These 6 Home Workouts May Look Simple, But They'll Definitely Make You Sweat

by Georgina Berbari

Whenever I say that sweating profusely is my absolute favorite part of a workout, I often get a handful of perplexed and mildly concerned looks. Like, I get it, not everyone enjoys being blinded by their own perspiration, but for me that's where it at, fam. If you're like me and you enjoy being so drenched after your workout that you low key start wondering if you just showered, having a few home workouts that make you sweat on hand will make your apartment workouts that much more satisfying.

TBH, it can be hard to squeeze in quality workouts when you reside in a shoebox sized apartment. However, it is indeed possible to challenge your body to the max and break a satisfying sweat without the fancy cardio machines or intricate muscle sculpting equipment at the gym. And all you need is the power of your very own bod, a little corner of empty space, and maybe a swiss ball — if you're feeling fancy.

So, next time you're chillin' in your apartment and want to squeeze in a rewarding sweat sesh without leaving the comfort of your home, try these six deceivingly simple looking workouts that will fulfill all of your ~perspire desires~.

Burpees For A Total Body Challenge
XHIT Daily on YouTube

Burpees build tons of strength and endurance from head to toe, and throwing just a few sets of these bad boys into your routine will have you sweating in no time (and feeling like a total badass while you're doing them).

Try performing as many burpees as possible until you literally just can't anymore. It'll hurt so good, people — that's a promise.

Jump Squats For Perspiration Nation
LivestrongWoman on YouTube

Jump squats may look simple and harmless from afar, but this exercise is the ultimate glute strengthener that will threaten to blind you with your own sweat each and every time you attempt it. Sounds like a great time, right?

Try five sets of 20 jump squats every time you want a killer workout that you can squeeze in right alongside your bed.

Mountain Climbers To Get That Heart Pumping
Howcast on YouTube

If you're looking for a super efficient workout move, mountain climbers are at your service, girl. Adding them to your at home workout routine will prove to be an excellent combo or strength training and cardio, that will strengthen everything from your arms, to your core, to your lower back.

Additionally, mountain climbers demand smooth, constant, and repetitive movements, which makes them optimal for preventing injuries and increasing joint flexibility, according to

What are you waiting for? Sweat it out, baby!

High Knees That Will Make You Sweat Buckets
XHIT Daily on YouTube

If you've ever tried high knees as an addition to a sweaty and challenging workout, you might have wondered if doing just a few of them is what dying feels like. I mean, I know I did, but here I am — alive to tell the tale.

Sneaking some high knees into your apartment workout will provide loads of strength and endurance to your hip flexors and quads, while simultaneously stretching your hip extensors.

So, clear out a space in your cozy abode and get to it, friend!

Pike Roll Outs To Feel The Freaking Burn on YouTube

If you're looking for the ultimate ab exercise of the century that will literally strengthen every part of your core and obliques, look no further than pike roll outs.

These babies are challenging as hell and your midsection will be trembling for minutes after the fact, but look on the bright side, you'll low key be polishing your floor as your sweat cascades from your forehead so, like... yay?

Runners Lunge To Knee Skip To Push Your Limits
Roxanne Hintz on YouTube

If you're not satisfied by the amount that you sweat from any of the above workouts, just wondering — are you human? But on the real, adding a runners lunge combined with a knee skip to your exercise routine will get that perspiration going, and make your legs strong AF in the process.

Breathe through the challenge and remember to focus on your form to protect your knees. You got this, girlfriend. One. More. Rep.