Being Single Is So Underrated — Here Are The 6 Most Amazing Times To Fly Solo

There's nothing wrong with being single, but sometimes — especially if you've been single forever or are recently out of a relationship — it's natural to desire that intimacy and affection that dating can provide. And sure, few people would turn down a nice morning cuddle. But there are many things that are actually better when you're single. Of course there are the freedoms such as literal independence to do whatever you want and not having to extend your emotional labor onto another human being and dote on their every need (yikes). The good things about being single that far outweigh the cons of a sometimes-empty bed. (Also, there are pillows for that, anyway.)

I've been nice and single since May 2016. And while it's annoying to have to fend off people who constantly ask who I'm dating these days (myself, OK?), or if I'm seeing anyone (again, no), I do get to enjoy my own chocolate soufflé. Because being single is great. And delicious. And you don't need to split your food with anybody unless you want to.

Instead of jealously scrolling through picture-perfect Instagram couples, read on ahead to see why being single is actually the better deal.

You can go to the movies alone and snag a great single seat.

If you've ever wandered up and down movie theater aisles searching for two seats, all while trying to beat the clock before the previews end, you know it's stressful. But! When you're single, all you need is just one seat. Take your time getting that popcorn and soda (I bring my own nutritional yeast usually, because I'm that annoying human), because you have plenty of time to find a solo seat all for yourself.

You get dessert all to yourself.

As mentioned before, I don't mess when it comes to my dessert. In relationships, it's kind of a thing to share desserts and, like, why? I hate that. I want my own dessert. Being single, I don't have to worry about the pressure to share, and can enjoy my sweets on my own.

You feel guilt-free about catching up on your TV shows.

When you're dating someone, you usually have a show or two you watch together. If one of you sneaks in an episode without the other? Prob an issue. But, being single, you can go ahead and binge on all the Stranger Things or Black Mirror you want.

You can take solo trips doing whatever the heck you want.

If you aren't restricted to a partner's schedule, you can take whatever spring break trip you want and can afford. You don't need to worry about him hating the beach or her fear of hitting the slopes. You can take yourself on your own perfect vacation, OK?

Everything's on your schedule.

Need a night in to read your newest book obsession? (Mine's Bachelor Nation by Amy Kaufman, everyone go read it now, thank you.) Want to walk around your city or bike ride across suburbs after work or school? Being single means your free time is yours to determine an activity at a moment's notice.

You can get to know people outside your circle through casual dating.

Whether it's grabbing a coffee with someone in your group project after class, harmless flirtation with coworkers, or hitting up the apps, being single can also mean being bold, and getting yourself out there – with no intention of a relationship involved – and spending time with different people. Go to a social setting you'd never go to on your own (I once went to Soho House on a date, and it was so bougie and exclusive, I was screaming internally the entire time) and talk to people who live lives far different than your own.

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