6 Black Friday Deals On Dame Products You Don't Want To Miss

by Candice Jalili

Exciting news! Everyone's favorite shopping holiday is here, and Dame Products' Black Friday 2019 deals are almost too good to be true. The sex toy and accessory company is offering 20 percent all of their products site-wide. If you're still in too much of a turkey coma to buy something on Friday, don't worry. The sale lasts all the way through Cyber Monday.

These innovative sex toys, accessories, and products are sure to make this holiday season the merriest time of your year, if you know what I mean. And while there are plenty of reasons to love Dame's line of toys — they deserve every bit of buzz they get — it's easy to get behind the company's ethos. Each one of their products has been designed to increase the sexual satisfaction of people with vulvas. "We began our mission to close the Pleasure Gap — the disparity in satisfaction that people with vulvas experience in the bedroom, versus their cis male counterparts," the company explains on its site. "It’s a real problem!"

Amen to that. Here are some of the best deals you can get from Dame Products this year, because you deserve it. Happy shopping!

This awesome hands-free vibrator.

Do you ever feel like using your go-to vibrator is a little too labor intensive? Maybe you just want to sit back, relax and let the vibrator do all of the work for you.

In that case, the Eva II might be your new best friend. "With flexible wings that tuck under the labia while Eva II sits on top, you can have clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex," they explain on the site. "Eva II is small, light, and simple to use. Plus, it's totally waterproof, and comes with a sleek charging base/travel case to boot."

This luxe lube.

Consider this little bottle the Cadillac of lubes. Maybe even the Tesla. Heck, maybe even the Rolls Royce. This lube is not only water-based from aloe vera, but its also "plant-derived, organic, and pH-matched to vaginas."

Oh, and if you're stressing about additives, don't. The lube is also "free of glycerin, parabens, hormones, or sugars." You can use it with your toys, add it to a condom, and even enjoy it during intercourse.

This great finger vibe.

There are plenty of hot finger vibes out there, but this one takes the concept to a whole new level.

"Fin is a small, versatile vibrator worn between the fingers to add stimulating vibration to touch," they write on the site. "Fin’s optional tether, dual sensations, and three speeds allow you to choose your own adventure! Seamless to wear and easy to remove, Fin is great for foreplay, sex, or solo use."

This sex-enhancing pillow.

Sometimes all you need to take whatever position you're trying out with your partner to the next level is the right pillow. Did you read that carefully, people? Not just any pillow. The right pillow. And Pillo is just that.

"Pillo is a soft-yet-firm wedge that supports you in a variety of sex positions, allowing you to find your perfect angle," they write in the description. "It blends into your bedroom by day and helps you reach new heights at night. And its removable covers are easy to clean, so you can rest easy."

This extra flexible vibe.

There's nothing quite like a vibrator that can bend to serve your body perfectly. The Pom does exactly that and you need to get it ASAP.

"Pom sits in your hand and bends with you to deliver broad or targeted stimulation," they write on their site. "Its soft, flexible body features a powerful motor with five patterns, and the option to choose your own intensity, or use one of five preset speeds. And it’s waterproof, for anytime fun on land or at sea."

This vibe that will make your clit feel worshipped.

This looks like just another vibe, but it's actually anything but. One of its many five-star reviewers literally just called it their "overall new BFF" and, after reading its description, it's tough not to blame her.

"Kip is a small, easy-grip vibe designed to bring new features and stimulating power to a classic shape," the site explains. "Its angled silicone tip is soft enough to flutter, while its cupped face delivers all-around, clit-enveloping stimulation."

OK, now time to get shopping!