6 'Avengers: Endgame' Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Simply Super


Avengers: Endgame is THE movie of 2019. When people look back at the end of this decade, it will be remembered as the final act in a decade-long obsession with Marvel's Avengers. More importantly, these six characters who have carried the story since 2008 will be the hottest costumes this Halloween season. Whether or not you're going it alone, or in a squad of six, these Avengers: Endgame Halloween costume ideas are perfect for the Halloween party that closes out the decade.

Part of the reason Avengers: Endgame is so perfect for this Halloween is because it travels back in time. The film shows the characters at several stages of life, from 2012's original crossover film to Steve Rodgers' old man who lived his life to the fullest. This list would be a million miles long if I included all the options. So for the sake of time, space, and sanity, this list will focus on the main six avengers: Iron man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye. It will also narrow down to the best choices per character since some of the outfits (like, say 2012 Hulk versus Endgame Hulk) are very different.

Let's run down the list.

Iron Man

We loved him 300, but now he's gone. That means this is the last year one can wear an Iron Man suit for Halloween and still be topical. From 2020 onwards, it's a legacy MCU character only.

Though technically Iron Man is Tony Stark, women should also be allowed to gender flip this vital character in the pantheon. That's why my favorite costume choice isn't one of those gendered plastic suits, but something a little more on the creative side, like this custom hoodie from Me Superhero:

Honestly, the most important part is the Infinity Stones Iron Man glove.

Captain America

Unlike Tony Stark, Captain America will not become a legacy character after this year. With the title transfer to The Falcon for the new Disney+ TV series, fans can count on a new variation on the Cap look for 2020. But for those who are looking to honor the good Captain, there are several options. For one, you can go full cosplay pro.

For another option, you can a little more meta with the look.

Black Widow

Black Widow gets her own movie next year, and her standard black uniform with the red trim will be a significant part of that look. For that reason, I recommend going for the time travel whites, since it's the last outfit anyone will see her in this timeline.

For the wig, go to Amazon:


Endgame's Intellectual Hulk is perhaps the toughest of the Avengers to do. One needs both the facade of Hulk-y strength and the green body paint, as well as the grey tee-shirt, the professorial sweater, and the glasses.

You'll want to start with something like this:

Toss the mask, because you'll want to go green paint for the authentic look. Add a simple grey tee-shirt from Amazon:

And any comfy sweater:

Don't forget the glasses, and you're set.


On the other hand, the easiest is "The Dude Thor." The movie does give him a great look towards the end, with a nice play on the Thor costume and the braided beard.

But for the easier look, think The Big Lebowski carrying a hammer. Just add a grey sweatshirt:

And a claim that Stormbreaker really ties the room together.


Poor Hawkeye! Left out of Infinity War, and then consigned to Ronin for the first part of Endgame. Fans can politely skip all that and go for the badass Clint, or MoHawkeye, as fans like to call him. The main thing is a faux tattoo sleeve:

And a tank top to show it off:

Add jeans, and your bow and arrows, and you're set.