to thrust on their own. And, thanks to its strong suction cup base, you can attach it to any firm surface (like the side of your tub or a shower wall). The machine has eight different thrusting patterns and 10 different vibration patterns, offering a variety of different sensations every time you use it. It also heats up, which makes it feel much more like an actual penis instead of cold, firm silicone. And unlike other dildos, this one is angle-adjustable, so you can use it in just about any position you want.

A Dildo Mount That’s Also A Sex Pillow

A best-selling sex toy with a devoted fan following, the Liberator BonBon sex toy mount can be used a few different ways. You can insert a dildo and use it as a sex toy mount, so you can ride the toy like you would a penis. Or, you can use it sans dildo as a sex pillow, which opens up a whole new world of positions for you and a partner (you can also use it to make certain sex positions generally more comfortable). The pillow is made of supportive, high-density foam, and its removable microfiber cover can be washed in the machine. Choose from seven different colors.

A Jelly Dildo With A Seriously Strong Suction Cup

Sure, a dildo like this one is a sex toy standby. But its extra-strong suction cup is what makes it such a winner, which means it's rideable, too. Stick the Tracy's Dog realistic dildo jelly dong to any smooth surface, and you can ride it like you would a real penis. Made of a waterproof, jelly-like, TPE material, it offers 5.5 inches of insertable length. It's a pretty basic version of a rideable sex toy, but hey: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

A Masturbation Doll With A Vagina & Anus

If you have a penis, and you're sick of your typical handheld masturbation cup, the Lonove masturbator sex doll might be a better option. This doll is positioned on its stomach to provide access to its realistic looking (and feeling) vagina and anus. Both can be penetrated, and each has a different (lifelike) texture. The soft silicone material feels like real skin and is completely waterproof, so you can use this toy anywhere you'd like. It's easy to clean and compatible with all non-silicone lubes, too, making it a fun way to upgrade your masturbation game.

A Masturbation Doll With Breasts

If you're more into a front-facing doll, the Fondlove sex doll is another option to consider. Along with a vagina and an anus that can both be penetrated, this doll comes with large, realistic-looking breasts that can be pushed together for some breast play, too. The anus and the vagina have two totally different textures with realistic details, while the entire thing is made of smooth, waterproof, body-safe silicone. Just like the toy above, that means it's compatible with all non-silicone lubes.

A Masturbation Doll With A Penis

Dolls aren't just for people who like to have sex with vaginas. The Matata 3-D realistic sex doll has a flexible, penis-shaped dildo, complete with veins and testicles, that you can ride. The toy's anus is able to be penetrated, too, if you want to bring things to the next level. The dildo has over 6 inches of penetrable length, and it can be rotated and bent like a real penis. That means you can go cowgirl or reverse cowgirl on this toy, or even take it into the shower, because it's waterproof. Choose from two skin tones.

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