6 Pre-Run Rituals That Will Up Your Energy Levels

by Lauryn Paiva

Whether you’re hitting the pavement to de-stress after work, or you’re training for something a little bit more hardcore (looking at you, marathoners!), every runner wants to optimize his or her workout BEFORE hitting the park, the treadmill, or the starting line. Regardless of your level of intensity, we all know that a good run requires a few non-negotiables. First things first: Make sure your sneakers are working for YOU, like the Adidas Pureboost Go, which is designed to boost your energy on long runs.

In addition to getting your footwear right, all it takes is a little creativity to keep yourself going during a long run. Whether your go-to is a kickass playlist, a favorite pre-race meal, or a mantra that you repeat on loop in your head when you can’t imagine conquering another set of hills, there’s no shortage of ways to pump yourself up — physically and mentally — and ensure that every run is a good one.

To get inspired, we teamed up with adidas and talked to real runners about the pre-run rituals — from the silly to the serious — that keep them moving. Read up on other athletes' go-to strategies, and then maybe steal a couple of these tips to try before your next big run.

1. Center Yourself

Luna Vandoorne

“I try to get energized by visualizing the run before I start — basically reminding my body that it’s done this before and can do it again.” —Shani

“I need to get into the right headspace before any run so that it doesn’t become a chore or job. I just zone everything out, which makes the miles fly by without me even realizing it.” —Marc

2. Plan It Out

Claudia K

“Before a long run or a big race, I'll lay out my outfit the night before in a flat-lay arrangement — my top, bottoms, knee-high compression socks, sneakers — to get me in the right mindset for the challenge ahead. Having the right outfit and gear makes me feel excited, invigorated, and confident about crushing the miles ahead of me!” —Erin

3. Create The Perfect Playlist


“A good playlist that has around 30-180 beats per minute (BPM) helps me to keep up my pace.” —Priya

“Always plan out your playlist before you run. Pick songs that pump you up and have a steady beat you can pace to!” —Shannon

4. Meal Prep With Intention

Foxys Forest Manufacture

“I always eat chicken parm for dinner on the eve of a big race. It's hearty and nourishing enough to keep me energized on those early morning miles.” —Sarah

“I eat oatmeal with a slice of banana and drink a coffee an hour before I head out on any run. The combo keeps me energized and doesn't leave me starving 30 minutes into my run.” —Adina

5. Treat Yourself

Kseniia Perminova

“I make sure my toenails are painted before a race — happy feet = happy run.” —Michele

“I always have a root beer float the night before a race.” —Andrew

6. Use Your Words


“For marathons, I write a word on my wrist or hand so when things get hard I can just look down for a healthy dose of motivation.” —Cara

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