6 People Reveal The Nicest Way They Got Dumped, In Case You Need, Um, Inspiration

by Candice Jalili

While getting dumped is something most of us dread, being the one who does the dumping isn't always a walk in the park, either. Not wanting to be in a relationship doesn't necessarily mean you're wanting to break the person's heart. Often times, we still care about the people we're breaking up with on some level. So what are some of the nicest ways to dump someone? Well, I, personally, don't know the answer to that question. But a group of ladies on Reddit's AskWomen thread shared their best advice, based on the nicest ways they were dumped by their own ex partners.

So, if you've been sitting around dreading the thought of breaking your soon-to-be-ex partner's heart, fear no more! I've got you covered. Well, these ladies have you covered. Read along and take their advice to heart.

Communicate openly.
Stocksy/Michela Ravasio
Communication. He was open, upfront, honest. He outright told me it wasn't about me and he thinks I'm amazing, but that it was about him. He let me get my emotions out, talk it through until I was exhausted, then let me end the conversation on my terms.
For me, personally, that's exactly what I need.


Be honest.
Stocky/Thais Ramos Varela
Being open and honest helps. Not dancing around the real issues. Keeping communication open while we both hash out what went wrong, then closing the line while we both heal and move on.


Don't be shady.
Stocksy/Visual Spectrum
He called and said he wanted to see someone else. She was someone we both knew and I completely understood. We were friends first and we’re friends still. I guess it depends on how serious the relationship is. I was honestly glad he was so upfront about it and didn’t go around town seeing her behind my back.


Admit that things have changed.
“We aren’t any good for each other anymore.” And it was true. I think the hard part was not calling that person over dumb inside jokes and distancing myself ...


Sometimes dumping someone over the phone isn't the worst idea.
Stocksy/Jojo Jovanovic
My boy broke up with me over the phone when I was in a different state for the summer. By the time I came back to the state I attend college in, most of my wallowing and self-pity was over and I'm glad I had that time to myself to get through most of the tough stuff.


Don't lose sight of the fact that breaking up with someone is never going to be fun.
I don't think there is any good way to break up with someone. It's always pretty terrible.


I think that last point is an important one. Yes, there are nicer ways to dump someone but breaking up with someone is never going to be nice. In fact, it's always going to suck.

The best thing you can do? Do your partner a favor and keep it real. Be honest, communicate clearly and do your best not to put them down.

Nobody is saying it will be easy but all you can do is hope that the person you once loved still feels respected by you.

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