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6 Outdoorsy Wins That Call For A Celebratory Beer

Peanuts and baseball. Popcorn and movies. Pizza and game night. Some things are just meant to go together, but there's one combo that puts all the rest to shame: beer and the great outdoors.

With so many beer options, it's no surprise that cracking open a cold one has been bringing people together for centuries. Ancient civilizations toasted with it during times of festivity and celebration, and today, sharing a beer is a way to signify everything from a new job offer to making it through a challenging workout.

To celebrate this iconic drink, Elite Daily teamed up with #BeersToThat to round up six outdoorsy achievements that deserve to be honored with a beer. Keep reading and then show off how you're pairing a beer with the great outdoors by snapping a pic, posting it to social media, and hashtagging #beerstothat. Who knows? Maybe the tag will inspire your next great adventure, but for now, let us all bask in these beer-worthy outdoor wins:

1. When You Fit In One Last Day Of Ice Skating Before Spring

It's the most wintery of winter activities. Depending on where you live, head to the pond or the rink, lace up your skates, and twirl and triple axel your way around the ice (or, you know, lean on that plastic chair for extra support — no judgment!).

The best part about this classic cold-weather sport is warming up with a post-skate beer. Head straight from the rink to the socially distanced bar stool at your favorite local spot.

Pair this adventure with: A porter or another dark variety. You're probably pretty chilled, and a darker, roastier beer may help you warm up a little faster.

2. When You Host A Backyard Picnic

If you’re looking for a safer way to dine out during the pandemic, consider a picnic. Deck out your backyard or outdoor space with a blanket, a speaker, and a spread of your favorite snacks. Order a six-pack you haven't tried before, pick it up curbside, and head home to enjoy your DIY setup.

Pair this adventure with: A pilsner or an imported lager. Keep it light, because picnics require at least two hours of uninterrupted snacking.

3. When You Conquer A Hike With Majestic Views

With gym and fitness studio closures, hiking has experienced a resurgence as a great way to get out and get moving during the pandemic. It is not only a phenomenal workout, but it is also a safe, socially distanced way to connect with friends and family who you may be missing.

Need some inspo for a peak that offers the perfect balance of challenge and vistas? Check out this guide to the country’s national parks, or download an app (like this one) for tons of local hikes and trails.

Pair this adventure with: A session IPA or an India session ale. After you've hiked to a new-to-you area, drop by a bar that's offering outdoor dining and ask the bartender about their favorite brews.

4. When You Finally Complete That Backyard Project

Since inside hangs are still mostly off the table, building a backyard oasis complete with a fire pit or a built-in deck is a safe alternative that can be cozy, relaxing, and the perfect excuse for spending more time outside. Think of it as camping, but without all the work.

Pair this adventure with: A stout. Dark, rich, thick — need I say more? Go local for this one. Head to a nearby craft brewery and pick up a to-go case of nectar-y cans for you and your crew.

5. When You Make Your City Your Gym

The outdoors doesn't have to be classically 'great' in order for you to find adventure. Consider hitting the city streets and trying a unique — and totally effective — workout like climbing stairs. It's a great cardio move that can be done, well, wherever there’s a set of stairs (think: a train station, a park, or a museum).

Some cities, like Los Angeles and San Francisco, are known for their hidden staircases. There are also all kinds of workouts and bootcamp-style classes you can do on stairs, so get creative and start climbing.

Pair this adventure with: A Belgium-style saison or a farmhouse ale. Gaining elevation ought to be rewarded with a light brew that's crisp and fruity. On your way home, pick one up at your favorite spot — you deserve the freshest batch of beer after putting the work in.

6. When You DIY An Outdoor Movie Experience

If you have some outdoor space, it's probably time to invest in a projector. While some top-of-the-line brands are known to be pricey, you can still find high-quality ones that won't break the bank.

Identify the biggest, blankest wall on the outside of your house or garage, and set up there. Suspending a plain white sheet works too! Pop some popcorn, pile on blankets and pillows, and voila — you’ve got your very own at-home cinema.

Pair this adventure with: A hazy IPA or American amber ale. The full flavors pair well with a bold film choice, and the best perk of being at home? You can order a beer to be delivered right to your doorstep.

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