6 Lazy Girl Hairstyles To Try This Winter, Because It's Too Cold To Be Extra

by Tessa Harvey

If you haven't noticed, winter is officially here. The first day of winter has come and gone (it graced us with its presence on Thursday, Dec. 21), and now we've reached that dreary, post-holiday portion of the season. You know exactly what I'm talking about. For a few more weeks, the snow still has some of its charm — you catch yourself admiring a snowflake or two, smiling at the kids building snowmen — but pretty soon, that's gone, too. Every year, the winter slaps us with the reality of our cars buried so far under the snow, waking up shivering in the morning, wearing two pair of socks on the regular, and wondering if it's normal to hate something this much. When it's so cold that stepping outside ensures not being able to feel your face, you're probably looking for hairstyles to do when you're lazy.

Speaking from experience, my naturally curly locks are difficult AF to maintain throughout the winter months. It's so cold that I don't want to spend my sleep time detangling, and it seems easier to throw it up in an easy bun and get going. Warning: Doing that will leave you with way more to detangle later.

Trying to wake up in the morning makes it hard enough to get ready. Convincing me to wash my hair in the shower and then work my cold fingers through it to make it presentable is asking far too much. On those days when your dry shampoo is about all you've got, and you really don't feel like venturing out in the cold to end up with frozen hair, these six lazy girl hairstyles are just for you.

A Wrapped Pony, Because You Fancy
Alisa Beauty District on YouTube

Maybe your nails aren't done and this hairstyle was a roll-out-of-bed kind of thing, but honestly, no one's going to be able to tell. This look is all kind of professional, and it'll have you looking and feeling like you're ready for your day.

A low-pony like this one doesn't take much skill to put together. With a few bobby pins, you're set to slay the cold. Better yet, keep a few bobby pins on you during your commute and you can do this style on the go.

The Only Hairstyles You Need For Your Trendy Winter Hat
MissAlex on YouTube

Sometimes, the dry shampoo just isn't cutting it, and you know you need those roots covered ASAP. Luckily, it's also winter, so wearing a hat is not only smart but kind of required. This hat is super cute and serves both purposes. Styled with a bun, let loose, or in a pony, it looks like you put in a lot more effort than you actually did.

Rock Your Gorgeous Natural Hair
zahriaxo on YouTube

This vlogger highlights several gorgeous styles for her natural hair. If your hair type is similar to hers, these tutorials are super quick and won't take up most of your morning routine.

Disguise The Bedhead And Keep Your Ears Warm
Meghan Rienks on YouTube

Arianna Grande called... and she wants you to try this hairstyle. Seriously, it's super cute (will it ever die?), and there are a couple of pros: It's easier to cover your roots, but it still covers your ears. We're looking for versatility, amiright? Chances are, this hairstyle isn't new to you, so I'm banking on it cutting down your morning time.

Braids For The Win
Ashley Bloomfield on YouTube

These braided hairstyles are trendy, they stay put, and, if you know how to braid, they're a walk in the park. If you don't know how to braid and are always running late in the morning, I wouldn't recommend this tutorial. I know what you're thinking — these are supposed to be easy, so why recommend a braided hairstyle? In the freezing cold, you can do more damage to your hair than you know. These styles help keep it protected, and they stay put relatively well.

Hair Buns Will Forever Be Your Truest BFFs
LeSassafras on YouTube

No lazy girl hairstyle guide is complete without the ultimate lazy girl's hairstyle. The bun, which we all know and love, saves us a ton of time, but it doesn't always end up looking, well, cute. These three bun styles offer you some versatility so you don't roll into class everyday with the same hair.