If Your Love Language Is Physical Touch, Here Are 6 Perfect Date Ideas To Get Close

One of the best things about going on a date with your SO — or even someone new that you like — is that it gives you an excuse to get up close and personal with them. That's even more true if it just so happens that your love language is physical touch. While any date can be one where you can get cozy, some activities offer more reason for physical contact than others. So, if you're in the process planning your next night out together, it doesn't hurt to have a few date ideas if your love language is physical touch handy to suggest oh-so-casually. That way, you can ensure you’ll be speaking your favorite love language all night.

The best date ideas for those who consider physical touch their love language are ones where being in contact is either central to the activity, or one that puts you both in a position where it’s natural, comfortable, and appropriate to be up close and personal with your (lucky) date. After all, who doesn't love a little extra PDA on date night, am I right? So, if you're in the mood for a special night, here are some sweet and romantic date ideas to get you started.

Go dancing or take a dance class together.

Want to hold and touch one another on a date? Nothing beats dancing for an excuse to be up close and personal in public. If you both enjoy dancing, great — hit the dance floor at your favorite spot. However, if you aren’t as comfortable, there are always dance classes, which can give you that same feeling of connection in a more controlled and comfortable environment.

See a movie at the drive-in.

What's better than a movie date for someone who loves physical touch? One that takes place in the backseat of your car, of course. Catch a movie at your local drive-in and you can share a little more than just a tub of popcorn. If there are no drive-ins nearby, look for a theater that has couch seating where you can can cuddle up during the movie.

Cozy up at bonfire on the beach.

Want romance and physical touch? Head to the beach for a night by the bonfire. What if it gets chilly? That’s the whole point; it’s all the more reason to huddle together for... warmth. Bring a thermos of (spiked) hot chocolate and take advantage of the setting and the closeness to really talk and connect.

Go roller or ice skating.

If your skating skill level is anything like mine, then you already know roller and ice skating are practically full-contact sports. Between running into each other, falling, and needing a lift up, there are plenty of opportunities for touch. Conversely, if you actually can do any of these activities without falling, couples' skating hand-in-hand is basically relationship goals.

Spend the day at an amusement park.

Love physical touch? Then centrifugal force is your friend. You may not think going to an amusement park is a physical touch date, but it totally is. Between walking around the park holding hands, to being squished together on rides, to being alone at the top of the ferris wheel, there is nothing but opportunities to get up close at personal at an amusement park.

Visit a zoo or aquarium.

I love a zoo or aquarium date. Not only is it unexpected, but the setting is fun and romantic. Basically, it’s just the two of you walking around together, hand-in-hand, looking at and appreciating adorable and beautiful animals and fish. What’s not to like?

Ultimately, any date can be a good one for physical touch with a willing date, but it doesn’t hurt to pick something that puts its thumb on the scale — and pushes the two of you together, literally. What you’ll likely learn is that being affectionate is contagious; the more you put out there, the more you’re likely to receive. So don’t be afraid to cuddle up on your next date!