57 Of The Weirdest Products On 'Shark Tank' You Can Get On Amazon

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Watch a couple episodes of Shark Tank and you're sure to see some pretty interesting inventions that aspiring entrepreneurs are hoping will be the next big thing. But a lot of these products are, while entertaining, a bit questionable — like tasers for squirrels (not so animal-friendly), energy drink-infused waffles (less than appetizing), or an alarm clock that makes bacon (great in theory, but hard to pull off). And while I applaud anyone brave enough to present their ideas on national television, it's clear that some out-there inventions are a step above the rest — like these weird Shark Tank products on Amazon.

Now, I'm no Mark Cuban, but I do think there are a couple of qualifications that make these products stand out among their competitors. First of all — and this might seem like a no-brainer — they work. And they've got the Amazon reviews to prove it.

Second? They solve common, everyday problems. For example, there's a full-size suitcase that folds up small — about the size of a briefcase — so you can store it anywhere. Or how about earplugs that protect your hearing while still giving you a full, rich range of sound? Or reusable paper towels?

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