59 Cheap Things That'll Make You LOVE Staying Home

Even if you love hitting the town a few nights a week, there's something to be said about having a relaxing night at home. But there is an art to spending the evening inside, and you have to buy the right stuff to make sure it's as cozy of an experience as can be. Luckily, there are tons of products on Amazon that'll make you love staying home.

It doesn't matter what sort of taste you have, as I've made sure to grab a little something for everybody in this list. Looking for a spa-like evening without paying spa prices? Then you'll definitely want to check out the nourishing hair serum I've included. Not only does it help infuse shine, but you only need to keep it in your hair for eight seconds in order for it to work.

Or maybe you're looking forward to baking this evening. In that case, make sure to take a look at the adjustable cake mold I've included. The stainless steel metal shouldn't warp in the oven, and it works just as well making cheesecake as it does for biscuits.

With so many brilliant products available right at your fingertips, Amazon makes it easier than ever to stay home for the night — without getting bored. Keep scrolling for some of my favorites.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

Lifestyle — 59 Cheap Things That'll Make You LOVE Staying Home

1. The Serum That Nourishes Dry Hair In Just 8 Seconds

2. These Luxe Scented Candles Made With Soy Wax

3. This Gadget That Stirs The Pot For You While You Cook

4. A Simple Cheese Slicer Made With Stainless Steel

5. The Ice Cream Maker That's Seriously Easy To Use

6. A Handy Condiment Fork That Attaches To Your Jars

7. This Steamer For Spa-Worthy Facials Right At Home

8. A Vitamin C-Infused Shower Head That Filters Out Chlorine

9. The Foot-Peeling Liquid That Reviewers Adore

10. A High-Pressure Steam Cleaner For Tidying Up The House

11. This Brush That Helps Treat Inevitable Ingrown Hairs

12. A Pack Of Liners That Help Your Fridge Stay Clean

14. A Dish-Drying Rack That Rolls Up When You’re Done

15. This Veggie Chopper That Comes With 4 Blades

16. A Vibrating Skin Spatula That Helps Clear Out Your Pores

17. The Hot Tool That Gives You Bouncy, Beachy Waves

18. A Pair Of Chopsticks That Look Like Lightsabers

19. These Knives That Help You Spread Butter Easier

20. A Shower Caddy That Mounts Without Any Drilling

21. The Adjustable Cake Mold Made From Stainless Steel

22. A Mat That Helps Keep Your Legs From Growing Fatigued

23. This Shelf That Fits Around Your Sink's Plumbing

24. A Pore Vacuum That Sucks Out Unwanted Blackheads

25. The Pads That Help Eliminate Unwanted Ingrown Hairs

26. A Set Of Shower Steamers That Release Soothing Oils

27. This Weighted Blanket That's Filled With Glass Beads

28. A Pair Of Soft Headphones You Can Sleep In

29. The Fabric Shaver That Breathes Life Into Fraying Garments

30. These Night Lights With Built-In Motion Sensors

31. A Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar That Helps Your Meal Stay Warm

32. This Reusable Notebook That Lets You Upload Notes Online

33. The Trivia Game That Gets The Party Started

34. These Seriously Popular Sheets Made From Soft Microfiber

35. These Silicone Lids That Stretch To Fit Your Containers

37. The Drain Cover That Lets You Take Deeper Baths

38. A Pack Of Silicone Tea Bag Holders Shaped Like Cute Snails

39. This Miniature Humidifier You Can Take With You

40. These Markers That Help You Hide Scuffs & Scratches

41. The Remote-Controlled LED Candles That Flicker Like Real Fire

42. A Mini Bag Sealer That Helps Snacks Stay Fresh

43. This Cover That Adds Privacy To Your Webcam

44. A Bar Of Oatmeal Soap That Has A Sponge Built Into It

45. The Beauty Sponge That Gets The Tight Spots Around Your Face

46. An Eyeshadow Primer Made With Pearl Powder

47. This Kitten Gadget That Instantly Turns Veggies Into Strips

48. A Phone Mount That Attaches To Your Computer Monitor

49. These Cables With Interchangeable Connectors In 4 Lengths

50. A Card Game That'll Help You Switch Up Your Daily Routines

51. The Silicone Scrubber That Also Massages Your Face

52. A Bath Pillow That Keeps Your Head & Shoulders Supported

53. This Stand That Holds Utensils While You're Cooking

54. A Board That Helps You Fold Your Clothes Uniformly

55. The Tenderizer That Helps Meat Absorb Marinades

56. A Memory Foam Pillow That You Can Twist Into Any Position

57. The Memory Foam Foot Rest That’s Surprisingly Versatile

58. A Tap-Activated Lamp That Looks Like The Actual Moon

59. This Pasta Maker That Can Also Roll Out Dough