55 Magical Products On Amazon That'll Actually Improve Your Life

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Something that regularly bums me out about adulthood is the fact that the world just feels much less magical. Gone are the days of believing if you just wish hard enough when blowing out your birthday candles, that purple Huffy bike you circled in a catalog might magically appear. But all of these magical products on Amazon? They just might make you believe that there's a bit of mystical power still left in the world.

So what makes these products so magical? Well, they all do something a little out of the ordinary.

Now, hold up — if you're thinking that this'll be a list of various types of crystals and dreamcatchers, let me reassure you that each one of these magical products actually serves a pragmatic use that'll improve your life. (No shade to crystals and dreamcatchers — they have their place in the world too.)

For example, there's a wine glass that somehow keeps your wine at the perfect temperature at all times, a kitchen gadget that makes ice cream in just a few minutes, and a Wi-Fi-enabled light bulb that you can program to dance along with your music.

For more products that are so awesome they seem supernatural — click through.

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