6 Incredibly Beautiful Engagement Videos That'll Turn You Into The Heart-Eye Emoji

by Annie Foskett

You know that feeling you get when you're at a wedding and the vows are exchanged? That lump in your throat that just keeps rising until it eventually bubbles up to your eyes and squeezes out your eyelids? Whether you're bummed about love or deeply in love, there's nothing like a wedding to make any human person cry. But if you really want some next-level feel good tears, it's all about the proposal. Usually a personal moment, some question-popping has been documented for all of us to check out. I highly recommend checking out the best engagement videos on the internet — just have the tissues ready.

From professionally filmed proposals that are essentially short films, to public engagements that are caught on camera, watching couples realize that they are about to embark on an incredible journey together is sweet as can be. I can be a huge pessimist, but these videos truly got me. While I personally don't know if I'd be comfortable with a camera crew on the "set" of my proposal, having a video documentation of the moment sure makes for an amazing reminder of where everything started. Here are the best engagement videos that I could find on the internet. Get ready to sweat from your eyes!

This gorgeous film will capture your heart.
Parfait Productions on YouTube

Start your tears, lovers. This video is truly more than a video, it's a short film. You might be wondering, "Isn't this all a bit much for a proposal?" But it never gets cheesy, I promise. Probably because this couple is so clearly in love. This gorgeously shot footage of Claudette and Jonathan getting engaged in Calgary starts with an amazing tutu-esque skirt, and ends with one of the sweetest declarations I've ever seen. Press play now!

This flash mob at The Home Depot is perfect.
Spencer Stout on YouTube

What on earth could make a flash mob at The Home Depot insanely romantic? A proposal. Spencer's proposal to Dustin looks light and fluffy at first, but completely captured my heart. The presence of all of family and friends plus a heartfelt proposal, and I'm crying over a YouTube video filmed at The Home Depot.

This OG over-the-top proposal is worth a watch.
Wayfarer Entertainment on YouTube

Justin and Emily's proposal is a whopping 27 minutes long, but if you've never seen it, it's worth checking out. Justin Baldoni — who you might recognize as an actor from Jane The Virgin — does all of the things in this video, including lip synching to N*Sync. It's a bit much, to be honest. But if someone's willing to go through all of this to ask you to marry them, at least you know they really love you, right?

This mile-high proposal is a thrill.
Ryan Thompson on YouTube

I may be biased because this engagement video is scored to "Home," by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, which is a song that will always make me cry. There's also the fact that this proposal took place in a tiny airplane, and I sort of can't tell if the woman thought she was going to die, or going to get a ring. Check this out.

This yoga mat proposal is totally wonderful. on YouTube

A simple, yet incredibly sweet way to propose — beach yoga! I love this video because of the true shock and surprise on the woman's face, and the moment it takes her to realize what's happening when her partner pulls her around. 10/10 would recommend.

This double proposal will melt your heart.
The McBabes on YouTube

This sneaky proposal during a photo opp is super sweet — what a great way to catch a proposal on camera, have a friend pretend to take your picture, but really have the camera on video. But wait for it, because something amazing happens before the proposal even gets answered... Great minds think alike!

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